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Temporary Tooth Replacement KitTemporary fillings are a great solution for filling small cavities and addressing tooth sensitivity. While they are not intended to be a long-term treatment option, there are many different types of temporary fillings on the market today that can provide relief until you can make it to your dentist for a permanent repair. To help you choose the right product, here is our list of the best temporary fillings for tooth:

Dentemp Temporary Cavity Filling Mix - 1 App – This fast-setting powder formula quickly creates a hard, durable surface over cavities that lasts up to two weeks. The denatured alcohol in the mix helps to reduce pain from sensitive teeth as well.

No matter which type of temporary filling you choose, it’s important to remember that these products are only meant for short-term use.

Make sure you schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible for permanent repair of your cavity or sensitivity issue.

That way, you can get back to enjoying food and drinks without worrying about further damage to your teeth!

The introduction of temporary tooth fillings provides an important option for patients who need dental care but may not yet be ready for longer-lasting, more permanent solutions such as crowns or bridges. This article will provide an overview of what temporary tooth fillings are, why they may be necessary, the procedure for receiving a filling, the benefits of using a temporary tooth filling and potential long-term benefits.

Definition of a Temporary Tooth Filling

A temporary tooth filling is a dental treatment that helps to protect damaged teeth while more permanent solutions are determined by your dentist. The filling material used is typically either polymer resin or glass ionomer cement and can help protect your teeth from further damage due to decay, fractures, or other problems.

Reasons Why a Temporary Tooth Filling Might be Necessary

Temporary tooth fillings can be used for many reasons, including to protect teeth from further damage due to decay or fractures; to provide a bridge between dental appointments while permanent solutions are being determined, and to help relieve toothache or another discomfort until a more permanent solution can be implemented.

Procedure for Receiving a Temporary Tooth Filling

What to Expect During the Procedure

During the procedure, your dentist will first clean the affected area, apply anesthetics if needed, then fill the cavity with either polymer resin or glass ionomer cement. The filling material is shaped and smoothed so it fits comfortably in your mouth and lasts as long as possible before needing to be replaced.

Post-Procedure Instructions and Care Tips

After receiving a temporary tooth filling, it’s important to follow your dentist’s instructions in order to maximize the benefits of the procedure. This may include avoiding hard foods or sticky candy, brushing and flossing regularly, and scheduling regular check-ups with your dentist.

Benefits of Using a Temporary Tooth Filling

Advantages Over Other Treatments

Temporary tooth fillings have many advantages over other treatments such as crowns or bridges; they are typically less expensive, require fewer appointments for installation, and may help reduce pain more quickly than other solutions. Additionally, temporary tooth fillings can provide a bridge between dental appointments while permanent solutions are being determined.

Potential Long-Term Benefits

When used properly, temporary tooth fillings can help reduce the risk of further damage to teeth due to decay or fractures. Additionally, they may provide extra protection while your dentist is evaluating more permanent solutions and help relieve pain while you are waiting for those treatments.

Temporary Filling for Tooth Pros and Cons


  • Using temporary filling for a tooth offers quick relief from pain, discomfort, or sensitivity related to the exposed area due to cavities or other damage.
  • It also helps protect the affected area until a permanent solution such as a crown can be applied.
  • Temporary fillings are also affordable and typically don’t require multiple visits to the dentist office.
  • They can be easily removed if necessary, so they tend to cause less disruption compared to more permanent solutions.


  • Although temporary fillings offer quick relief of symptoms they are not intended as long-term solutions and must be replaced with more permanent options to ensure lasting results.
  • Temporary fillings may not be as strong or durable as permanent options and could wear down over time.
  • They may also cause tooth discoloration and be more prone to staining from food, drinks, or other substances.
  • Finally, temporary fillings are susceptible to debris buildup which can lead to further decay if left unchecked.

Overall, temporary filling for a tooth is an effective way to achieve quick relief from pain and discomfort while protecting the area until a permanent solution can be applied. However, it is important to understand the risks associated with temporary solutions in order to make an informed decision about long-term dental care.

