The Genius X 20000 represents the latest top-of-the-line model from Oral-B and offers many interesting innovations such as artificial intelligence for healthy teeth.

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The Genius X has been available since September 2019 and promises a few surprises.

It builds on its two predecessors (Oral-B Genius 9000 and Oral-B Genius 10000) and aims to revolutionize tooth brushing with a new type of artificial intelligence (AI).

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The variants at a glance:

The regular Genius X 20000 comes in black & rose gold. It has 6 cleaning modes offers a the AI, which analyzes your brushing style and ensures healthy teeth.

The more expensive Oral-B Genius X 20000 Luxe Edition comes in gray anthracite and rose gold. The toothbrush itself remains the same, but there are 3 additional brush heads and a slightly fancier storage box.

genius x variants

In my opinion, the extra charge is only justified if you like the design of the Luxe variants better. Since the functions otherwise remain the same, I would currently advise you to go for the less expensive normal version:

The best toothbrush from Oral-B at the moment offers many functions and cleans the teeth very thoroughly.

It improves on the already compelling previous models and offers a few unique innovations that can make a significant difference in brushing results.

Artificial intelligence assists tooth brushing

Probably the biggest new development is the integrated artificial intelligence, which is designed to intelligently support proper tooth brushing.

To do this, the Oral-B toothbrush connects via Bluetooth to a toothbrushing app for Android and iOS smartphones and helps you out with lots of helpful tips

genius 1000 in black

For many experts, smart toothbrushes represent the next step – in ensuring long-term healthy teeth.

For example, the Genius X’s AI helps you detect poorly brushed areas in your teeth or alerts you when you brush with too much (or too little) pressure.

In addition, there are other features such as a motivating point system with rewards (e.g. for rinsing with mouthwash every day)

The benefits of the personal cleaning assistant

As with its predecessors, brushing with the app is a matter of taste, and many are rightly skeptical about whether all this data collection will provide any real benefit.

Brushing your teeth with your smartphone

The app alerts them to weak points in your technique & gives tips for healthy teeth.

After a few weeks with the app, I can only advise giving the cleaning aid at least once a chance.

  • In my experience, all the reminders and cleaning hints do bring a few benefits.
  • In just about every one of us, little mistakes creep into our daily cleaning routine over time.

Maybe in the morning stress you forget to brush for the full 2 minutes… or maybe you don’t press hard enough on your back incisors and unconsciously neglect this area.

Many also forget to replace the brush head in a timely manner and damage oral hygiene with bristles that are completely contaminated (the app reminds you to change them in time).

It’s little things like this that show the benefits of AI and can make a real difference to dental health in the long run.

No matter how you feel about apps & Bluetooth on a toothbrush – in one respect, the Genius X will win over any user:

Cleaning performance & cleaning modes

The most important feature of an electric toothbrush undoubtedly represents the tooth cleaning itself. And here the models of the Oral-B Genius X series are among the absolute top devices.

genius x test

The rich features of the Genius X.

40,000 pulsations & 8,800 rotations ensure healthy teeth. So the number of rotations has not been increased compared to its predecessors.

However, due to the powerful battery (which delivers full power even at low charge levels), there is still a noticeable difference compared to toothbrushes based on older memory technologies.

The Genius X 20000’s cleaning modes:

  • Daily cleaning: most of the time, the normal cleaning setting is used in everyday life.
  • Gum Protection: massages the gums & ensures healthy teeth with the help of better blood circulation.
  • Sensitive: People with sensitive teeth rely on this setting, which reduces the intensity of the brush.
  • Whiten: this polishing mode removes discolored areas on the teeth and provides a radiant smile.
  • Pro-Clean: the mode is designed to guarantee particularly intensive cleaning through faster movements.
  • Tongue Cleaning: this setting is reserved for the Oral-B Genius 9000 and removes impurities.

Geniux X 20000 cleaning mode

Most of the time I use – as with the predecessors also – only the normal mode. That cleans the teeth very thoroughly in everyday life and leaves a clean feeling.

The additional modes are used less frequently – but I would not want to do without it anymore.

  • Even though I don’t need them every day, it’s still a good feeling to know that I can fall back on them.
  • The polishing mode helps coffee or tea drinkers, for example, to remove unsightly discoloration within a short time.

The gum massage, in turn, is used for sensitive gums and helps prevent expensive diseases such as periodontal disease. It is precisely such convenient functions that set a luxury toothbrush apart from conventional devices.

When brushing teeth, the most thorough Oral-B toothbrush

In the cleaning result itself, as mentioned, there are no weaknesses. Whether with or without smartphone – both the Oral-B Genius 8000 and the 9000 variant are here in the top field and ensure white & healthy teeth.

The built-in timer helps to clean the dentures evenly. Every 30 seconds, it vibrates briefly to signal (along with the illuminating SmartRing) the switch to another jaw quadrant.

The Oral-B Genius X works great even without Bluetooth gadgets. The cleaning performance belongs to the absolute upper class & the many comfort functions support immensely in daily dental care.

