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Oral-B Pro 900 in test

The Oral B PRO 900 electric toothbrush is an excellent choice for anyone looking to achieve a healthier smile. With three different brushing modes, you can customize your brushing experience to your exact needs. The Gum Care mode provides gentle and effective cleaning of the gum line, while the Sensitive mode helps reduce irritation for those with sensitive gums. Additionally, the Whitening mode polishes teeth for a brighter appearance.

This device also comes equipped with a pressure sensor that alerts users when they are exerting too much force on their teeth and gums. This feature helps prevent enamel damage, ensuring healthy and strong teeth. Moreover, it offers up to 48000 vibrations per minute for superior plaque removal—a necessity for achieving optimal dental hygiene.

The first impression

As soon as you unpack this toothbrush, you notice the large lettering on the packaging box: Sensi Ultrathin.

oral-b 900 pack

In addition to the toothbrush, it comes with a Sensi-Ultrathin & a 3D-White brush head.

So you can expect an extra-thin toothbrush, plus one that’s specially designed for sensitive teeth and gums.

  • At the first “take in hand” the Oral B PRO 900 actually makes a very good impression.
  • Instead of a clunky and heavy body, the light and grippy design is striking.

In particular, those who switch from a normal manual toothbrush to this slim model will have significantly fewer problems with the changeover than with clunky models.

Charging station and two brush heads included

Included in the package are a charging station and two different toothbrush heads.

  • By the way, the addition Sensi Ultrathin refers to the brush heads included. If Se find in the trade, for example, an Oral-B 900 Precision Clean or Trizone, then it is the identical brush.
  • Only difference are the brush heads supplied – but they are all compatible with each other. So if you find a Varainte cheaper, then you can strike without hesitation (and later even replace your desired brush head, more on this below).

Overall, the Oral B PRO 900 offers a convincing basic equipment for its affordable price range and includes everything necessary for healthy teeth.

How the Oral B PRO 900 cleans

The Oral B PRO 900 offers the following features, according to the manufacturer:

  • 3 cleaning modes
  • integrated timer
  • rechargeable battery with 1 week runtime
  • Dynamic circular cleaning motion
  • Different round brush heads

In the following, I’ll go into more detail about what’s up with these performance features and how much sense they make in everyday use.

The Oral B PRO 900’s round brush heads and circular brushing motion

When you switch from a regular manual toothbrush to the Oral B PRO 900, the toothbrush head may seem a little small at first

oral-b pro 900

However, the round brush head provides very good mobility of the toothbrush in the mouth and helps reach remote areas of the dentition (e.g., the back incisors)

  • Brown advertises that these round toothbrush heads have been developed in collaboration with dentists.
  • The use of bristles of varying hardness is said to result in better removal of plaque.

When using the Oral B PRO 900, I noticed that the round brush head is exceedingly practical to clean problem areas such as the back molars particularly intensively.

oral-b 900 brush heads

The round brush heads reach all areas of the mouth with ease.

In addition, I had the impression that the quick circular movements clean more thoroughly than a normal elongated manual toothbrush (not to mention, of course, it’s much more comfortable to use).

At the same time, the gums are massaged in a pleasant way in the process.

3 different cleaning modes

The more money you spend on your electric toothbrush, the greater the number of cleaning modes, as a rule.

Quite basic models like the Oral-B Pro 700 always brush the same way, in the mid-range 2-3 cleaning modes are common, and high-end toothbrushes like the Oral-B Genius 9000 or the Sonicare DiamondClean Smart have 5 or even more modes to choose from.

The Oral B PRO 900 is in the mid-range and offers 3 brushing modes: normal, sensitive, and brightening.

Depending on which mode you select, you can also use special brush attachments to further intensify the corresponding brushing mode.

oral-b 900 cleaning

For even more cleaning modes, you’ll have to dig deeper into your pocket – the Oral-B Genius quickly costs twice as much as the Oral-B Pro 900.

I personally spent most of my time in the normal setting: this provides a thorough clean and removes all plaque from the teeth very reliably.

However, the other modes are also a useful addition to daily dental care:

The Sensitive mode helps with sensitive teeth

Even though I usually use the normal brushing mode I find it very useful when the toothbrush I use offers alternatives.

Some people suffer from bleeding gums, for example, especially in old age, and can then brush their teeth more carefully and gently in sensitive mode.

Whitening teeth with the whitening mode

Whitening mode, when used in conjunction with the matching 3D White toothbrush heads, is also a real plus for the Oral B PRO 900.

If you use this mode regularly (at least three weeks) and use matching brush heads and a special toothpaste, you may notice after some time that your teeth are significantly brighter than before.

Especially if you consume a lot of staining foods such as coffee or tea.

In the price range in which the Oral B PRO 900 is to be had at the moment, different modes for cleaning your teeth should definitely be included.

white teeth

You may not need the whitening mode on a daily basis – the ability to provide white teeth every & now and then is still a great feature.

Even if you don’t use them every day, you are guaranteed to benefit from them sooner or later. They represent a great addition that I no longer want to miss.

Just like the rest of the features:

The integrated timer

Do you also sometimes find yourself in a hurry in the morning and then quite unconsciously reduce toothbrushing time to a minimum?

  • I feel this way relatively often, however, when using the Oral B PRO 900, I have never once stopped the suggested toothbrushing time of two minutes.
  • As the toothbrush vibrates every 30 seconds, it also reminds you to brush all four regions of the dentition (upper right/left and lower right/left).

