Oral-B iO Series 9The Oral-B iO 9 is the best of its class. There’s just no doubt about it.

Here’s why…

Oral-B iO Series 9 Smart Electronic Toothbrush Review

Yes, it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is hands down one of the most pleasurable toothbrushes I’ve ever used! So what makes it so special? What sets these brushes apart from every other top-quality brush on the market? Well, let me tell you…

I don’t know how I survived without one of these things before now – It would appear smart technology has finally made its way into our bathrooms! First things first, what you need to know is that the iO Series 9 is not your average toothbrush, it’s a smart electronic toothbrush. I’ve been using it for 6 weeks now and I haven’t looked back once. The Oral-B iO features Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to connect it directly to your smartphone or tablet via its accompanying app.

The 4 main functions of the Oral-B iO are Daily Clean Deep Clean Gum Care Sensitive The 5th function available on this brush is known as Tongue Cleaning Mode – Not quite sure why this isn’t included in the 4 main functions but still pretty cool nonetheless! Here’s what each mode does…

Daily Clean This one is exactly what you’d expect – It really makes brushing your teeth an enjoyable experience. The motion of this brush is just so smooth and gentle – It emits what I can only describe as a purring noise, not unlike my cat’s vibrating motor! This mode runs for 2 minutes with the Bluetooth connection activated so you can see how long you’ve been brushing your teeth on your smartphone/tablet screen.

Deep Clean Again, exactly what it says on the tin – Brings all those hidden plaque colonies to life by applying additional 8,800 oscillations per minute (up from 14,000).

Gum Care This is where things get interesting since this one has actually made me think twice about flossing! Not that it does anything more than any other toothbrush but the tongue cleaner (more on that later) does make this mode more enjoyable. This mode emits some rather satisfying vibrations which are intended to stimulate gums and encourage blood flow, it’s actually quite!

Sensitive Probably the most important function on here considering how sensitive teeth can be – A must-have for anyone with sensitive teeth. If you’ve ever used a regular toothbrush before then you’ll know just how much of a difference there is between using an electric brush compared to a regular one. With this setting, the Oral-B iO evens out the intensity levels so it never feels overwhelming. It also uses up to 41,000 pulsations per minute (over 10x what the Daily Clean and Deep Clean modes use).

Pros/Cons Of The Oral-B iO 9

Uses Bluetooth connectivity to sync with your smartphone/tablet. No bluetooth connectivity, so no real added value! Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Power lasts up to 10 days between charges. This means you have to remember to charge it or you’ll find yourself without a toothbrush once the battery runs out. Gets surprisingly loud when on the Deep Clean mode. It’s probably a good thing that it gets loud because of how powerful it is but this might be a little too overpowering for anyone not used to using an electric toothbrush before. Splashproof design makes cleaning easy and also allows it to be taken into the shower with you (not something I’d recommend doing with most electric toothbrushes). If you’ve ever used an electric toothbrush before then there’s nothing new here – It just works!

The included charging stand is absolutely fantastic too. I use it every day, not just because the toothbrush needs to be charged but also because it makes my bathroom look so much neater than having a cord sticking out of the wall all the time. The battery life is another great feature – No more worrying about whether or not you remembered to charge your brush or if it has enough power for your next session, with this brush you’re safe in the knowledge that it’ll always have plenty of juice left over even after 10 days of use.


There’s not much more to say about the Oral-B iO besides the fact that it works and I can’t imagine there being a better toothbrush out there for this kind of price. The only thing I could recommend is that they somehow combined this with their upcoming Bluetooth electric brush so you never had to worry about charging it, just like the Colgate E1. However, even without that addition, this is still a superb electric toothbrush at a killer price.