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The Oral-B Professional Care 700 is a top-of-the-line electric toothbrush. This model has a variety of innovative features designed to make brushing your teeth easier and more effective. It utilizes patented technology such as the 3D Cleaning Action brush head, Pressure Sensor, and Timer Mode. The brush also comes with two rechargeable batteries and an adjustable handle for improved comfort and control. Additionally, the Professional Care 700 has a unique Quadpacer feature that helps ensure proper brushing technique is being used by alerting users when it’s time to move on to another area of the mouth.

This model is suitable for both adults and children, making it a great choice for any household looking for an easy and effective way to maintain good oral hygiene. The adjustable handle is useful for those with smaller hands, while the 3D Cleaning Action brush head can reach difficult areas of the mouth that manual brushes may miss. Additionally, the Pressure Sensor helps users avoid brushing too hard, which can lead to gum recession and other issues.

Overall, if you’re looking for an electric toothbrush that offers superior performance and a variety of features then the Oral-B Professional Care 700 is an excellent choice. It has all the benefits of a traditional toothbrush combined with innovative technology designed to provide users with an easier and more efficient brushing experience. With its long battery life, adjustable handle, and range of features, this model is sure to help you and your family maintain healthy smiles for years to come.

oral-b professional care 1000

The Oral-B 700’s features consist of only the bare essentials: Oral-B forgoes any gimmicks and includes only an attachment head and charger with the brush.

  • If you can spend a little more money, then I clearly recommend the Oral-B Pro 2 2000.
  • Here you get an additional cleaning mode & a better gum protection, as well as a modern battery, which increases the durability.

Otherwise, though, the Oral-B 700 is also a great device for healthy teeth:


  • Better than any manual toothbrush
  • Pressure control protects gums
  • Favorable price

Note: This toothbrush is also available as Oral-B Pro 750 with additional travel accessories and in black color. If you travel frequently, this variant is worthwhile. In addition, there is another a set of 2 toothbrushes under the name Oral-B Pro 790.

  • This toothbrush is clearly aimed at those who simply want clean teeth and do not expect countless additional functions.
  • So if you’re looking for an inexpensive toothbrush without too many bells and whistles, it’s best to read on.

Cleaning performance

The Oral-B Pro 700 relies on technology already used in top-of-the-line models

oral b 700 white and clean in test

Brown refers to the so-called 3D cleaning, meaning an oscillating, rotating and pulsating brush head.

So the bristles move not only back and forth, but also up and down. According to the manufacturer, this should guarantee even better cleaning than older models.

In the test it showed: The 3D cleaning (by means of rotations & pulsations) is in contrast to conventional electric toothbrushes certainly more evolution than revolution.

I could not determine a clear difference – but that does not matter, because:

The Pro 700 ensures clean teeth & removes dental deposits as well as food debris effortlessly.

Every 30 seconds, the toothbrush also vibrates briefly to remind you to change the jaw quadrant.

Morning grouches in particular will appreciate this feature, as such a little reminder helps with even cleaning of the entire mouth area (even when you’re not thinking about it).

Simpler models like the Oral-B Vitality lack such useful features, as well as pressure control.

Protective function for the gums

The Professional Care 700 has a sensor built in for this purpose,which stops the pulsations (not the rotations) of the brush if the pressure is too strong.

Thus it prevents damage to the gums (which is especially useful for beginners or children)

I recommend therefore quite clearly, rather to invest a little more money & on a toothbrush with such a protective function.

It goes even better

With the Oral-B 700 this works quite well – however, in my opinion, this protection is solved a little better with higher-priced models such as the Oral-B 6000.

oral-b pressure control

Only with more expensive brushes does an additional LED warn against incorrect brushing technique.

There, a visual indicator along with a beep warns of too much pressure – that’s easier to notice than the Oral-B 700’s protection. I sometimes barely notice the stopping pulsations, rendering the warning ineffective.

This makes for much better feedback.

If the electric toothbrush is intended for a child, such a sophisticated pressure control is only to be recommended, because it makes it easier to learn how to use it correctly.

Cleaning modes

Additional cleaning modes, such as a gum massage or deep cleaning, are only available in the higher price ranges.

oral-b brush heads

By the way: the various versions with additives such as „White & Clean“ or „Sensitive“ are identical in construction – and differ only in terms of the brush heads supplied (which you can replace).

For those who do not have previous inflammation of the gums, discolored or sensitive teeth, the normal cleaning mode will be enough.

Yes, it is significantly more expensive – but in the long run, you will easily recoup the cost through saved treatment costs at the dentist.

The battery power is just sufficient

With 2x daily brushing, the battery lasts around 6-7 days before you need to recharge it

This is fine considering the price, but nothing more.

  • I personally have concerns in terms of durability & cleaning performance – because after a few months / years, the Oral-B 700 certainly no longer creates 6 days.
  • Then annoying continuous charging is announced. This not only lowers the durability of the toothbrush, but also has an impact on dental health.

A weak battery also decreases in power – the toothbrush does not become unusable, but due to the lack of power less thorough.

Don’t get me wrong – with similarly priced alternatives, this is exactly the case. In my experience, it is therefore worthwhile to increase the budget a bit and plan about 50€.

Then you get batteries that last longer & bring more power – even after a year.

Conclusion: A solid entry-level model at a reasonable price

Overall, the Braun Oral-B Professional Care 700 is a good value toothbrush that provides both clean & cared-for teeth and important features like a pressure control for gum protection.

The price-performance ratio is convincing.

  • My personal price floor, however, is 50€ – because for a little more money you get significantly more durability & a long-term better cleaning result.
  • The higher price you get back as good as always… because in terms of dental care prevention is the cheapest option.

See therefore necessarily still the Sonicare Easy Clean, the Protective Clean or the Oral-B 2000.

Also the slightly more expensive models such as the test winner Sonicare Diamond Clean or the Oral-B Smart 6000 could be interesting, because they have a much better equipment, durability & more power.

If you really don’t want to spend more at the moment and are just looking for a great entry-level toothbrush, then it’s best to go for the Oral-B 700.