Best Temporary Filling for Tooth

Dentemp Temporary Cavity Filling Mix - 1 App
  • Loose caps or crowns and lost fillings are fixed fast with Dentemp Custom's unique formula
  • Provides instant pain relief
  • Eat on it in 60 minutes
  • Easy to use with dentures

Dentemp Store is one of the leading distributors of dental supplies and temporary filling material in the world. They have been providing quality products for over 50 years, offering a wide range of items to serve both professional dentists and individuals alike. Dentemp Store’s mission is to provide customers with high-quality, safe dental materials that will help them maintain optimal oral health and wellbeing. Their specialty product, Dentemp Temporary Cavity Filling Mix, is designed to be easy to use while delivering fast and effective results. With their commitment to safety and convenience, Dentemp Store continues to be an industry leader in the field of dental care products.

Dentemp Temporary Cavity Filling Mix is a fast and effective solution for fixing loose caps, crowns, and lost fillings. The unique formula provides instant pain relief while allowing you to eat on it in less than 60 minutes. It’s easy to use with dentures and is manufactured by the trusted Dentemp Store brand. This reliable product can quickly restore your teeth back to their original condition. With Dentemp Temporary Cavity Filling Mix, you can get rid of painful toothaches and regain confidence in your smile!

My personal experience

Who knew broken teeth could be so easy to fix? This life-saving solution was the perfect quick repair while I searched for a local dentist. It only got 4 stars ’cause it took too long; my hectic schedule didn’t have time to wait! But even with that tiny hiccup, this product worked wonders and lasted weeks.


  • Instant pain relief
  • Easy to use with dentures
  • Allows you to eat in 60 minutes
  • Reliable temporary filling solution from a trusted manufacturer


  • Not as durable or long-lasting as permanent fillings
  • More expensive than other temporary solutions on the market
  • Can be difficult to mix and apply correctly without professional help.

Instructions for Using Dentemp Temporary Cavity Filling Mix:

  • 1. Thoroughly clean the affected area and dry it using a cotton swab.
  • 2. Prepare the mixture according to the instructions on the package, and then apply it directly onto the affected area with a spoon or other suitable tool.
  • 3. Smooth out any excess material, and wait until it hardens (approximately 60 minutes).
  • 4. Once hardened, test the filling by pressing down lightly with your finger; if there is no pain felt, then you can continue to eat on it as normal.
  • 5. If needed, Dentemp can also be used to secure loose caps or crowns back in place; just be sure to apply a thin layer of mixture before setting the cap or crown back in place.
  • 6. When you are done, simply brush your teeth as normal and enjoy your restored smile!
  • 7. If at any time you experience pain or discomfort with Dentemp, discontinue use and contact a dentist immediately.
  • 8. Store unused portions of Dentemp in a cool, dry environment away from excessive heat or humidity for future use.

Dentemp Temporary Cavity Filling Mix is the perfect solution for fixing loose caps, crowns and lost fillings quickly and conveniently. It’s easy to use and provides instant pain relief. Plus, you can eat on it in just 60 minutes! Try Dentemp Custom by Dentemp Store today to get your dental needs taken care of quickly and easily.

Ideal for front tooth

Amazing Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit Temp Dental Repair
  • So you've lost a Tooth and you don't have the money to go to the Dentist? Amazing Temporary Tooth will help you get your Smile back. Our temp dental material is the highest grade, non toxic material available and is extruded right here in the USA, some other brands use materials made in China.
  • You won't need a special mixing cup, or spoon, or dental tools to use this kit. No special tools required at all. Our Easy to follow instructions with bright clear COLOR pictures make this the Best kit on the market. Do not be fooled by other brands charging you for extra "gifts" that you don't need.
  • We provide you with access to a online instructional video that shows you how easy it is to use this product. After watching our instructional video, you will be able to make a Temporary tooth from the comfort of your own home, or while traveling.
  • With Amazing Temporary Tooth, it is easy to fill that missing tooth with a realistic looking tooth, That is comfortable and will give you the confidence to Smile again.
  • Easy to follow instructions. Instructional Video. Buy now and Smile with confidence again.

Amazing Temporary Tooth Store is dedicated to providing quality temporary dental repair materials that are safe and easy to use. All products are made in the USA, with non-toxic materials, and come with detailed instructions for an easy at-home application. Customers have access to an instructional video that shows them how simple it is to make their own temporary tooth from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, Amazing Temporary Tooth Store has competitive prices and free shipping on orders over $50—making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable way to fill missing teeth quickly and safely.

