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Strange Toothpaste FlavorsWeird, Unusual, and Strange Toothpaste Flavors have been around since the early 2000s. From bacon-flavored toothpaste to corned beef and caviar, manufacturers have tried their hand at producing various strange flavors of toothpaste. While some of these unusual flavors are marketed as fun novelty items, others – such as activated charcoal toothpaste – provide unique benefits. Activated charcoal helps to whiten teeth and can provide relief for those with sensitive teeth. Additionally, many brands offer special flavor combinations such as minty chocolate or cinnamon clove that are designed to freshen breath while providing the necessary cleaning action needed to protect teeth from decay.

Some people are picky about their toothpaste flavors. Some want mint, others want cinnamon and some want spearmint. However, there are those who just cannot get enough of the weird and unusual toothpaste flavors like bacon or orange soda.

As you know, brushing your teeth is an important part of maintaining a healthy smile. It’s also something that most people do every day (or at least they should). But what you might not know is that there are some toothpaste flavors out there that we think shouldn’t exist.

There are many strange, weird and bizarre toothpaste flavors available in the market, which flavor do you like?

Disclaimer: we absolutely don’t recommend eating your toothpaste after brushing.

Bacon Toothpaste Flavor

Accoutrements Mr. Bacon's 2.5 Oz Bacon Flavored Toothpaste
  • Bacon flavored toothpaste.
  • Great gag/novelty gift.
  • Each tube contains 2.5 oz (70 g) of potent paste.

Yes, Americans love bacon. However, there are no words to accurately describe how strange it is that a food’s taste is picked out as a toothpaste flavor.

The taste of bacon is a popular one for chefs to use when they want to infuse the flavor. We’re not sure why anyone would want their teeth to smell like bacon, but if you do then this toothpaste is for you!

Cupcake Toothpaste Flavor

Accoutrements Sweet Cupcake Frosting Flavored Toothpaste,...
  • Brushing your teeth with real frosting kind of defeats the purpose,...
  • Just put a dollop on your brush and after a few minutes of vigorous...
  • Each tube contains 2.5 oz (70 g) of potent paste.Ê
  • All the fun, without any of the risk.
  • Enjoy!

This toothpaste is just plain confusing. We don’t know what the point of it would be, or even where to start with describing its flavor because we’re not sure if there’s actually a cupcake taste in there at all!

The only thing that can come out of this mouthwash-esque product are questions. If you want to have your teeth smell like sugary food and foam up then this is for you!

Black Tooth Powder

No products found.

This is the most bizarre toothpaste flavor that we’ve seen yet. Tooth powder tastes like chalk and has been used for centuries as a way to clean teeth by rubbing it on them before brushing your mouth with water or another type of liquid. It’s not something you would use every day, but if you’re looking for an oddity this might be it!

Mmm, tasty? No one wants their teeth to taste like garlic because they just brushed their teeth in the morning. This is really bad news considering how much people love eating garlic bread at restaurants nowadays! If you want your breath to smell like burning rubber then go right ahead and buy this product…if only just so there can finally be some peace around here about whether or not garlic is an acceptable thing to brush your teeth with.

Jasmin Mint

Marvis Jasmin Mint Toothpaste, 3.8 oz(Pack of 1)
  • Marvis Jasmine Mint Toothpaste
  • 75ml/3.86oz
  • Marvis

We’re not sure what the purpose of this toothpaste flavor is. Jasmin mints are a popular sweet treat that people enjoy as an after-dinner snack, but they don’t actually give you fresh breath!

If you want your mouth to smell like flowers and taste like peppermint then go for it (but beware because there’s some serious competition out there)! If all else fails just chew on jasmine if you really need something refreshing with every meal.


Marvis Karakum Toothpaste, 3.8 oz
  • Part of the Marvis Wonders of the World collection, inspired by an...
  • The Marvis formula: white, protected teeth, long-lasting fresh breath...
  • Marvis toothpaste flavors are created by offsetting the aroma of mint,...
  • Straight from Florence, Italy, Marvis has been a staple of Italian...
  • Fluoride-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free and vegan

Karakum is a type of Turkish coffee that has more sugar than any other kind. This toothpaste flavor might just be the sweetest one on our list.

