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The Oral-B Genius 9000 is a high-end electric toothbrush that boasts advanced features and technology to help improve your oral care. The brush comes with 6 modes and 3 brushing heads, including Gum Care, Sensitive, Pro Clean, Whitening, Tongue Cleaning and Deep Clean. You can customize each mode according to your needs. Each of the brushes has various settings which allow you to customize your brushing experience – from gentle to more intense.

The brush also has Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to sync with your smartphone via an app called Oral-B App. Through this app you can track your brushing performance over time and get personalized advice for improving your oral health. It also comes with a Timer Mode which helps you stay on track with brushing and flossing correctly.

The Oral-B Genius 9000 is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last up to two weeks on one charge. It comes with a charging station that makes it easy to keep the brush ready whenever you need it. In addition, the brush also has travel-friendly features such as an automatic voltage switch and a protective cover for hygiene purposes.

Overall, the Oral-B Genius 9000 is an advanced electric toothbrush that offers numerous features and technologies to help improve your oral care routine. With Bluetooth connectivity, customizable modes, and a long-lasting battery life, this brush is sure to provide you with an exceptional brushing experience every time.

All variants at a glance

For a better overview, here is a direct comparison of both toothbrushes and their predecessor:

  • The best Oral-B toothbrush
  • Extra gum protection
  • Pressure control
  • 8,800 rotations, 40,000 pulsations
  • With position detection
  • Pressure control
  • Available in white & black
  • 8,800 rotations, 40,000 pulsations
  • Lower priced than the 9000
  • Travel case without USB
  • cleans just as well
  • 8,800 rotations, 40,000 pulsations

The 8000 variant has all the important innovations such as position detection or a storage box for travel. It is the most affordable entry & also available in a double pack as Oral-B 8900.

The Genius 9000 available in black & as Genius Rosé Gold. The scope of delivery turns out a bit more lush & an additional USB port in the travel case allows charging of electronic devices. In addition, the 9000 has an additional tongue cleaning mode.

The Oral-B Genius 10000 is similar to the rest of the models, but adds a special gum guard for sensitive teeth. It represents the current top model.


Recently, the Genius has been available with somewhat confusing additional designations.

  • The normal variant N (Genius 8000N & Genius 9000N) remains unchanged.
  • The sensitive variant S (Genius 8000S & Genius 9000S) is enclosed an additional sensitive brush head.
  • The variant for white teeth (Genius 9200W) has a 3D-White brush head.

Other than that, the versions do not differ. If you need a set, then there are also variants for pairs, which are usually a little cheaper than buying individually:

  • The Oral-B Genius 8900 brings a 2nd handpiece and is suitable for couples who need 2 toothbrushes anyway.
  • The Oral-B Genius 9900 * offers a little more high-tech and includes a black & a rose gold toothbrush.

To make the confusion complete, the Genius is also available as „Oral-B People’s Toothbrush Genius“. The name serves solely for marketing purposes, because technically this variant does not differ from the normal Genius brushes.

Now that you know about all the important versions, let’s best start with the real testimonial:

Processing & Durability

When you hold the Genius in your hand for the first time, you’ll notice its larger size compared to its predecessors (such as the Oral-B 7000)

The workmanship of the Oral-B Genius is impressive

  • The handpiece feels thicker – yet is easier to hold because the weight has been significantly reduced.
  • I also liked the rubberized back because it offers much more grip in wet bathrooms than smooth surfaces.

I have always criticized the slippery plastic handles of other premium devices, where form takes precedence over function – and at last Braun seems to have thought along here.

The design has Braun improved in the right places (lighter weight & shape): compared to its predecessors, cleaning succeeds even slightly more comfortable.

The appearance of the also looks more modern: the workmanship of the Genius models is all in all high-quality and appropriate for the price charged. Of course, the devices are waterproof & can therefore be easily cleaned under running water.

Cleaning performance & cleaning modes

The most important feature of an electric toothbrush, however, is undoubtedly the brushing itself. And here the Oral-B Genius models are among the absolute top devices.

oralb genius in test advance, source: oral-b

40,000 pulsations & 8,800 rotations ensure healthy teeth. So the number of rotations has not been increased compared to its predecessors.

However, due to the stronger battery (which delivers full power even at low charge levels), there is still a noticeable difference compared to toothbrushes based on older memory technologies.

