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sonicare easy clean test

If you are short on time for this, here’s the most important thing in a nutshell:

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First impression of the design

The slim shape allows you to hold the EasyClean in your hand almost like a regular toothbrush

sonic toothbrush easy clean in test

In previous versions, I found the Easy Clean to be a bit too smooth – however, on the current variants (Philips Sonicare HX 6530), the manufacturer has made improvements and given them a few extra grooves for better grip.

Overall, there’s not much to complain about in the workmanship of the waterproof handpiece.

Everything looks sturdy and feels good in the hand. Additional equipment such as a travel case is missing in contrast to other models of Philips Sonicare, but this is fine in view of the low price.

Cleaning performance

After charging (about 10-12 hours), nothing stands in the way of cleaning pleasure.

easy clean processing

  • While cleaning, the brush hums not too obtrusively, but powerfully.
  • 31,000 rotations per minute then ensure cleanliness in the mouth.

This is only half as much as top models like the Sonicare Diamond Clean or the Flexcare Platinum, but overall I was still more than satisfied with the brushing performance.

For newcomers, there is also the so-called EasyStart function, which in the course of the first applications, the cleaning intensity increases more and more.

This can be helpful for beginners, because those who have never had to deal with an electric toothbrush, must first get used to the rapid movements of the sonic toothbrush.

Cleaning Modes

Cleaning programs such as deep cleaning or a sensitive mode are unfortunately only available for the higher-priced models.

This is certainly not necessary for everyone – but if you suffer from sensitive gums / periodontitis or want particularly white teeth, then they should reach for a model with such additional modes (eg to the Healthy White Plus).

easy clean alternatives

For a little more money, there’s additional equipment like whitening modes or toothbrush cases.

Apart from this, the brushing result is very good even without these comfort functions. A quadrant timer reminds you to change the jaw side every 30 seconds.

This is a handy feature and helps with even cleaning of the dentures.

Are there any disadvantages?

However, an annoying detail on the side for me is the automatic stopping of the brush after 2 minutes.

It may well happen, for example, that I want to devote myself to a spot a little more intense and take longer than the given time. Kei

Battery & Durability

Here Philips relies on lithium-ion technology, unlike toothbrushes from Oral-B, even in its affordable models.

  • In practice, the battery lasts much longer (almost 2 weeks), but also provides enough power for clean teeth even when the charge level is low.
  • You can also recharge the toothbrush at any time (with old batteries, complete discharge was mandatory to avoid the dreaded memory effect).

All in all, the battery performance is convincing and I could also take the Easy Clean with me on trips without any problems (and without the supplied charger).

Also in the long term, the battery offers enough power. Entry-level devices often weaken here & then forfeit so much capacity after a few months / years that a new toothbrush is quickly necessary.

The Easy Clean offers here more than enough reserves – which is why I have a much better feeling in terms of durability than with the equally expensive competition.

Does it get any better?

If you need even more battery life, then you can reach for the more expensive premium models from Philips. The Diamond Clean, for example, lasts 3 weeks (and therefore has an even slightly better shelf life).

The Foreo Issa 2 even holds out a whole year – that is impressive, but certainly not necessary for everyone.

In everyday life, the battery of the Philips Sonicare Easy Clean is enough for me without any problems Considering the relatively low price, the useful life is more than okay.

To make sure you don’t forget to recharge regularly, the sonic toothbrush has a small battery indicator in the on-off button that flashes when it’s low. Very convenient.

Conclusion: a great sonic toothbrush for beginners

The Sonicare EasyClean basically offers everything you need for thorough & convenient toothbrushing.

There are no major weaknesses, only in the accessories Philips is spartan. For all those who really only want the bare essentials when it comes to sonic toothbrushes, this model is sufficient, because the cleaning performance is very good.

For those who can invest a little more money, higher-priced models such as the FlexCare Platinum or Diamond Cean offer even slightly better performance, sensible (travel) accessories and additional cleaning modes (e.g., for discolored teeth).

  • In a similar price range, however, is the quasi-successor Protective Clean 4300, which has an additional pressure control. In a direct comparison, I would advise you to use this brush, as this protective function is very useful.
  • (If you need a few extra extras, then there are other toothbrushes in this series, such as the Protective Clean 4500 or the Protective Clean 5100.)

In and of itself, however, the equipment package of the Philips Sonicare EasyClean is also very convincing. Of course, it still goes a little better, but for this the sonic toothbrush shines with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Here you can strike without hesitation – especially if you find the brush just cheap in the sale.