It’s not as bad-tasting as some of the others, but it will make your teeth and mouth feel like they’re coated in syrup (which we assume would taste similar to this). You also won’t want to touch anything once you’ve brushed with this because it stays sticky for awhile afterward! If you love drinking too much hot chocolate then try this out–your breath will smell like cocoa even if you don’t have any in your system at all.


Dr. Sheffield’s Certified Natural Toothpaste (Chocolate) -...
  • THE ORIGINAL TOOTHPASTE: In 1850, Dr. Sheffield created a new tooth...
  • KNOWN FOR GREAT TASTE: We ensure our toothpaste leaves a great taste...
  • CHOCOLATE: This tasty chocolate flavored toothpaste is great for kids...
  • CERTIFIED NATURAL TOOTHPASTE: Our toothpaste is Certified Natural by...
  • NO FLUORIDE OR OTHER SYNTHETICS: No fluoride, no synthetic foaming...

Chocolate toothpaste has been around for a very long time, ever since it was invented in 1869 by Dr. Washington Sheffield of New York. What’s weird about this flavor is that chocolate-flavored things are usually more bitter than sweet–and this one definitely falls into the former category! It also doesn’t help that you’ll be brushing your teeth with something as sticky and gooey as chocolate syrup which can leave residue on anything you touch afterward (thus ruining any post-brushing breakfast plans). If sugar makes your mouth feel happy then give this product a try; if not then we recommend staying far away from it because there’s no way to control how much will get stuck onto your teeth and make them super discolored.

Vanilla Bling

Tanner's Tasty Paste Vanilla Bling - Anticavity Fluoride...
  • MOM-MADE FOR KIDS: Dr. Janelle Holden, a Mom and Pediatric Dentist,...
  • TASTY VANILLA FLAVOR: Our Vanilla Toothpaste brings that pure vanilla...
  • NO MINT TASTE: Tanner’s Toothpaste is great for kids with...
  • SUGAR & GLUTEN FREE: Tanner’s Toothpaste is NOT 100% natural, but it...
  • FLUORIDE TOOTHPASTE: This toothpaste DOES contain Fluoride.

Vanilla bling is just plain weird. We’re not sure what the point of this toothpaste flavor is–perhaps to make your mouth smell like a cake? But if you bite into one and get icing all over your shirt, it’s probably because they taste terrible!

Don’t be fooled by its sweet exterior; vanilla bling might have some sugar in it but that doesn’t mean it tastes good or gives off a fresh breath scent afterwards (it smells more like someone spilled perfume on their clothing than anything else). The only thing worse than brushing with something as fake-tasting as this would be licking an ice cream cone made out of whipped egg whites. So unless you want to look silly while trying to eat dessert then stay away from this product.

Tea Tree Oil + Cinnamon

Tea tree oil + cinnamon is a combination that sounds great on paper but just doesn’t taste how it should. This toothpaste flavor has been around for awhile and gives off an earthy, spicy scent when you brush with it–which actually makes sense since this duo can be found in many fragrances nowadays!

But the aftertaste of both substances combined? Definitely not something anyone would want to have coming out of their mouth (or at least they shouldn’t). If you need something refreshing then try peppermint or spearmint instead; these two flavors give off better results than anything else we’ve tried so far. We’ll say one thing about tea tree oil though: if your teeth are sensitive then stay away because brushing with this will make them burn for the rest of the day.

Fennel Propolis Myrrh

Toms of Maine Toothpaste Fennel Propolis Myrrh,5.5 Ounce...
  • Promotes a naturally clean, healthy-mouth feeling.
  • Toms of Maine Natural Propolis and Myrrh Fluoride-Free Fennel...
  • Toms of Maine Toothpaste Fennel Propolis Myrrh (Pack of 4)

Fennel + Myrrh is a flavor that you won’t find in any other toothpaste besides this one. This flavor has been around for centuries and was originally used to treat stomach issues, but we don’t recommend brushing your teeth with it because the aftertaste will make you want to vomit.

The ingredients are both overpowering tastes–fennel being too spicy (as well as an eye irritant) while myrrh having a taste similar to licorice which can be very sweet or really bitter depending on how old it is. If you’re looking for something milder then try peppermint; if not, avoid this product at all costs!

