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We’ve all heard of the old wives’ tale that brushing your teeth with baking soda will give you a whiter smile. But let’s face it: it’s 2023 and we don’t have time to be sifting through kitchen cupboards for ingredients! That’s why Philips Sonicare Healthy White has made its mark on the dental scene – this electric toothbrush is here to save us from messy DIY solutions, promising brighter smiles in just one brush.

A few months ago, I wrote a review over the Oral-B Pro 1000 electric toothbrush. It was my first electric toothbrush and I didn’t know what to expect. The end result of using an electric toothbrush wasn’t all that different from the manual brush or even just regular flossing; however, there were far more benefits than just clean teeth at the end. Using an electric toothbrush also improved gum health and reduced bleeding when brushing too (with no other changes in dental hygiene). But this time around, Philips claims their new Healthy White edition is capable of whitening your teeth twice as well as your regular brushing technique can do without any extra work on your part. Sounds good right Let’s find out if it’s true.

For this review, I use the Philips Sonicare Healthy White Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush HX6731 with UV Sanitizer and Charging Glass in addition to all of my regular dental hygiene such as mouthwash, floss and toothpaste. This is part of a long-term review so I only used this brush for a few months (alongside my manual toothbrush) before writing up the results here.

Does Sonicare white mode work?

Before we get started on the actual test results, let me just give you a quick overview on how the Philips Sonicare Healthy White works:

The electric toothbrush uses sonic technology to vibrate 32 000 times per minute at an average of 2 microns deep into your teeth which polishes your teeth and sweeps away any leftover debris. The vibrations are strong enough to dislodge the plaque from your teeth (anywhere between 1-7mm) but gentle enough not to damage or hurt your gums (which is a common problem with manual toothbrushes). This brush also has an inbuilt UV sanitizer inside of it that kills 99% of all microorganisms found on the brush head using Ultraviolet light without producing any heat so there’s no need to worry about bacteria hiding under your brush anymore.

The Philips Sonicare Healthy White comes in two different packages. You either get just the electric toothbrush by itself or you get both it along with a charging glass, 2 extra brush heads, 1 travel case, 2-year warrant and an UV sanitizer. I got the full package because it didn’t cost me that much more (for about the same price as a manual toothbrush) so why not get all of them. It actually comes in two different packaging but just with different names:

The box itself is very simple and basic, coming only with a few images of what you’ll be getting if you purchase this item. Everything was well labeled to identify which brush belongs to which brush head so there’s no confusion when opening up the box for your first time. The travel case itself is quite big even though it can store four complete set of extra brush heads plus the toothbrush itself but since the case is made of ABS plastic, it can resist impact pretty well and you might even be able to survive a drop with this thing.

The UV Sanitizer is the most unique feature of this toothbrush. The brush head itself doesn’t have any bristles but instead, it has a smooth and round surface that extends from one side to another which means you can rotate this brush in any direction you want (just like all Sonicare toothbrush heads) but it lacks any ridges or lines along the edge like most other normal toothbrushes do. It is also worth noting that the bottom part of the sanitizer is much bigger than the top part so don’t expect this thing to stay on your bathroom counter at home because it definitely won’t cover both your toiletry bag/cabinet and your toothbrush.

The charging glass is made of solid glass however don’t expect something so luxurious because this thing looks like any other cheap product you’d get outside nowadays and there’s even a plastic sticker over the top, which I had to peel off. It comes with a removable drip tray underneath just in case you want to avoid directly soaking the bottom or making a mess but when it’s not attached, it can be really annoying whenever water drips down on my counter. The body of the glass itself is also quite light so when you pick it up using one hand, it feels like there’s nothing inside since the weight distribution isn’t uniform but that doesn’t mean this thing isn’t made from sturdy materials as I’ve dropped it a couple of times and there’s no cracks or chips on the glass.

The UV sanitizer is just like any other toothbrush sanitizers out there except this one actually works. With regular use, I tend to see that my brush head doesn’t have much bacteria after running it under the UV light but before turning on said light, you’ll need to first fill up the bottom compartment with tap water which gives me some mixed feelings at first because who needs more accessories when all we want to do is kill bacteria? However since they did include that drip tray, I’m not so annoyed anymore but still disappointed.

Next up is the charging station itself and I must say, compared to all other similar products available in the market, this charging station looks pretty good. It doesn’t come with a wall adapter, however it does have a built-in cable that’s hidden under the base which means you can just rest your toothbrush on top of it and it’ll start charging.

The bottom part of the base is where you place the glass but if you’re not using it, there’s another compartment for extra brush heads to go in so I guess they tried to make things easier on our end instead of hiding everything inside one big compartment which makes things better when we want to replace those parts or clean up afterwards.

The UV sanitizer has three different modes: Clean mode (what cleans your brush head), Whitening mode (which I assume whitens my teeth), and finally, the Massage mode which is just there for some reason as you can’t actually feel anything when using this mode.

The brush heads that come with the toothbrush itself are pretty unique. First off, it doesn’t have any bristles but instead a round surface at the bottom part of the head which is connected to a metal plate (this thing vibrates), in where I placed my index finger so I can rotate it around along those three different modes. If you’re wondering why there’s only three modes, I assume they wanted to make things easier on our end since we’ve basically got one big button up front so we won’t miss or get confused while brushing our teeth.

