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I’ve gotten a lot of requests to write how I keep my teeth white/dental hygiene routine-type post. So I’m going to be showing you guys the products that I use regularly, like my toothbrush and my toothpaste and my floss and so on and so forth, and I’ll also talk a little bit about maybe habits that I have that I think might help keep my teeth whiter as well.

I don’t really have anything else to say to preface this, so I’m just going to go ahead and jump right into my daily routine.

Listerine Healthy White Vibrant Multi-Action Fluoride Mouth Rinse

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So when it comes time for me to start getting the teeth clean, the first product that I use is the Listerine Whitening multi-action whitening rinse. I started using this product fairly recently, and throughout my life I’ve typically used mouthwash last in my routine, like after I’ve brushed and flossed, then I would use a mouthwash. But this actually says on the back, “Before brushing, rinse full strength for 16 seconds with half a fluid ounce.”

So I use this before I brush my teeth, and I’m absolutely in love with this product. It is the best mouthwash that I have ever used, because I love the taste, I love the clean feeling it gives in my mouth, but also I can actually see a whitening difference with it, which is a first for me, because I know it’s a little bit controversial, some people say that you can’t really get any whitening results with mouth rinses because they aren’t exposed to your teeth long enough. And until this product, I’ve not had any luck with that.

I used a Crest whitening rinse before this one and I really didn’t see much of a difference. But I don’t know what it is about this, but I feel like my teeth are actually getting whiter with using this. I don’t know if it’s because after I use it, there’s still a little bit of foam residue on my teeth and then I brush that further into my teeth, if that’s what it is, but I highly recommend this product.

Aquafresh Extreme Clean Whitening Action Toothpaste

Then after I use my Listerine mouthwash, I then brush my teeth, and the toothpaste that I’m currently using is the AquaFresh Extreme Clean whitening action in mint blast. This is the first tube of this that I’ve used, and I bought it based on hearing some really great recommendations for it. I tend to be a Crest girl when it comes to toothpaste, that’s just the brand that I typically gravitate toward, but I decided to switch things up and try something from AquaFresh, and I do really like this toothpaste. It keeps my teeth looking nice and white.

However, it doesn’t wow me any more than other great whitening toothpastes that I’ve used, which means that either they’re all very similar or I haven’t found that secret weapon toothpaste that’s out there somewhere yet. But I do really like this and I also like the taste.

Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

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And then obviously I can’t brush my teeth without a toothbrush. So the toothbrush that I use is from Sonicare. I love Sonicare toothbrushes. I’ve been using them for like over 10 years now, and in that 10 years I’ve only had two. This is my second one that I’ve ever had. So they last a really long time.

I definitely recommend an electric toothbrush, as I’m pretty sure every dentist does as well. Every dentist I’ve ever been to has recommended in electric toothbrush. I just feel like it gets my teeth so much cleaner because the bristles can really get down in those crevices and in between the teeth and really get all of the food and everything else out of there. So Sonicare makes great toothbrushes. I believe Oral B has a really nice line as well. There’s a bunch of different ones out there, but I definitely recommend an electric toothbrush. They’re super easy, because you just put them on a stand and charge them and then they’ll stay charged for a couple of weeks even.

Steripod Clip-on Toothbrush Protector

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And then when I’m not using my toothbrush, I like to have a little steripod clipped on it, which is just a clip that goes right over the bristles, and it has this little thing inside that releases germ fighting vapors to kill bacteria on the bristles, because when you think about it, of all places to keep a toothbrush, the bathroom is the grossest, because every time you flush a toilet there are particles that fly up in the air and spread around and fall on things, and some of those things you end up putting in your mouth to brush your teeth, and that’s actually really, really gross.

It’s also really nice for travel too, because it covers the bristles, so you can pack your toothbrush and not worry about your bristles getting all dinged up. So these are really easy. You just replace them every three months. They come in a bunch of different fun colors. I know you can get them at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but I’ll also have a link where you can find where you can get these.

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner Helps Fight Bad Breath, 1 Count...
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Then after I’ve brushed my teeth, it is time to clean the tongue, because I don’t know what the exact statistic is, but isn’t it like 90% of bad breath comes from a dirty tongue rather than not brushing your teeth, it’s from not cleaning your tongue, something like that. It’s a really high number.

So to clean my tongue, I just put a little bit of toothpaste on an Orabrush and scrub it really well. And I believe you can find these everywhere. I’ve seen them in pretty much every drug store, grocery store that I have looked in the dental aisle. This works really well. It has a really nice wide area with some bristles. So I just put a little bit of toothpaste on there, really scrub my tongue down, and it just makes it nice and clean and makes my breath smell really nice and fresh.

Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean Floss

Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Dental Floss, Deep Clean, Cool Mint...
  • #1 Dentist Recommended Brand.
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  • Provides a cool blast of clear feeling every time you floss.

Then after I’ve brushed my teeth, it is time to floss. And the floss that I’m currently using is the Oral B Glide Pro-Health deep clean floss in cool mint. And I really like this because I feel like it’s very efficient for a floss. With some flosses, I feel like you have to go in between each tooth maybe twice or three times to really get everything out of there. But this is really good at catching everything all in one swipe.

The actual floss is kind of like a ribbon. It’s flat and a little bit wider, which I think helps grab all of those particles between your teeth, and it’s soft so it doesn’t cut my gums at all or anything. And overall, I just really like it.

Caring for my teeth

So that is my daily dental hygiene routine, and I do that morning and night. And then for keeping my teeth clean on the go, I will sometimes use the Colgate Optic White Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrush, Cool Mint 24 Count (Pack of 4). And you don’t need water with this or anything. They’re a disposable toothbrush, and they have a little pick at the end if you need to get food out of your teeth. So I don’t use these that often, but I do like to keep them on me just in case I’m out and I feel like I need to clean my teeth a little bit on the go.

And then as far as whitening treatments go, I recommend using the Crest white strips. I used them maybe four or five months ago, and I could see a difference with them brightening up my teeth a little bit, but I don’t do any whitening treatments regularly. I don’t use bleaching trays or anything like that to keep my teeth white regularly.

Tips for Keeping Teeth White (Updated)

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And then as far as my habits go, one thing that really works in my favor is I don’t drink coffee ever. I hate the taste of coffee, and I know that coffee is really bad at staining the teeth. So that’s something that works in my favor. I do drink dark tea sometimes, but maybe only one or two days a week. So I don’t feel like I do that enough to really make a difference on my teeth. If you are going to drink dark liquids and you’re concerned with staining your teeth, I would recommend drinking through a straw, because then the liquid doesn’t touch your teeth as much as it does when you’re sipping it. I know that that’s what dentists recommend, if you do have to drink something, drink it through a straw and then it won’t affect your teeth as much.

So that is how I keep my teeth white and the products that I use regularly to take care of them. If you use anything that you really love for your teeth, please let me know what it is. If you use an amazing whitening toothpaste, I would love to hear what it is, because I feel like I’m still on the hunt for that secret, best one on the market. So if you use something great, please tell me what it is.


What is the best oral hygiene routine?

Brush, floss, and rinse daily.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day (morning and before bed time) and floss at least once a day. Better still, brush after every meal and snack. These activities remove plaque, which if not removed, combines with sugars to form acids that lead to tooth decay

What are the basics of oral hygiene?

Oral health begins with clean teeth. Keeping the area where your teeth meet your gums clean can prevent gum disease, while keeping your tooth surfaces clean can help you stave off cavities and gum disease. Consider these brushing basics: Brush your teeth twice a day.

How do you maintain oral hygiene?

Six Top Tips To Maintain Good Oral Hygiene And Take Care Of Your Teeth And Mouth!
  1. Brushing twice daily. It is important to brush twice daily, with a soft simple flat-headed toothbrush.
  2. Floss.
  3. Avoid snacking.
  4. Change your toothbrush regularly.
  5. Try to quit smoking.
  6. Visit your dentist and hygienist regularly.

What is a good oral hygiene?

For a healthy smile, you must practice good oral hygiene every day. Brushing after meals, using antimicrobial mouthwash, and flossing at least once per day helps to keep these disease-causing bacteria from reproducing in your mouth, and causing tooth decay

Should I brush first or floss first?

Should I brush or floss first? Either way is acceptable as long as you do a thorough job. Some people like to floss before brushing to better ensure that any material between teeth is swept out of the mouth. Others prefer to first clean their mouth by brushing before working with floss between their teeth

What is proper oral hygiene?

Good oral hygiene is necessary to keep teeth and gums healthy. It involves habits such as brushing twice a day and having regular dental checkups. … Without treatment, tooth decay or gum problems can lead to pain, problems with self-confidence, and tooth loss

What is the purpose of oral hygiene?

The purpose of oral hygiene is to prevent the buildup of plaque, the sticky film of bacteria and food that forms on the teeth.

What are the principles of oral hygiene?

In health care, the main normative principles are nonmaleficence, beneficence, autonomy, and justice. These principles are associated with expectations for behavior, and they provide guidelines in dealing with right and wrong actions.