Bamboo Salt + Lime

[LG] Bamboo Salt Toothpaste - ItMonGo 120g * 3pcs
  • This salt put salt in bamboo and bake 9 times at a temperature of 1000...
  • Salt to prevent gum inflammation _ Prevention of gingivitis by...
  • Promotes protein production that constitutes the gums,Gingivitis index...
  • Production date[Manufactured date] : marking date on the each item /...
  • The product patented in 14 countries including the US and Japan

Bamboo salt + lime is toothpaste flavor that sounds like it would be great for a cocktail but not so much for teeth. The only thing this product has going in its favor is the earthy, citrus scent it gives off while you’re brushing–which actually makes sense since bamboo and limes are both found in many other types of fragrances these days!

But unfortunately when brushed with they just don’t taste as good mixed together. Bamboo salt alone can have an overpowering taste if left on your tongue long enough (it tastes more like dirt than anything else) which will make brushing your teeth unpleasant; then there’s always the aftertaste of lime to contend with afterwards because no matter how hard we tried this flavor just didn’t work.

Coffee Flavoured Toothpaste

We’re not sure what they were thinking when this flavor came out but it was a huge mistake. As soon as we started brushing with coffee flavored toothpaste, all that could be felt on our tongues was the bitter taste of black coffee beans; and within seconds afterword, any liquid in our mouths became instantly dry because who would want to keep drinking water if their mouth tastes like something from Starbucks?

Coffee flavoring is supposed to taste great mixed with milk or cream–but instead everything just crumbles together into nothingness while also leaving an awful aftertaste that lingers for too long afterwards.

Brushing your teeth shouldn’t have you feeling regretful afterward–and yet Coffee Flavored Toothpaste makes us feel exactly that way.

Scotch Whiskey Flavored Toothpaste

This flavor is one of the worst we’ve ever tried. The only thing that’s good about it is how much alcohol you can smell when brushing with it; and even then, this toothpaste doesn’t taste anything like scotch whatsoever!

It seems as if they were trying to recreate an actual drink using different ingredients–but instead, all these flavors just mixed together to create a bitter aftertaste that lingered in our mouths for hours on end afterwards. Brushing teeth shouldn’t make people feel sick (or want to throw up) but unfortunately, Scotch Whiskey flavored toothpaste does exactly that. If anyone wants their mouth full of whiskey without any consequences then try adding some into your next cup of coffee or tea instead.

Oreo Cookie Flavored Toothpaste

Oreo Cookie Flavored Toothpaste might be the one flavor we were most excited about trying–but it ended up being a huge disappointment.

The only thing this toothpaste has going for it is that it smells exactly like an Oreo cookie while you’re brushing with it (which was honestly kind of nice) but afterword, there wasn’t any sign of any lingering taste in our mouths what so ever! This product didn’t even give us that great feeling post-brushing because all the other flavors seem to have been stripped away completely. If anything then use this as a tongue cleaner instead; or if not, don’t bother wasting your money on these at all costs.

Honey Flavored toothpaste

The one word to describe this is “extreme.”

Honey flavored toothpaste has an extremely strong taste that makes water seem like a better option and yet the aftertaste lingers for so long afterwards it’s nauseating. There are no redeeming qualities about Honey Flavored Toothpaste–nothing good, nothing bad; just blandness at best. It tastes exactly how we expected honey with baking soda mixed together would taste but without any of the sweetener in between which defeats the purpose entirely.

Champagne Flavored Toothpaste

We were really looking forward to trying this flavor–but it tasted nothing like champagne at all.

If anything, the best word we could use to describe how Champagne Flavored Toothpaste tastes is “bitter.” This toothpaste didn’t seem too strong but after using it for a while, our tongues started feeling as if they had been burnt from acid and not just because of any flavors being used in the product itself. It’s safe to say that there are many other things out there better than Champagne Flavored Toothpaste; so don’t waste your money on something you’re going regret later down the line.

The one thing that would help make up for these terrible tastes? Some form of warning before buying them which, unfortunately, wasn’t given before we decided to pick up any of these flavors.