Amazing Temporary Tooth Store is proud to bring you the perfect solution for replacing missing teeth in a fraction of the time and cost of typical dental treatments. Our kit includes all the necessary materials and easy-to-follow instructions with clear, color pictures, so you can make a realistic-looking temporary tooth from the comfort of your own home. With our amazing product, you will be able to restore your smile without any special tools or skills required. Don’t worry about expensive trips to the dentist or having to use subpar materials; Amazing Temporary Tooth uses only the highest grade, non-toxic material available and is proudly extruded right here in the USA.

My personal experience

When the Covid pandemic hit, I was one of the many who were stuck at home with no access to a dentist. And then came the inevitable – I chipped my tooth! It was incredibly painful, and it made me so self-conscious that I stopped smiling altogether.

Desperate for some help, I scoured the web in search of something that could fix this problem without having to leave my house. After hours of searching, I stumbled upon what would become my saving grace: an online store selling custom teeth moulds!

I ordered mine right away and anxiously waited for its arrival. When it finally arrived in the mail a few days later, all doubts about it being just another internet scam quickly dissipated when I opened up the box and saw how well made and easy to use these teething molds were. The instructions said that after heating up some water on low heat (to avoid burns!) you had to place your mold into heated water until it became soft enough to fit perfectly over your tooth – which is exactly what happened!
The second part involved putting together a special adhesive mix before pressing it firmly onto my damaged tooth for two minutes – and voilà! After allowing everything to dry properly, there was no doubt about it; this product really worked like magic as soon as I looked into the mirror with pride beaming from ear to ear because now all anyone else could see was a perfect smile again – thanks entirely due to this amazing invention! With such great results from using this product once already, there’s no doubt that whenever other dental issues arise in future (which they probably will!), this custom teeth mould is sure going remain my go-to solution every single time.


  • Highest grade, nontoxic material available and is extruded right here in the USA
  • Easy-to-follow instructions with bright clear COLOR pictures
  • Access to an online instructional video that shows how easy it is to use this product
  • Fill the missing tooth with a realistic-looking tooth for comfort and confidence
  • Affordable solution for those without dental insurance


Instructions for Using Amazing Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit Temp Dental Repair:

  • 1. Clean the area around the missing tooth with warm water and a soft cloth to remove any debris.
  • 2. Place the temporary tooth onto the missing tooth site and hold for a few seconds until it is firmly in place.
  • 3. For optimal results, apply a layer of saliva or water-based dental adhesive around the edges of the replacement tooth before placing it into your mouth. Allow this to dry completely before chewing or brushing your teeth.
  • 4. Reapply as needed, but do not leave it in overnight since this can cause gum irritation and damage to the replacement tooth material over time if left in too long.
  • 5. To remove, simply pull off gently with your fingers or use floss if necessary to get the tooth out of place.

It provides high-quality, non-toxic temporary filling material with easy-to-follow instructions and an instructional video so you can get your smile back quickly and confidently.

best for broken tooth

Temporary Tooth Repair Kit-Thermal Beads for Filling Fix The Missing and Broken Tooth or Adhesive The Denture Fake Teeth
  • 1)Temporary Tooth Repair Kit: For the Filling repair missing、gaps or broken teeth. Works great for instant and temporary use as well as it can do you a favor in smiling,Make your teeth looking natural and nice
  • 2)Multi-functional in Use : The product can also be used in cosplay, DIY, custom grips, handles and knobs, model making, prototyping and so on as you like. You may find it is a quite useful product
  • 3)User-friendly : Item is made of high quality and totally safe material. You’re rest assured to use it and its shape/size can be customized as exactly as you want just by putting in boiling water for minutes. It’s quite easy done with a teeth replacement and soon enough to smile again
  • 4)Enough material included to make a Temporary Tooth 20 to 25 times or more
  • 5)High standard of after-sales services: We are here to provide easy way of tooth repairing and tooth replacement for you. Any concerns or questions can be addressed by reaching out to us at any time.

Brige is a reliable dental technology brand that has been providing innovative and practical products for over 15 years. We strive to make dental care affordable, easy and accessible for people worldwide. Our mission is to provide customers with innovative solutions that help them maintain optimal oral health. We are committed to offering the highest quality of products at competitive prices. All our products have strict quality control standards and undergo rigorous testing before entering the market. With Brige, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting top-of-the-line dental care products without breaking the bank.