The Oral-B Genius features the following brushing modes:

  • Daily cleaning: most of the time, the normal cleaning setting is used in everyday life.
  • Gum Protection: massages the gums & ensures healthy teeth with the help of better blood circulation.
  • Sensitive: People with sensitive teeth rely on this setting, which reduces the intensity of the brush.
  • Whiten: this polishing mode removes discolored areas on the teeth and provides a radiant smile.
  • Pro-Clean: the mode is designed to guarantee particularly intensive cleaning through faster movements.
  • Tongue Cleaning: this setting is reserved for the Oral-B Genius 9000 and removes impurities.

oral-b genius smart 5 comparison

Most of the time I use – as with the predecessors – of course, only the normal mode. From time to time, however, the other cleaning settings are also a great help.

  • Even if you do not need them every day, it gives a good feeling to know that you can fall back on them.
  • The polishing mode helps e.g. coffee or tea drinkers to remove unsightly discolorations within a short time.

The gum massage is used for irritated gums. It is precisely such convenient functions that set a luxury toothbrush apart from conventional devices.

When brushing teeth, the most thorough Oral-B toothbrush

In the cleaning result itself, as mentioned, there are no weaknesses. Whether with or without smartphone – both the Oral-B Genius 8000 and the 9000 variant are here in the top field and ensure white & healthy teeth.

The built-in timer helps to clean the dentures evenly. Every 30 seconds, it vibrates briefly to signal (along with the illuminating SmartRing) the switch to another jaw quadrant.

The Oral-B Genius works great even without Bluetooth gadgets. The brushing performance belongs to the absolute top class & offer with the many comfort functions everything you need for healthy teeth.

Because of the high number of rotations, the Genius shakes far less than cheaper brushes when brushing.

  • Inpurities are thoroughly removed and gums are strengthened with regular use.
  • Even several hours after use, no noticeable amounts of harmful bacterial film (plaque) form on the teeth.

The cleaning noise sounds clearly audible when brushing, but it is not unpleasantly loud. Compared to its predecessors, the toothbrush also works with a slightly brighter sound.

Tooth brushing with smartphone & position detection

The most heavily advertised feature of Oral-B is the toothbrush’s interaction with smartphones

  1. To that end, the Oral-B Genius comes with its own holder that lets you attach your phone to your bathroom mirror using a suction cup.
  2. The device really holds bombproof and you do not have to worry about your own smartphone when used correctly.

Then connect the toothbrush via integrated Bluetooth with the app, nothing stands in the way of the cleaning pleasure. In real time, the brush then sends feedback on their own cleaning behavior on the display.

Braun Oral-B GENIUS smartphone holder

The Oral-B Genius recognizes where in your mouth you brush

For best results, place the smartphone at eye level. Before the actual brushing process, the app scans your own face in the center of the display, just like a selfie.

In my experience, this turns out to be a bit fiddly. Not only do you have to fine-tune the phone, but you also have to keep the right distance – even during the brushing process.

This means you always have to face the mirror while cleaning to enjoy the full benefits of the app.

Scanning your face certainly won’t appeal to everyone – after all, for 2 minutes of brushing, it takes quite a bit of time.

But if it works, the app is a helpful addition

The smartphone then shows in real time when and how long one scrubs, for example, the left molars. Users can also set individual defaults in the process if they wish.

genius app

For example, if you frequently forget your back incisors, you can set them as a special zone.

  • The app then comprehensively points out this problem area and measures your own progress with a motivating point system.
  • This is certainly not necessary for everyone, but most of these new features do make for a nice addition when brushing your teeth.

They motivate and offer the opportunity to individually shape their own brushing behavior. Who wants to optimize his dental hygiene, finds very many possibilities for this with the Genius app.

Conclusion: a nice gimmick, but not a revolutionary innovation

But as the sole reason to buy, the fun Bluetooth gimmicks would be too little for me.

  • In the long run, I imagine fiddling with smartphones in the bathroom to be a bit of a nuisance.
  • In addition, the app currently does not manage to synchronize different profiles – position detection only works with 1 user per handpiece.

The SmartGuide of the predecessors (the external display is compatible with the Genius, but only the latest versions) seems to me the better concept, because here I do not have to worry about moisture or falling phones.

The suction cup of the toothbrush holds firmly & stable

On the other hand, the position detection will certainly help some users improve their personal dental care. Those who like to forget certain places in the oral cavity will get a thoroughly successful function for their money here.