Coca-Cola may be a refreshing beverage but it makes for a terrible toothpaste flavor. Hints of vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon might sound great in the can (or when swishing them around your mouth) but they don’t taste nearly as good mixed with ingredients you would usually find in something that’s made to clean teeth like fluoride or baking soda. If anything then we recommend using this product as an air freshener–who doesn’t want their whole room smelling like Coke?

This flavor also has what seems to be too much sugar content which will make any person who brushes with it start foaming at the mouth afterward; if not then they’ll still have really bad breath because Coca-Cola is high up on the list of ingredients that cause tooth decay.

This flavor has been around for centuries and was originally used to treat stomach issues, but we don’t recommend brushing your teeth with it because the aftertaste will make you want to vomit.

Amarelli Licorice

This toothpaste flavor is just not worth it. Amarelli licorice isn’t as popular in the US, but anyone who has had a taste of it knows that you’re left with an unpleasant aftertaste for days afterward!

If you want your teeth to have black stripes on them and enjoy the messiest breath imaginable then go ahead and buy this product. We wouldn’t recommend using anything more than a pea-sized amount because one tube can last up to six months–which might be too long if we know how bad amarellis are at coating our mouths with pastel goodness (we don’t).

Indian Curry Toothpaste

This is a product that we would never recommend to anyone. Anyone who goes for Indian curry over other types of food must be really adventurous and also not have any sense of taste!

Indian curry has been known to be one of the spiciest foods in the world, so what’s more appropriate than letting it flavor your mouthwash too?

We wouldn’t want our teeth or breath smelling like spicy stuffed peppers, but if you think this isn’t enough then they offer an even hotter variety (called Dragon Fire) as well! If you’re looking for something out there with a ton of kick then this toothpaste might just do the trick. But if you don’t usually eat anything spicy at all then proceed with caution because your mouth will be on fire!

Weird Toothpaste Flavors from Around the Globe

Some countries have some weird toothpaste flavors that have become popular! Learn some of the weirdest below.

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that mint is the most popular flavor of toothpaste in the United States. In our country, various focus groups have concluded that mint is the flavor most associated with freshness. Not to mention, it is great at masking odors and the cooling sensation produced makes your mouth feel cleaner as well. However, just because we really like minty toothpaste doesn’t mean the rest of the world does. In fact, many countries have some downright weird toothpaste flavors that are more popular than you might believe! Here are some of the weird toothpaste flavors from some countries around the world.

The Philippines

The Philippines have a taste for the unusual and it is reflected in their toothpaste flavors.

In the Philippines, the most popular brands of toothpaste offer mint varieties recognizable to Americans. But where things get weird is when you look at the kinds of children’s toothpaste available! Here in America, bubble gum is the most popular choice for children’s toothpaste. In the Philippines, on the other hand, children brush their teeth with toothpaste flavors such as grape and cookies and cream! And, at one point, there was actually a toothpaste on the market for both adults and children that tasted like chocolate! Would that make you want to brush twice every day?

South Africa

If you’ve ever been to South Africa then there is no doubt that you’ve tasted something called ‘sorghum malt paste’ before. This flavor of sorghum malt paste tastes like root beer and often accompanies cornbread at dinner time. You will be happy to learn that they also enjoy other weird toothpaste flavors such as licorice which has both saltwater gargle properties due to its high sodium content, but it also produces an enjoyable sweet-and-sour sensation when applied topically on the tongue.


In Malaysia, the unique and unusual flavor of ‘mango’ is popular on their toothpaste products! Whether or not you are an individual who loves to savor a ripe mango in your mouth, then this might be just the perfect toothpaste for you. The strange thing about this particular flavor though is that it contains no fruit juice whatsoever. It instead has been artificially made to mimic the taste!

China and Taiwan

The Chinese have some interesting ideas when it comes to what flavors should constitute toothpaste. For instance, one dairy company in China created strawberry flavored milk through using whey as well as adding additives such as food coloring into order to make their product look pink like raspberry yogurt but with a strawberry flavor. Now, the Taiwanese also have an interesting flavor of toothpaste which is called ‘black sesame’ and it contains no actual black sesame seeds in it whatsoever.


If you are looking for a great way to start your day off with a burst of energy then Croatian toothpaste might just be right up your alley! In Croatia, they enjoy flavors like lemon or spearmint but nothing could come close to their enjoyment of menthol-flavored toothpaste products. The minty taste that the product leaves on one’s breath lasts long after brushing so don’t expect the freshness to wear out too quickly here!