Personally, I liked this feature because it gives you some assurance that you’ve brushed your teeth thoroughly.

A pressure control is unfortunately missing

I found it disturbing that Oral-B does without this protective mechanism.


Some brushes warn against incorrect brushing technique with too much pressure. The Oral-B Pro 900 has to do without such a feature.

Toothbrushes such as the Oral-B Smart 5 5000 have a pressure control feature that warns of incorrect brushing technique.

  • Electric toothbrushes tempt many beginners to press down hard, which can damage gums.
  • So, from my point of view, such protection makes perfect sense, and I would have liked to see it on the Oral PRO 900 as well.

Makes up for it in part by the very gentle cleaning of the sensitive mode in conjunction with the soft brush heads – if you use the 1st time an electric toothbrush, then start best with this combination.

Battery: advantages & disadvantages

Another drawback that I discovered while using the Oral B PRO 900 was the relatively long charging time of the battery.

  • Unlike more modern (and usually more expensive toothbrushes), this toothbrush takes almost an entire night to charge the battery.
  • Once charged, it then lasts almost a full week with a normal toothbrushing time of twice two minutes per day before the handpiece must be returned to the charging station.

If you usually use the toothbrush at home, however, the long charging time is a flaw that doesn’t matter so much.

oral-b pro 2 2000

Modern rechargeable batteries aren’t available until the Pro 2 & Smart models.

However, I personally would have liked to see a modern battery (models like the Oral-B Pro 2 2000, for example, already have newer lithium-ion batteries, which offer slightly more power & life benefits).

So if you particularly value a strong battery, you should reach for this model (or look at the competition, the Sonicare Flexcare Platinum brings, for example, 3 weeks of runtime).

Not quite as inexpensive as the Oral-B Pro 900, however, these alternatives – and for most users, the battery is probably enough.

Compatible brush heads

Very positive seems to me the possibility of using completely different brush heads with the Oral B PRO 900.

This allows you to customize your teeth cleaning entirely according to your individual needs.

The following attachments are compatible: CrossAction, 3DWhite, Sensi Ultrathin, Sensitive, Precision Clean, Deep Clean, TriZone, Dual Clean, Power Tip and Ortho Care.

Tip: Read more about the different Oral-B brush heads in comparison here.

In my test, I only tried the two brush heads that come with the basic toothbrush.

I liked the Sensi Ultrathin brush very much, as it is pleasantly soft compared to other toothbrushes. At the same time, I also had the feeling that my teeth were very thoroughly cleaned.

Comparison with other toothbrushes

For its price range, the Oral B PRO 900 is solidly equipped – you often have to dig much deeper into your pocket for 3 cleaning modes.

Comparable models (Oral-B 700, Panasonic toothbrushes or the Sonicare Easy Clean) offer less choice here.

genius 9000N rosegold

Brushes like the Oral-B 9000 Rosegold come with added extras like Bluetooth, travel cases & modes like a tongue cleaning.

However, if you are looking for additional benefits such as a pressure control or even more brushing modes, you will have to look in a higher price range.

Additional features for brushes like the Oral-B Pro 6000, Sonicare Healthy White Plus, or Oral-B Triumph 5000 often include travel cases and other accessories as basic equipment.

The Oral-B Genius 9000 even comes with a new type of position detection, which is supposed to ensure even healthier teeth.

However, the price of the higher-end models is often double that of the Oral B PRO 900 – and basically it is already sufficient for comprehensive dental care.

Conclusion on the Oral-B Pro 900

After testing the featured toothbrush for a while, I can definitely recommend it

  • In terms of price, the model is aimed at those who are buying an electric toothbrush for the first time and do not expect extras, but healthy teeth.
  • Both in handiness and versatility, the Oral B PRO 900 is clearly above other comparable models in the price range around $50.

The only downer is perhaps the battery, but at the price-performance ratio it is normal that it lacks in some detail.

If you use your new electric toothbrush primarily at home, however, this need not be a drawback at all (frequent travelers should look for a model with a more powerful battery, however).

A good sign for me are also the all-around positive reviews from other users. On Amazon, the Oral B PRO 900 comes with a high number of stars:

Customer Reviews and Feedback on the Oral B PRO 900

As an avid user of the Oral B PRO 900, I cannot stress enough how important it is to consider customer reviews and feedback before making a purchase. Not only does it give you an insight into the product, but it also provides you with valuable information about other people’s experiences with the product.

One of the standout features of the Oral B PRO 900, according to the customer reviews, is its excellent battery life. This toothbrush has a long-lasting battery, which means that you won’t have to charge it that often. Additionally, it comes with a handy indicator that tells you when it’s time to charge the device, preventing you from being caught short with a dead toothbrush.

Another impressive feature of the Oral B PRO 900 is its ability to remove plaque and stains effectively. The toothbrush comes with a CrossAction brush head that can reach deep into those hard-to-reach areas in your mouth, ensuring that you achieve a thorough clean every time. Reviewers rave about how clean their teeth feel after using the Oral B PRO 900 and how it has improved their overall oral health.

In conclusion, the customer reviews and feedback on the Oral B PRO 900 are overwhelmingly positive. People love this toothbrush for its long-lasting battery, effective plaque removal, and intuitive design. If you’re in the market for a new electric toothbrush, I highly recommend considering the Oral B PRO 900. It is undoubtedly an excellent investment for your oral health.