There are also a paara other things that the Oral-B Genius clearly does better than other toothbrushes:

The new features compared to its predecessors

The first improvements can already be seen before using:

The Oral-B Genius takes only half as long to charge as other brushes, 10- 12 hours (previous models still had to be plugged in for almost a full day)

In practice, this innovation means you can easily charge the brush overnight and start brushing in the morning with a full battery. Thanks to the long runtime of about 12 days, this is also not necessary too often.

The new battery has other advantages

The modern lithium-ion storage delivers full power even when the charge level is low.

  • In addition, there is now finally no memory effect – which means you no longer have to fully discharge the brush to save the battery.
  • Here, the Genius 8000 & 9000 stand out noticeably from previous Braun devices & offer a real improvement.

Unfortunately, the battery is again not replaceable. The new technology promises a few years of life, but really customer-friendly fixed batteries are still not.

Hopefully, that will change in the next generation…

The rest of the Oral-B Genius


In the included travel box, you can store the brush and 2 spare heads. Included are 3 or, in the case of the 9000, 4 different variants to try out.

oral-b genius equipment

  • Once again, the build quality is well above its predecessor cases, which were still made of plain plastic.
  • The rather large storage option has a soft surface & an easy-to-clean interior.

The toothbrush can also be charged directly in the travel case, which is extremely convenient when on vacation.

A useful feature is the USB port included only with the Oral-B Genius 9000, which can be used to charge the cell phone or other devices. This saves frequent travelers from having to carry an extra charger in their luggage.

LEDs let the toothbrush glow individually

On the top is a “personalized, programmable & multifunctional 360° SmartRing” (O-Ton Oral-B marketing).

This lights up in 12 different colors when the toothbrush is activated & when charging.

Healthier teeth brings such a thing of course not, but a nice feature represents such a customization option admittedly already.

A feature warns against too much pressure

Of course, the Genius also has a triple pressure control feature that protects against incorrect technique when brushing your teeth

  • Press too hard, then first a red illuminated SmartRing & then slower vibrations warn against it.
  • Increase the pressure further, then the toothbrush stops completely. In this way, you do not break your gums with a wrong brushing technique.

The gum guard of the Oral-B Genius

For rotary brushes, this protection is an essential feature in my experience. The multi-stage pressure sensor of the Oral-B Genius offers a successful advancement here.

Conclusion & Rating

Overall, the new top model from Oral-B shines with numerous innovations.

The abundance of different setting options undoubtedly makes the Oral-B Genius a real high-tech device.

In the area of features, the toothbrush thus has a real unique selling point.

oral-b genius conclusion

The touted smartphone networking & position detection are certainly a successful addition for many users (and are not currently found on any other device).

But even if you can do little with the technology gimmicks, the Oral-B Genius is a more than convincing device. Compared to its predecessors, it has been improved in all the right places:

Currently the best toothbrush from Oral-B

The handpiece has a high-quality finish and offers a lot of comfort when holding it.

The battery is now finally based on the modern lithium-ion technology, which brings numerous advantages such as a shorter charging time & more power at low charge.

Not least, the toothbrush cleans incredibly thoroughly. Who wants an optimal dental hygiene, is here definitely right.

Maybe you will also find with these – sometimes cheaper – alternatives, which offer less innovative gadgets, but in terms of cleaning performance can certainly keep up with the Oral-B Genius 9000:

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart

The “Smart” variant of the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean was test winner at Stiftung Warentest (issue 01/2019).

diamond clean smart

It offers pressure control and Bluetooth functions, as well as selectable strength when brushing.

The smart brush heads also select the appropriate cleaning mode quite automatically & thus make dental care a bit easier for you. However, Philips makes itself pay dearly. A bargain is this sonic toothbrush not.

Premium secret tip: Panasonic EW-DE92

Panasonic electric toothbrushes are real insider tips and are usually priced well below the competition from Philips.


But you almost do not have to make any deductions because of this: The cleaning performance is excellent & ensures clean teeth. In addition, there are of course extras such as additional modes as well as a pressure control for gum protection.

The Panasonic toothbrush is also built a little lighter than competing models and almost like a normal manual toothbrush in the hand.

Philips SoniCare Flexcare Platinum

The Flexcare is also an all-around recommended toothbrush.

The Sonicare FlexCare Platinum's UV cleaning for brush heads

The UV cleaning of the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum for brush heads

The included UV station for disinfecting brush heads with UV radiation in particular stands out here

The Flexcare is slightly cheaper than the DiamondClean, but offers a comparable cleaning performance. Only on additional extras such as 2 cleaning modes and the charging glass you have to do without here.

You can find out everything important here:

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