The Canadians seem to prefer flavors such as cinnamon or vanilla on their toothpaste. It is believed that they enjoy these flavors because it reminds them of the taste of their childhood – cinnamon toast and vanilla milk!


The Russians are an interesting lot when it comes to their toothpaste flavors. For instance, a popular flavor in Russia is ‘Cherry-Aqua’ and contains no actual cherries at all! It only has artificial coloring that makes the paste appear red like cherry juice but with the taste of watermelon.


Mexicans love chili peppers as much as they do anything else which means you will find them in many different kinds of food including Mexican toothpastes that have been flavored for this country specifically. The best part about these pastes is not just how spicy they taste though because there also happens to be some soothing properties that make your mouth feel cleaner after brushing with one of these products.

Germanic Countries

In many Germanic countries, toothpaste flavors such as spearmint or peppermint are the most popular. This is because these two flavorings happen to be some of their favorites and they also happen to serve a purpose in helping with bad breath too!


The French enjoy brushing their teeth with perfume-flavored toothpastes that are meant for both adults and children alike which may sound like quite an odd thing but you can’t deny that it sounds intriguing nonetheless! If you want something sweet then head on over to France where dentists have figured out how to make strawberry flavored paste so good tasting that people actually eat this stuff by the spoonfuls during breakfast time alone.

Great Britain

The Brits actually make a salt toothpaste infused with essential oils of mint. This toothpaste flavor is actually safe for vegetarians, encourages the production of saliva, and is micro-abrasive to help get the stains out of your teeth. So while it might taste a little strange, it has some nice benefits for your teeth.


Japan takes the cake when it comes to weird toothpaste flavors! Pumpkin pudding, charcoal, eggplant, and Indian curry are some of the strange flavors that the Japanese have put on the markets – none of which would probably take off here.

One of the most interesting flavors found in Japan is a toothpaste that contains some miso and soy sauce flavorings. It doesn’t make much sense but who knows, it might just work!

The United States

While Americans love their mint toothpaste, it doesn’t mean we don’t have some weird toothpaste flavors of our own floating around. Flavors infused with alcoholic beverages like scotch and champagne are on the market. And, of course, there is such a thing as bacon-flavored toothpaste.


I’m not sure why anyone would want to put these flavors in their mouths, but I guess that’s just me. Of course there are some of trustworthy brands like orange juice and fresh mint, but the strawberry fluoride toothpaste from my dentist makes my stomach turn. With so many other great flavors out there on the market this one is really unnecessary. No matter what kind of toothpaste you enjoy using, make sure it is ADA-approved and that you brush twice a day to keep your teeth sparkling white.

Bacon-flavored toothpaste

Bacon-flavored toothpaste? Yes, you read that right! While it may sound like an odd product, there is a clear market for it. Bacon lovers who can’t get enough of that smoky, savory taste can now enjoy it while brushing their teeth. Although it may sound like a gag gift, bacon-flavored toothpaste is actually a real product that can be purchased online.

The idea of bacon-flavored toothpaste is not entirely new; there have been other bacon-flavored products such as bacon-flavored gum and mints before. However, a bacon-flavored toothpaste takes things to a whole new level. The toothpaste is made to replicate the taste of bacon, so it has a smoky and savory flavor. The makers of bacon-flavored toothpaste claim that it is great for people who love bacon but want to keep their teeth clean, or for those who simply want to switch up their oral hygiene routine with a unique flavor.

Bacon-flavored toothpaste isn’t just for novelty purposes, though. It actually contains the same ingredients as regular toothpaste, such as fluoride and antibacterial agents to fight cavities and bad breath. The toothpaste is also safe to use and can be used daily as part of a regular oral hygiene routine. Plus, it’s a fun way to make brushing your teeth more enjoyable and entertaining.

Overall, bacon-flavored toothpaste is a fun product that is perfect for bacon lovers who want to try something new. While it’s not a substitute for regular toothpaste, it’s a great addition to your oral hygiene routine that can add some extra flavor and fun to your brushing experience. So go ahead, give it a try and see if it lives up to the hype!