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This monthly cure relies on probiotic bacteria, which should improve the oral flora & help against unpleasant bad breath. Read here my experience from the practical test.

oralflora fresh breath kit in test

If you suffer from bad breath, then there are countless products that promise improvement.

  • However, many mouthwashes do not have a lasting effect, but only mask the bad breath – the actual cause remains..
  • Other products help, but for this you have to accept unpleasant side effects such as a dry mouth.

The manufacturer Oralflora takes a slightly different approach and relies on a monthly course of probiotic bacteria, which are to renew the oral flora bit by bit.

This robs stinky bacteria of the basis of life & targets the root causes of halitosis (bad breath)

In 1 month to fresh breath?

Oralflora sent me the so-called “K12 Fresh Breath Kit” for personal testing, which I tested together with another test person for over 1 month.

  1. It consists of 1 tongue cleaner that helps remove bacterial plaque from the tongue surface.
  2. The included mouthwash removes odor-causing sulfur bacteria & provides fresh breath.
  3. In addition, there is also 1 container of lozenges, which are designed to colonize probiotic bacteria in the mouth.

To achieve the best possible result, you should use all the included parts of the cure. Fortunately, it also comes with a very detailed and clearly understandable instruction manual that explains how to use it.

Does Oralflora really help against bad breath?

I have already gathered some knowledge around halitosis (and summarized it in my comprehensive guide on bad breath)

So before I go into the experience with Oralflora, I want to make one thing clear at the very beginning:

Even the best cure does not always help – for example, when serious dental diseases such as periodontal disease or holes in the tooth are the cause of bad breath.

  • Then the oral flora can be however good – against such bacterial foci helps only a professional treatment at the dentist.
  • If you suffer from such complaints, then you should first treat them before resorting to solutions such as Oralflora.
  • The enclosed instructions for use of the monthly cure also warns fair and advises to have dental problems treated before use.

And of course, the rest of your oral hygiene should also fit – without floss, for example, stinky bacteria settle in the gaps, which is why you should clean them regularly.

Tip: Read more about the causes of bad breath here. Only if you know how a problem arises, you can also treat it effectively.

dentist bad breath

If bad breath persists, talking to your dentist to find out the exact causes will help.

If, however, you can rule out the possibility that serious dental diseases are the cause of halitosis, then Oralflora’s monthly cure offers a comparatively gentle solution to bad breath.

By the way, this also applies to all those who do not yet know the exact causes and first want to try a freely available remedy against halitosis is.

But how effective are the probiotic bacteria at all?

To test this, I gave the monthly course to a test subject with clearly noticeable bad breath and followed it over a period of 5 weeks.

The use of Oralflora

To achieve the best possible results, you should follow the instructions for use.

The mouth rinse

1x a week the mouth rinse is used, which you mix together from 2 different components and then gargle.

This causes bacteria living in the mouth to die and can no longer process food residues into stinky odors.

The taste takes a little getting used to and varies between medicine & swimming pool. However, once a week is easy to endure – especially for fresh breath.

The tongue scraper

Before using the mouthwash, the manufacturer advises removing all plaque with the included tongue cleaner.

Da we should not, however, apply too much pressure (a mistake that much beginners). Stroke best reach so as not to damage them. Repeat until no coating residue can be seen.

Tip: By the way, such a tongue cleaner is also recommended without an additional cure – especially if you often suffer from tongue coating (for example, in the morning after getting up).

The lozenges

The pastilles with the probiotic Streptococcus salivarius K12, on the other hand, ensure that your oral flora improves & harmful bacteria by itself deprives the basis of life.

  • To do this, you should suck at least one (slightly fruity tasting) tablet daily – they are, by the way, according to the manufacturer, also suitable for children from 6 years.
  • Whole different chemistry or aggressive agents settle so helpful bacteria in mouth & saliva.
  • The provisional bacteria also make themselves in the stomach, which could possibly also help with bad breath from the stomach.

In addition, healthy oral flora makes for more beautiful teeth, because it prevents discoloration & plaque. Almost like a cheap natural teeth whitening.

After about 4 weeks, the balance in the oral flora is restored and bad breath (and possibly other complaints such as bleeding gums) have usually improved noticeably.

Infobox: Probiotic bacteria prevent inflammation in the mouth

Meanwhile, there are several studies that have investigated the positive effects of probiotics.

This study showed that BLIS K12 reduced inflammation in the mouth, throat & ears of children.

Another study found similar results. There is also evidence that probiotic bacteria also improve gut flora & thus improving the overall immune system.

However: miracle cures are probiotics also none – at a thorough dental care & regular visits to the dentist you can not avoid.

Experiences with Oralflora from the practice

So now it’s on to the most important question: does the monthly cure in practice work at all, or is it all just marketing?

During the test period, we noticed a significant improvement in bad breath.

The gums themselves also felt slightly stronger and less irritated/swollen.

oralflora for bad breath

The sweet-tasting lozenges actually helped in the test, noticeably reducing bad breath.

While some odor is still noticeable especially after long periods without brushing (and with lots of sweet or odor-causing foods) – it was usually gone after the next brushing.

  • This is certainly also due to the fact that my test subject paid a little more attention than usual to consistent dental care.
  • In addition to the use of Oralflora, as mentioned, daily cleaning with dental floss, electric toothbrushes or sonic toothbrushes is also recommended.

All in all, however, the monthly cure has left a positive impression: at least for mild to moderate bad breath, the probiotics seem to work and bring a perceptible improvement.

The long-term effects of probiotic bacteria

For me, a major advantage is the mode of action – unlike mouthwashes with alcohol or other aggressive ingredients, probiotics have no known side effects.

On the long-term effect, however, I can not yet make any exact statements – but according to research on the Internet, it is recommended to take at least the pastilles regularly to keep the probiotic bacteria in the oral flora.

Conclusion: worth a try

In conclusion, I can only summarize my experience with Oralflora’s oral care kit as positive.

The mode of action is pleasantly gentle and the result is convincing.

  • If you suffer from bad breath & already thoroughly care for the teeth, then the monthly cure is well worth a try.
  • Just do not expect miracles – with existing caries or advanced gum inflammation only a doctor helps.

But if you – like the test person – have already tried many home remedies against bad breath and had no success with them, then it is worth giving the Oralflora oral care set a chance.

In the field test, it turned out to be a great addition to the rest of your dental care, providing significant relief from bad breath.

The Fresh Breath Kit is available from Oralflora’s online store. Alternatively, you can order it from Amazon *.