My first impression

The first impression is convincing: the slim handpiece is designed in white and mint green.

Packaging of the Healthy White sonic toothbrush

Packaging of the Healthy White sonic toothbrush

While the exterior certainly won’t win any designer awards, it blends in nicely with most bathrooms.

A single on-off button is all that’s needed for operation. LEDs mounted on the front also provide information about the selected cleaning mode, as well as the available battery level. The back is also mint green and rubberized.

In my opinion, this is an advantage in often wet bathrooms, as it keeps the toothbrush securely in your hand.

Premium models like the Sonicare Diamond Clean or the test winner Sonicare Flexcare Platinum may look classier, but at the same time lack such a useful rubber coating.

The other equipment is solid

Also included are an attachment head and the charging station. Unlike the cheaper models, that one includes a cap including a brush head holder to attach the replacement brushes to it.

Very practical, because it makes it easier to keep track, especially with multiple users.

Philips Sonicare Healthy White sonic toothbrush with teeth whitening

The Philips Sonicare Healthy White sonic toothbrush does without too many extras & brings only the bare essentials – which is no disadvantage given its fair price.

Placing the handpiece on the charger, it stands stably and without wobbling on it.


The cleaning result is thorough

Much more important than the accessories is, of course, the cleaning performance of an electric toothbrush. And here the Sonicare Healthy White has convinced me completely.

  • After switching on for the first time, the sonic toothbrush hums with a good 31,000 vibrations per minute noticeably powerful.
  • However, the toothbrush feels comparatively gentle and efficient in the mouth thanks to the sonic technology.

Brushing goes thanks to the lightweight handpiece without much effort, after 2 minutes the teeth feel clean all around. The cleaning performance can be described as very good.

Other extras make brushing easier

A quadrant timer ensures evenly cleaned teeth by reminding the user to switch jaws every 30 seconds

This is a nice feature, especially for morning grouches, which helps with dental hygiene.

By means of the button, one selects between the individual modes:

  • the normal “Clean” mode of the sonic toothbrush provides a thorough cleaning
  • the namesake “White” mode is designed to gently whiten teeth and is intended to complement normal cleaning.

If it is activated, then the brushing time is extended by 30 seconds to polish discolored areas.

How effectively the Healthy White provides white teeth

I noticed a noticeable whitening of the teeth after only a few days, so the mode works

get white teeth

The Healthy White provides white teeth and helps you keep your bright smile.

However, don’t expect too much either:

  • But of course you can not compare the results with a real teeth whitening at the dentist, for that the difference of 1-2 nuances is too small.
  • If you already brush very thoroughly, the Healthy White does not provide any magical whitening beyond the natural shade – this can only be chemically altered.

However, if you like to drink coffee or tea, for example, such a brightening mode still brings something. Discoloration have it harder and the teeth stay longer (naturally) white.

I personally no longer want to do without such a mode – even though I may not use it every day, the is still useful & brings a beautiful smile in no time.

More cleaning modes for beginners

In contrast to the predecessor, the Sensitive mode was saved, in its place is the so-called EasyStart program.

During the first 14 brushing passes, the intensity is gradually increased if desired, so that the gums can get used to the new way of brushing. This throttling is suitable for most users to get used to.

However, those with sensitive gums will likely miss the Sensitive mode, which can be activated at any time, and should look for higher-priced models like the ProtectiveClean 5100 or the FlexCare Platinum.

The Sonicare FlexCare Platinum's features are rich

The features of the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum are rich – so there are additional cleaning modes, a case & even a disinfection station for the brush heads.

Dental care enthusiasts will also miss additional cleaning modes such as gum massage or a selectable intensity.

Overall, however, the Healthy White also offers a convincing cleaning result for me (and only has to do without a few functions that don’t make sense for everyone).

Is the battery enough?

Short answer: yes.

Philips, unlike Oral-B, relies on the newer lithium-ion technology here, which is definitely noticeable in daily use.

The toothbrush hums powerfully and the operating noise is not unpleasantly loud.

In my test, the Healthy White only had to plug in after a little over 2 weeks. I also regularly used the whitening mode, which translates into longer operating time.

If you only use the normal cleaning mode, you can probably also get by for almost 3 weeks on a single charge.

The battery life is very pleasing compared to many Braun models. Even considering the decreasing performance over the lifetime, the built-in battery has more than enough reserves.

Who is often on trips or uses the handpiece in pairs will thus learn to appreciate this side of the sonic toothbrush. To ensure order, the Healthy White is also available in other colors or as a practical double pack*.

A very good sonic toothbrush for white teeth

A thorough cleaning, a powerful battery and no major weaknesses – does that make the Sonicare Healthy White the new test winner?

Those who want clean, white teeth and travel often will definitely enjoy this sonic toothbrush

To the Philips Sonicare test winner but then it is not quite enough. Especially look at the price, the equipment is a little meager.

Here, the big sister Healthy White Plus or a toothbrush like the Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 clearly offers the better package.

Never-the-less, the Philips Sonicare Healthy White is a great toothbrush with excellent cleaning performance and convenient teeth whitening. If these are exactly the features you need, you can grab it without hesitation.