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The Oral-B Smart 5000 electric toothbrush is a top-of-the-line oral hygiene device that boasts several innovative features. It is designed to help users achieve an effective and efficient brushing experience with its smart brush head recognition, unique pressure sensor technology, and two minute timer with quadpacer interval reminders. The Oral-B Smart 5000 also includes an intuitive handle design, which makes it easier to use even for those who may have limited dexterity or sight. Additionally, the battery life of this electric toothbrush can last up to 12 days on a single charge, making it great for frequent travelers or those who are always on the go.

Oral-B Smart 5 5000 with Bluetooth in test

For a long time, the Oral-B Pro 5000 was one of Braun’s most popular toothbrushes – but it – has gotten a bit long in the tooth, especially when it comes to battery life –.

For this reason, the manufacturer has given it an upgrade in the form of the Oral-B Smart 5000, which clearly performs better in the test.

Oral-B has improved its predecessor in key areas and delivers an all-around successful toothbrush with the Smart 5000.

You are also welcome to read the full test report.

The changes convince

The most important improvement: there are finally modern batteries that last much longer (and bring a few more advantages, more on that below).

  • The Smart 5000 also differs in design: instead of the blue, non-slip rubber cover of its predecessor, the brush now presents itself in all white.
  • This not only looks fancier, but also brings another advantage: toothpaste deposits are virtually invisible on the white surface.

oral-b smart 5 5000

Other than that, everything remains the same: The handy charging indicator on the front always reminds you to charge in time.

Overall, the brush is pleasantly slim and lies well in the hand. Even children have no problems holding the Smart 5 for a long time.

The toothbrush ensures clean teeth

In the most important feature of an electric toothbrush, the Smart 5 convinces completely: after brushing, your teeth feel very clean & smooth.

Plaque deposits removes the Oral-B model faster than any conventional manual toothbrush.

Note: The Smart 5 comes in different versions with additional letter. However, they differ only in the brush heads supplied and are otherwise identical in construction.

This then looks like this:

The Smart 5000S has an additional brush head for sensitive teeth, the standard Smart 5000N version comes with normal brush heads.

oral-b brush heads

(The Smart 5 is of course compatible with all Oral-B brush heads in all versions)

Additional cleaning settings help in everyday life

5 different cleaning modes also cover all important needs:

  • Of course, most of your time in everyday life will be spent in normal mode. (If you struggle with sensitive tooth necks, then the sensitive mode with fewer rotations is also recommended).
  • Most of the other cleaning settings are only used once in a while: for example, polishing mode removes stubborn stains and massage helps with irritated gums.

Overall, the available modes are a useful addition and make your daily brushing routine easier now and then.

Cleaning with the smartphone

Thanks to built-in Bluetooth, you can connect the brush to your smartphone and then get some interesting insights into their brushing habits in the free Oral-B app

Brushing your teeth with your smartphone

You can see there in real time which areas you should brush. In addition, all the important information is stored in an overview and can be taken with you to the next visit to the dentist, for example.

  • The advertising calls this a “revolution” – however, I wouldn’t speak of that after my experiences in the test.
  • Let’s rather stay on the ground of the facts: The interaction with the smartphone represents a useful addition.

If you already have no problems with brushing your teeth regularly & sufficiently long, then the app is not really a selling point.

The situation is different, however, if you repeatedly neglect your brushing habits. In this case, the app can really make sense and noticeably improve your own dental care.

So whether Bluetooth makes sense on a toothbrush depends on your habits. But I advise you to try the app at least once.

The Smart 5000 warns of too much pressure

The built-in pressure control, on the other hand, is a useful feature for all owners

If you press too hard on the gums while brushing, the brush lights up red at the back. In addition, the movements of the brush head slow down.

oral-b smart 5000 features

So, this protective mechanism not only warns you of an incorrect brushing technique, but also protects you from long-term damage caused by excessive pressure while brushing.

The most important innovation: the stronger battery

Further above I have already addressed it: For a long time, the installed batteries were the biggest weakness of Oral-B toothbrushes.

Now, finally, the manufacturer has given the Smart models a long-overdue upgrade and installed modern battery technology.

Instead of the old NiMH storage batteries, lithium-ion batteries are now used. This brings several advantages:

  • Longer runtimes: Instead of 7 days as with the predecessor, the new batteries now offer a noticeably longer runtime: the Smart 5 provides enough juice for around 10 days.
  • More power: Lion batteries clean with significantly more power even at low charge levels. So the cleaning performance is no longer reduced as much as its predecessors.
  • Easier handling: The memory effect is much lower with modern batteries. Unlike outdated NiMH memory, you do not have to fully discharge the brush.

In my opinion, the last two points in particular represent a significant improvement in everyday life.

smart 5 5000n akku

With its predecessor, the cleaning performance let up the more the charge level dropped. The Smart 5 5000 maintains its initial power almost to the end.

In addition, before a long trip, you don’t have to wait until the toothbrush is fully discharged.

Instead, you can also plug in a half-full Smart 5 and do not have to fear a memory effect (ensures lower run times & a shorter life). Of course, this also applies in everyday life:

You can leave the brush on the charging station all the time without much reduction in battery life. A big plus over the old versions.

Summary: The Smart 5 5000 compared to its predecessor, the Oral-B Pro 5000

The current version is clearly the better brush thanks to the useful innovations:

The cleaning performance belongs in the top field and the stronger battery is always noticeable in everyday use. Even when the charge level is low, the cleaning remains thorough.

The difference to the old Oral-B 5000 is clearly visible here. The Smart 5 cleans even better as a result (and with 2 weeks of runtime also significantly longer).

If you are faced with a choice, then you should therefore opt for the new Smart 5000N.

Smart 5000 vs Oral-B Genius

The biggest difference between these variants is the built-in position detection. The top models (Oral-B Genius) have a sensor that detects where you are brushing in real time

  • With the help of the app, this allows you to see at any time which areas you should still be brushing (it means you no longer neglect areas like the back incisors).
  • Instead of a red pressure control, the Genius variants also feature a so-called Smart Ring, which lights up in many different colors (the Smart 5 has to make do with red).

In addition, the premium models have a better-made travel case, with which you can take your brush anywhere (the storage box of the Smart 5 clearly seems cheaper in a direct comparison).

The travel case on the top-of-the-line Genius 9000 can also be charged via USB, which is extremely handy on longer trips.

And since the prices are (currently) quite similar, you might as well go for the better-equipped toothbrush. For more information, simply click on one of the following links:

Conclusion: a successful upgrade to its predecessor

Oral-B has improved on its predecessor in key areas and delivers an all-around successful toothbrush with the Smart 5000.

  1. The brushing performance ensures clean & healthy teeth. The additional modes also represent a useful addition to everyday life.
  2. Thanks to the improved battery, the brush cleans noticeably more thoroughly than its direct predecessor, even when stock is low.
  3. The old strengths – slim shape, useful pressure control and built-in timer for the cleaning time – are also retained here.

How useful Bluetooth for smartphone is in a toothbrush, of course, is debatable.

I felt this feature in the test not as a revolutionary innovation, but a nice addition represents the connection with the smartphone all the time.

Even skeptics can gain an insight or two into their own cleaning habits through the app – a nice bonus.