Introducing the Bridg Temporary Tooth Repair Kit, a revolutionary solution for filling missing or broken teeth. This kit includes thermal beads and adhesive that will help repair your tooth without any professional intervention. With just minutes of boiling water and customizing the bead shape and size, you can have a natural looking tooth in no time! Our product is made with high quality material that is safe to use, ensuring durability and reliability. It also comes with enough material to make up to 25 temporary fillings, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your oral health needs. And if you have any questions or concerns, our after-sales service team is always available to assist you.

My personal experience

I had a crack in my tooth that was starting to bother me. Every time I ate anything, the sharp pain would shoot through my mouth and it made eating difficult. So after doing some research online about how to temporarily fix the problem, I decided to try out the dental cement they recommended.

It took a few minutes of careful application and making sure not to get any on my gums before I could apply it successfully over the cracked area of my tooth. The relief was immediate—no more shooting pains when I chewed! It stayed put for almost an entire week, which was great since it gave me enough time to get an appointment with a dentist so they could properly repair the damage.

The only issue came when I realized that despite being colorless initially, the cement had started turning yellow due largely to all of the food particles coming into contact with it while eating meals throughout its duration on my tooth; still, since this particular molar is located at mid-back in my mouth cavity and wasn’t very visible anyways, nobody else noticed except for me!

To prevent this from happening again once I have another go at applying dental cement onto another damaged tooth in future (hopefully never!), then next time around I will definitely be rinsing with some whitening mouthwash every day or two just as an extra precautionary measure against discoloration staining taking place over time like what happened here today!


  • – Easy to use and customize by boiling the material for a few minutes
  • – Can be used for filling gaps in teeth, cosplay, DIY projects, model making, and more
  • – Realistic-looking results that can be colored with coffee or tea for a more natural appearance
  • – High-quality and safe materials
  • – Enough material included to make a Temporary Tooth 20 to 25 times or more


  • – Not meant for long-term use; replacement is necessary after each application
  • – Requires an extensive cleaning process after each use.


  • 1) First, Take a thermal bead and put it in the cup of hot water (80℃/176℉) for 3-5 minutes until it is soft enough to be shaped
  • 2) Then, take out the soft thermal bead and shape it into the size needed with your fingers or scissors.
  • 3) Place the modified tooth into your mouth where needed and press gently for about 1 minite until it fits perfectly to your mandibles
  • 4)Finally cover up with edible food pigment powder to make sure that is looks natrual in color.

This Temporary Tooth Repair Kit is the perfect solution for filling gaps, repairing missing or broken teeth and customizing shape/size with its high quality and safe material to give you a natural-looking smile.

Tooth Temporary Filling Alternative

If you need a quick fix for your tooth that does not require a full dental procedure, you may want to consider using a temporary filling. This is a great option for those with cavities, chips, or cracks in their teeth, who are looking for short-term relief of pain and discomfort. A temporary filling can also help protect the affected area while you wait to visit your dentist.

The process of creating a temporary filling is simple and inexpensive. Your dentist will use either composite resin or glass ionomer cement to fill the damaged area of your tooth. Once applied, both materials provide an immediate solution but are not as strong and durable as permanent fillings. They will likely last anywhere from one week to three months before they need to be replaced.

In addition, you may also want to consider using over-the-counter dental products like denture repair kits as a temporary filling for your tooth. These kits include materials that are safe and easy to use, such as thermoplastic material or adhesive paste. They provide quick relief from pain and discomfort while protecting the damaged area of your tooth until you can visit your dentist.

Temporary Filling for Tooth vs. Permanent Filling

When it comes to dental restoration, there are a few types of filling materials available: temporary and permanent. Temporary filling for tooth is meant to be temporary, as the name suggests, and typically lasts up to six months. It provides an immediate solution for caries or cavities until a more permanent solution can be arranged. However, it does not last permanently and needs to be replaced with a permanent option in order to restore the tooth’s natural structure and function long-term.

Permanent filling material is intended to provide a long-term solution for restoring teeth damaged by decay caused by cavities or other oral damage. The type of fillings used depends on the location of the damaged area and the material used. Permanent fillings are composed of a variety of materials including gold, porcelain and composite resin. These materials provide strength and durability to the tooth, allowing it to return to its original structural integrity.

