How the Oral-B Triumph 5500 performs in 2021 – all the important & latest info on Oral-B’s insider tip.

oral-b triumph 5500 test

Even though Oral B’s Triumph 5500 electric toothbrush was launched more than six years ago, it’s still a classic and among the most widely sold models in Germany.

New electric toothbrushes from Braun, such as the Oral B Smart 6000 or the toothbrush of the Oral B Genius series nowadays offer more modern batteries and also an even better brushing performance.

For this reason, I advise you to choose one of these newer variants:

  • Better than any manual toothbrush
  • Function for gum protection
  • Modern position detection

Despite this, the Triumph 5500 is still a toothbrush that has provided many users with many years of excellent oral hygiene.

In the following text, I would like to explain what features the Triumph 5500 has and what alternatives you can find on the market today. The Oral B Triumph 5500 is unfortunately sold out at most online retailers by now.

Among other things, I address the following points:

I hope the post helps you find a modern Oral B electric toothbrush. Perhaps you’ll discover the next classic that, like the Triumph 5500, will keep users extremely satisfied for a long time.

The first impression

Admittedly, nowadays the Triumph 5500 can hardly compare with current models from Oral B or Philips. However, when the model was launched in 2013, it was an absolutely innovative toothbrush

As early as 2011, the predecessor model, the Oral-B Triumph 5000 was launched on the market. The Triumph 5500 is the almost identical successor to this also very popular toothbrush.

  • In terms of cleaning performance, the model does not need to hide behind modern toothbrushes even today.
  • The design was a real eye-catcher at the time and also the completely waterproof and jerk-free processing convinces.
  • Catchy is the yet nowadays clunky-looking handheld device. There are in modern devices much finer and more sure-grip.

If you have ever had a modern sonic toothbrush such as the Philips DiamondClean in hand, you understand immediately what I mean.

Thanks to new rechargeable battery technology, the handheld devices of modern toothbrushes are much lighter and fit better in the hand!

Features and equipment

Some of the features of the Oral B Triumph 5500 pioneered the smart technology that is so popular today. As a Smart Guide, the visual aid for brushing teeth was a real innovation at the time.

The Oral-B Triumph 5500 pressure control

The Oral-B Triumph 5500 features a pressure control

In addition, the Triumph 5500 offers the following:

  • 40,000 rotations, 8,800 movements per minute
  • Five cleaning modes
  • 4 attachment brushes (2x deep cleaning, 1x 3D White and 1x Sensitive)
  • Pressure control & timer
  • Smart Guide for visual assistance
  • Charger and battery
  • Travel case included

The cleaning modes

With five different brushing programs, the Triumph 5500 was one of the top devices when it was introduced to the market. Together with the different toothbrush heads, you can clean your teeth in many different ways

These brushing modes are included:

  • Cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Sensitive
  • Polishing
  • Massage

Even though you usually fall back on the two main cleaning programs in use, it is reassuring to know that the toothbrush offers even more. For sensitive gums, you can clean more gently and whiten teeth via the polishing function.

The massage function also helps to massage the gums and thus stimulate blood circulation. This has a very positive effect in the medium term.

The attachment brushes

Over six years ago, Braun was a pioneer in providing different brush heads for more varied tooth cleaning.

oral-b brush heads

The fact that the Triumph 5500 came directly with four brush heads was very positive. This allows users to directly try out the different brushing modes with the matching brush head.

Even today, Oral B relies on many different brush heads. Here you can find a test on the best toothbrush heads from Oral B for current toothbrush models.

The pressure control

Nowadays, there is no quality electric toothbrush that does not have a pressure control feature. However, this was not always a matter of course.

With a visual signal, the Triumph 5500 alerts you when you put too much pressure on your teeth and gums. After only a short time, you will then have “learned” how much pressure is actually good for your teeth when brushing.

The timer

About the timer, you always have control that your brushing time also corresponds to the general recommendations for thorough dental care. Depending on the selected brushing mode, the timer runs for two or three minutes.

At intervals of 30 or 45 seconds (depending on the brushing mode), the device also signals that it is time to move to another quadrant in the mouth. The Smart Guide additionally visualizes these timer signals.

The Smart Guide

While current electric toothbrushes, such as Oral B’s Smart 6000 mentioned above, connect to cell phones via Bluetooth, it was the Triumph series that first featured an additional “smart” feature with an additional visual control.

brown smartguide

The smartguide is a practical helper.

About the small and handy smart guide, which connects wirelessly to the toothbrush, you can see important functions such as puz mode, remaining cleaning time or current cleaning quadrant, In addition, there are signals of pressure control on the separate “screen”. If you apply too much pressure is a sad smiley face in the display.

Since you can put the splash-proof Smart Guide screen anywhere in the bathroom, it is quite a handy helper to consistently improve your own cleaning results.

To be honest, it doesn’t suit me personally to pair my phone with the toothbrush via Bluetooth every time I brush my teeth. Somehow, that’s why the Smart Guide was already a smart because simple addition.

Charger and battery

This area has seen the most progress in recent years, and anyone who has used a modern toothbrush will quickly recognize the Triumph 5500’s biggest shortcoming

The old-fashioned NiMH battery is simply too big and too heavy. In addition, the performance decreases over time and there is the so-called memory effect. To be able to use the battery in the long term you should make sure to always discharge it as completely as possible before you reconnect the toothbrush to the charger.

Note: Even when new, one battery charge is enough for a maximum of 10 days of tooth brushing (2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes in the evening)

Modern rechargeable batteries are more powerful

In current toothbrushes of good quality, modern lithium-ion batteries are installed almost without exception. These last longer, offer more power and there is no memory effect. Charging is also much faster.

oral-b genius 10000

The current top-of-the-line Oral-B Genius 10000 is the much better choice, in my opinion.

Whether you choose a toothbrush from the Oral B Genius series or a Smart toothbrush, in terms of battery life, all of these devices offer a distinct advantage over Oral B’s Triumph series.

Travel case

In the scope of delivery of the Triumpf 5500 is already included a travel case in which the hand unit and 2 brushes find place.

Tip: Remember to pack the charger as well if you are traveling for more than a week.

Conclusion: a now outdated classic

Admittedly, in terms of cleaning performance, Oral B’s Triumph 5500 can still keep up with almost all current mid-range models (e.g. Oral-B Smart 5000)

So if you see a very good offer or get one of these toothbrushes as a gift you can use it without any problems and with very good cleaning results.

If you are thinking about spending good money on a current toothbrush, my advice is to get a current model with a modern rechargeable battery.

Not only will these also give you very good cleaning, but they will also give you more convincing performance in the long run.

My personal current recommendations would be the Oral-B Smart 6000 or right away the current top of the line model:

  • Better than any manual toothbrush
  • Function for gum protection
  • Modern position detection