The volume is okay

The cleaning noise sounds clearly audible when brushing, sonic toothbrushes like the Sonicare DiamondClean Smart are clearly quieter.

But the Genius X is not unpleasantly loud – after a few passes, you no longer consciously notice the buzzing.

And, because of the high number of rotations, the Genius shakes far less than cheaper brushes when brushing.

Brush heads & follow-up costs

Oral B offers many different attachment brushes for the Genius series, which support the functions of the various brushing programs and improve the results.

For example, there are variants specifically for weiẞe or sensitive teeth, allowing you to customize the Genius X to your own needs.

oral-b brush heads

Note: The Genius X Luxe comes with 4 different replacement brushes for testing. For the other variants, the letter at the end of the model number is a reference to the included attachment heads.

The Genius X 20000N includes a brush head for normal teeth, the Genius X 20000S includes a sensitive variant, and the Oral-B Genius 20000W includes one for white teeth.

Of course, all current variants are compatible with the Genius X – you can easily replace them later.

Quite cheap is not – mostly you have to plan per replacement about 2-4€. Not a bargain, but still cheaper than the competition.

Processing & Durability

The Genius X is made of sturdy plastic

The Oral-B Genius's workmanship is impressive

I also liked the rubberized back because it offers much more grip in wet bathrooms than smooth surfaces.

I have repeatedly criticized the slippery plastic handles of other premium devices, where form takes precedence over function.

One disadvantage of the rubber is that it requires more maintenance. You should clean the brush regularly so that no deposits form on it. For hygiene reasons, however, you should scrub the brush anyway from & an.

Info: Of course, the Genius X 20000 is waterproof – you can simply clean the toothbrush under running water.

To make a long story short, the workmanship of the Genius models feels high quality and is appropriate for the premium price.

Extras & Features

In addition to Bluetooth for the app, all the popular features of the Genius series are of course again present in the Model X.

  • Pressure control
  • 360 degree smart ring
  • 6 cleaning modes
  • Lithium-ion battery for long life
  • Integrated timer

The Genius X is therefore a direct upgrade to its predecessors, without sacrificing in any areas.

The battery life

There are significant improvements here compared to cheaper toothbrushes.

  • Many older & cheaper Oral-B models have to stay on the charging station for almost 24 hours, while the Genius is fully charged after only half that time.
  • In direct comparison, the brush then also lasts significantly longer: A charge is sufficient for about 2 weeks of cleaning time – on short vacations, the charger thus remains at home.

Not least, a strong battery ensures longer durability, because it is not already too weak after a few months for a sufficient cleaning performance (a common problem of cheap brushes).

The travel case has also been improved

The travel case is now slightly narrower and more manageable.

oralb genius x accessories

Oral-B is taking customer feedback to heart here, because for users who actually travel a lot and depended on the travel case, it was just too big and bulky.

For my taste, it is still a little clunky – here I like the competition from Sonicare a little better. For this, the Genius X is more stably protected and still brings a nice extra.

With the Genius-X you can charge another device via the travel case via USB port, for example your smartphone.

brown oral b geniux x usb

The USB port is a handy feature – especially when traveling, where charging ports are often in short supply.

The 360° Smart Ring

Another feature of the Genius range is the Smart Ring, which sits just below the brush head

You can customize its color in the app to suit your needs.

genius 10000 smartphone appIn the app, you can make your toothbrush unique.

For the efficiency of the toothbrush, such features are rather irrelevant, but if you already buy an expensive toy, you should also get something to play with.

And in bathrooms with more than one Genius X, this also ensures that you don’t mix up your brushes – very handy.

Tip: If you’re not that playful, you can also just use the Smart Ring functions as pre-programmed by the manufacturer.

In addition, there are also numerous other settings – for example, you can change the order of the cleaning modes or completely disable settings that are not needed.

Pressure control protects the gums

In my opinion, pressure control is absolutely essential in an up-to-date electric toothbrush. The Genius X even offers this in three gradations.

Using the Smart Ring, you are warned with a visual signal if you press the toothbrush too hard on your teeth and gums.

The Oral-B 8900's gum guard.

In addition, the speed of the brush is throttled. If the pressure is not reduced despite the warning light, the toothbrush turns off. This prevents your teeth or gums from being damaged.

Of course, you can also see in the app how often you brush your teeth incorrectly, making it easy to avoid mistakes.

Summary on the Genius X

The Oral-B Genius X 20000 builds on the strengths of its predecessors in all the right places and relies entirely on modern technology.

The personal toothbrushing assistant provides sensible suggestions and helps to improve your own brushing habits in the long term – at least, if you get involved with the app.

  • But even without Bluetooth gimmicks, the Genius X can convince: the cleaning performance is outstanding & extremely thorough.
  • The workmanship is high quality and promises years of durability with proper care.
  • The equipment (pressure control, cleaning modes & travel case) offers everything important for healthy teeth.

This comprehensive overall package makes the Oral-B Genius X currently the best toothbrush from the manufacturer.

Pricewise, it is no bargain – but in the long run, it is guaranteed to pay for itself and ensure healthy teeth and a radiant smile.