In order for a dentist to determine which type of filling is best for you, they need to consider your oral health history and the damage caused by cavity or decay in your tooth. If the cavity is large enough that it can cause further damage without being treated right away, a temporary filling may be recommended as an immediate solution until you’re able to visit your dentist again for a permanent solution. On the other hand, if there isn’t any risk of further damage developing before you’re able to make a permanent appointment, then a permanent filling may be the better choice.

Ultimately, it’s important to discuss all of your options with your dentist and make sure that you understand what type of treatment is best for your particular situation. Both temporary and permanent fillings can provide an effective solution for restoring teeth that have been damaged by decay or cavities. However, it’s important to know the difference between them so that you can make an informed decision about which option is right for you.

Home items for Temporary Tooth Filling

Finding a temporary filling for your tooth can be tricky. Fortunately, there are some common household items that can be used to fill the gap between regular dental visits. Here are some of the best home items for creating a temporary tooth filling:

Dental wax – Dental wax is specifically designed for use as a temporary filling, and it is relatively easy to apply. It comes in multiple colors so you can match it to your teeth and create an attractive seal.

Sugarless gum – Chewing sugarless gum can help to relieve pain caused by cavities while also temporarily preventing food particles from entering the area around the cavity. The high sugar content in traditional chewing gums will only make matters worse, so be sure to use a sugarless variety.

Tea bags – Not only can warm, moist tea bags be used to soothe toothaches but they can also be used to fill cavities. They have natural astringent and antiseptic properties that help to reduce pain and fight bacteria until you can get to the dentist.

Garlic – Garlic has natural antibacterial properties that help to protect your teeth from infection. To use it as a temporary filling, mash up a clove of garlic into a paste and apply it directly onto the affected area.

Remember that none of these items should replace professional care for your teeth; however, in an emergency situation or when dental visits are difficult, these home remedies can help to temporarily fill the gap.


Do dentists recommend temporary fillings?

Yes, dentists may recommend temporary fillings for a variety of reasons. Temporary fillings are used to help protect the tooth from further damage or decay until a permanent filling can be placed. They are also used as a quick fix for small cavities and to relieve discomfort caused by minor toothaches. Depending on the severity of the cavity, your dentist will discuss with you whether a temporary filling is the best option for your needs. Ultimately, it is up to your dentist’s discretion to determine if a temporary filling is right for you. It’s important to follow their instructions and attend regular check-ups in order to ensure proper dental health. If you have any questions about temporary fillings, please speak with your dentist. They will be able to provide you with the best advice.

How long will temporary filling last?

The exact duration of a temporary filling depends on the type of material used as well as the patient’s oral health habits. Generally, it is expected that a temporary filling should last from one to two weeks while the permanent restoration is being made. That said, it’s important to not wait too long before getting treatment. If there are signs of further decay or damage during this period, be sure to contact your dentist right away. Additionally, proper brushing and flossing techniques will also help prolong the life of your temporary filling until a permanent restoration can be placed.

Will a temporary filling stop pain?

Yes, a temporary filling can stop pain caused by minor toothaches. The material used in the filling helps provide relief from discomfort by sealing off any bacteria or debris that may be causing an infection or irritation. Depending on the severity of your toothache, your dentist may recommend other treatments in addition to a temporary filling. It’s important to speak with them about any concerns you have so they can provide appropriate advice and care for you. They will be able to discuss the best options for relieving your pain and restoring the health of your smile!

Can I eat with a temporary filling?

It is generally safe to eat with a temporary filling in place, however it is important to take more caution than you would normally. We recommend avoiding overly hard or sticky foods that could damage the filling or pull it out prematurely. Additionally, be mindful of what direction you are biting into food so you can avoid putting too much pressure on the affected area. If you have any doubts about how to properly care for your temporary filling, please speak with your dentist who will be able to provide guidance and advice. They can also discuss proper cleaning techniques and other treatments that may be necessary in order to ensure proper dental health moving forward. Your dentist’s expertise and guidance can help give you peace of mind during this time. Feel free to get in touch with them if you have any questions or concerns!


Overall, a temporary filling can be an effective and safe solution for minor toothaches and cavities. It’s important to follow your dentist’s instructions and attend regular check-ups in order to ensure proper dental health. If you have any questions about temporary fillings, please speak with your dentist. They will be able to provide you with the best advice. By following their guidance and taking the necessary steps to care for your oral health, you can keep a healthy and beautiful smile!