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The Oral-B PRO 6500 Smart series is a state-of-the-art electric toothbrush that delivers an exceptional cleaning experience. It features a revolutionary round brush head designed to move in oscillating, rotating and pulsating movements for deep and thorough cleaning. The brush head is equipped with flexing sides for better adaptation to the contours of your teeth, enabling it to reach even hard-to-reach areas such as along the gum line.

The SmartSeries handle also boasts several advanced features to make brushing easier and more efficient. A three-mode timer helps you ensure proper brushing time while guiding you through your routine with custom notifications. There’s also a pressure sensor that alerts you when too much pressure is applied so you can adapt your brushing technique if needed.

In short, the Oral-B PRO 6500 SmartSeries electric toothbrush is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a superior cleaning experience. Its advanced features help to make brushing easier and more efficient, while its powerful oscillating, rotating and pulsating brush head ensures deep and thorough cleaning of teeth, gums, and other hard-to-reach areas. With the Oral-B PRO 6500 SmartSeries electric toothbrush, you get a comprehensive solution that will leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed. Highly recommended!


This toothbrush set consists of the tested Oral-B Pro 6000 but offers a 2nd handpiece for a reasonable extra charge. This makes the current bestseller the ideal choice for couples & families.

  • In addition, the 6500 convinces with excellent tooth cleaning & interesting features such as smartphone networking.
  • My sole reason for purchase does not represent Bluetooth & Co for me, but fortunately, the device is also convincing when brushing teeth itself.

oral-b 6500 im test

In normal cleaning mode, the Oral-B 6500 Smartseries removes all plaque buildup with ease – cheaper models can do that, too, but in comparison, the tested toothbrushes work noticeably more gently.

If desired, you can also add a special sensitive mode & other cleaning settings, which provide, for example, for a radiant smile. So at a great price you get here an all-round convincing set for healthy teeth:

Oral-B Smart 6500 brief summary

Oral-B Smart 6500

  • was a test winner at Stiftung Warentest
  • is versatile thanks to 5 cleaning modes
  • excellent cleaning performance

Here’s the full review of the Oral-B 6500.

Cleaning performance & cleaning modes

In addition to the normal & gentle level, there are a number of other cleaning modes, such as gum massage, whitening, or deep cleaning for extra-thorough cavity prevention.

  • I may not use most of these every day – but from time to time, I always like to fall back on these features.
  • Whitening, for example, polishes teeth discolored by coffee back to white & gum massage prevents disease as we age.

sonic toothbrush comparison with normal toothbrush

Of course, such a thing is not necessary for everyone, but in my experience, such additional functions do noticeably support dental hygiene.

Therefore, they belong to a real premium brush (and perhaps pay off for skeptics at the next visit to the dentist).

The additional cleaning modes are always a helpful addition when brushing. They round out the overall package of the Oral-B 6500 successfully.

The most important feature

This does not mean the smartphone gimmick, but the integrated pressure control.

This protective device warns the user of excessive pressure – because even professionals don’t always clean with the right technique (especially not early in the morning while half asleep).

  • Rotating toothbrushes tempt users to damage their gums by pressing too hard.
  • To avoid long-term problems, pressure control is therefore essential.

Both Oral-B Pro 6500 handpieces have built-in sensors that alert you via LED & beep.

If you do not react to this, the brush noticeably slows down the vibrations, thereby you do not take a risk due to incorrect brushing technique.

In my opinion, this function therefore represents an essential feature. Of course, the whole thing also works via external display.

Smartguide & Smartphone

The Smartseries version comes with the so-called SmartGuide, whose display shows useful information such as the remaining cleaning time or the jaw area to be cleaned.

To be honest, I asked myself at the beginning: who needs something like that?

Tooth cleaning is not so difficult now. After a short acclimatization period, the little helper is for me but a useful addition to everyday life.


Everything important is always conveniently in view. The Smartguide may not represent an indispensable feature, but it does make brushing your teeth a little more comfortable. For me, it therefore represents a successful accessory.

In the same notch, by the way, strikes the (free) downloadable smartphone app from Oral-B.

Bluetooth connects the toothbrush with the mobile phone

The app basically offers exactly the same as the Smartguide – only here there are even more statistics & information.

Your own brushing habits, for example, are automatically entered into a calendar and you can discuss them at your next dentist visit.

Brushing your teeth with your smartphone

Tip: You can download the app to your phone even without the matching Bluetooth toothbrush – because it can tell by the sound whether you’re brushing.

How useful this connection with the app is, I can not say conclusively. For me personally, the Smartguide offers the better solution. I don’t want to leave my smartphone lying around in the wet bathroom.

However, I can imagine that especially technology enthusiasts or children will have fun with the app. It offers some useful information on dental health and can thus be a real support for brushing.

In the future, more innovations will probably be presented in this direction, the current top model Oral-B Genius, for example, there is position detection via app.

Beyond the usefulness of Bluetooth in toothbrushes, you can also completely ignore this feature of the Oral-B 6500 and still get 2 very good toothbrushes for a reasonable price.

The battery performance convinces

Just like the other top models, the two handpieces we tested have powerful batteries installed with 10 days of runtime.


This is fine because when you charge one brush, you can always use the other anyway (which is necessary because charging can take up to 20h).

But Sonicare’s competitors are undoubtedly ahead in this area, and also offer toothbrush duos like the ProtectiveClean 6100* with about 3 weeks of runtime.

  • If you place a high value on a modern battery, you certainly can’t go wrong with this.
  • If you use the toothbrush but anyway only at home in the bathroom, then also the Oral-B 6500 will not cause any problems.

The battery does not belong to the absolute top class, but is still sufficiently strong for a great cleaning result.

Conclusion on the Oral-B PRO 6500

Overall, this toothbrush set offers a successful package for couples or families. The workmanship of the waterproof devices is high quality & there are no real weaknesses.

  • Maybe not everyone will be able to do something with the smartphone gadgets, but the most important thing is the cleaning performance anyway.
  • And here the Oral-B Pro 6500 moves in the top field. Not only in the prevention of caries itself, but also in the numerous comfort functions.

They will pay for themselves at the latest during dental checkups in old age, because they ensure not only white teeth, but also healthy gums.

This also applies to the important pressure control, which is self-evidently included here. A more coherent overall package with 2 toothbrushes, there is no rotating brushes from Oral-B in my opinion.

All alternatives are significantly weaker in cleaning performance and equipment than the 6500.

For the price charged, this compelling duo is a more than fair deal and offers everything needed for healthy teeth.

Frequently asked questions: Oral-B 6500 vs Genius 8900

A new top-of-the-line model from Oral-B has also recently become available: the Oral-B Genius 8900 set have some significant battery improvements (and bring numerous other features, such as position detection.


Thanks to the more modern battery, I rate the future-proofing of the Genius 8900 higher because it provides improved durability.

In terms of price-performance, the Oral-B 6500 is currently still (just) the better choice. However, if you get the Genius cheap on offer or can do something with the additional functions such as position detection, then you should strike.

Trizone or the normal variant?

Meanwhile, there are different versions – for example, the Oral-B 6500 Trizone. A real difference usually does not make.

So here it’s best to choose the variant with the lowest price.