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Oral-B Aquacare 4 Water Flosser ReviewThe Oral-B Aquacare 4 Water Flosser is one of the latest water flossers from Oral-B. This is the first offering by Oral-B in this category and they have both underwhelmed and impressed us with what they’ve put out so far. The only other oral irrigator that has come close to wowing us was Panasonic’s EW1211A model which has a 5-star rating on Amazon. We did not include it in our study however because consumers complained about quality issues mainly that it broke down after 6 months or less. We’ll get into more detail below but there are already mixed reports about the longevity of this unit especially when compared to other brands. The price point is very good considering you get a flosser and an electric toothbrush in one package but does this come at the cost of durability? In our Oral-B water flossers review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at this model specifically.

Top3  questions about the Oral-B Aquacare Irrigator

For whom the Oral-B AquaCare 4 is suitable & with which oral irrigators the model can keep up in the test, shows you this experience report.

More and more people are using oral irrigators to improve their daily oral hygiene. This is a very positive development.

From Oral-B there is the mobile oral irrigator AquaCare 4. I tested for you how good this oral irrigator is and explain in this post for whom it is best suited.

In addition to the extensive product test of the AquaCare 4, I also compare it with other currently interesting models from manufacturers such as Waterpik or Philips.

Using this table of contents, you can jump directly to the chapter that interests you the most:

For those who don’t want to read the whole text or have already decided on the AquaCare4, here’s a quick summary including a product link for a great deal online.

As a mobile oral irrigator, the AquaCare 4 scores with easy handling and a lot of flexibility. At a very good price you get here an all-around good oral irrigator.

The first impression

Like all Oral-B oral hygiene items, the AquaCare 4 oral irrigator is a solid device that makes a good first impression. From the safe packaging to the simple assembly fits there really everything together.

Who is accustomed to the use of an electric toothbrush, the thick hand part of the oral irrigator will certainly find strange at first. Since the water tank is located in the hand part, this makes it possible to use the oral irrigator freely

Info: The alternative would be a stationary oral irrigator, but this also has disadvantages due to the hose connection.

To put the oral irrigator into operation, you only need to attach the slip-on nozzle and fill the tank with water. Since the battery is easily charged, you can then use the oral irrigator directly for the first time.

Features of the AquaCare 4

In this chapter, I will introduce you to the individual functions and technical features of the AquaCare 4 in detail. As mentioned, Oral-B’s AquaCare 4 is one of the mobile oral irrigators; thus, it does not have a separate station.

Oral-B AquaCare 4 test

Both the water tank and the battery are located in the handset. You can charge the battery via an additional charger.

The oral irrigator is used to gently clean interdental spaces and massage the gums. This is done with the help of a powerful water jet, the intensity and size of which you can adjust via the handset.

These are the features offered by the Oral-B AquaCare 4:

  • 2 water pressure settings
  • Directed or rotating water jet
  • 1 Oxyjet nozzle attachment
  • Flexible water jet
  • Suitable for braces, implants, and crowns
  • Chargeable battery
  • Charging station

The oral irrigator in use

By choosing the water pressure and water jet, you have a total of four different cleaning functions available with the Oral-B AquaCare 4. These range from “rotating-gentle” to “targeted and powerful”

While the gentle rotating variant was developed especially for sensitive teeth, you can use a targeted water jet and the strong water pressure to remove stubborn stuck food debris between your teeth.

  • Water pressure: You can choose between “normal” and “sensitive”. You can change the intensity of the water pressure directly via the function button of the handset.
  • Water jet: The targeted water jet removes food debris, with the rotating water jet you can massage your gums and clean more extensive areas.

Which mode of operation is better?

There is no blanket answer to this question, as it depends a lot on what you want to use your oral irrigator for.

oral-b aquacare 4 oral irrigator

Some people use an oral irrigator as a substitute for flossing to remove food debris from between their teeth. With the “targeted” and “normal water pressure” settings, this works relatively well.

However, I always recommend that you also have dental floss on hand to clean where the water jet of the oral irrigator cannot reach.

I also personally know many people who have sensitive teeth, painful necks of teeth and sensitive gums. With gentle pressure and a rotating water jet, they use their oral irrigator to mildly clean their teeth daily while massaging their gums. This improves circulation and can reduce sensitivity even in the medium term.

Brace straps

oral-b aquacare 4 for braces

The four different types of functions make the AquaCare 4 also recommended for braces wearers. You can clean your teeth over a wide area as well as selectively remove food debris from the braces.

Also, you can use this oral irrigator if you have dentures, implants or bridges. Find the setting that best suits your cleaning needs

Oxyjet Technology

All Oral-B AquaCare oral irrigators use what is called OxyJet technology. In this process, the water used is enriched with air bubbles. These burst when they hit a surface and thus ensure a better cleaning result.

The AquaCare 4 comes with an Oxyjet nozzle.

Oral-B Oxyjet attachment nozzles are also available for additional purchase in a practical 4-pack.

Water jet activation

I find it very practical that you can switch on the water jet quite individually with the Oral-B AquaCare 4. With many stationary oral irrigators, there is a continuous water jet, which I sometimes find simply annoying

In addition to the pinpoint use, you also consume significantly less water. This allows you to brush longer where you see fit.

Water tank

The water tank of the Oral-B Aqua Care 4 holds 145 ml, which is enough for about 30 seconds of brushing when used continuously. After that, you need to refill the tank

Fortunately, this is relatively easy to do, you just need to open a cap on the back of the handset and you can run the water in directly from the tap.

The Battery

The AquaCare 4 is powered by a rechargeable battery that is integrated directly into the handle. On a full charge, the battery will last for about a week, depending on exactly what functions you use.

Within about three hours, you can recharge the battery via the supplied charging station. To do this, you simply need to place the handheld unit on the charging station.

Advantages of the AquaCare 4

I like that the Oral-B AquaCare 4 is very easy to use and versatile. Since there are no cords or hoses to get in the way, the oral irrigator is very convenient when in use

Once you get used to the thick handheld device, it is quite easy to reach all the desired places in the oral cavity with the water jet. The operation via the function buttons is also well regulated. In particular, the direct on and off of the water jet have pleased me well.

Tip: For the current price, the AquaCare 4* offers good value for money.

Disadvantages of the AquaCare 4

Of course, mobile oral irrigators always have one major disadvantage compared to stationary models: the size and power of the motor.

Large oral irrigators usually have much more powerful motors installed, which can accordingly offer more power and more comprehensive functions.

You also have to refill the water tank relatively frequently with the AquaCare 4. However, in my opinion, this circumstance makes up for the flexibility gained.

Comparison to other models

The Oral-B AquaCare 4 has a big sister, the AquaCare 6 Pro Expert. If you follow the link, you will find a detailed description of this model


The AquaCare 6 Pro Expert offers you a full six function modes instead of four, and has an only slightly larger water tank. But in return, it’s almost twice as expensive as the AquaCare 4.

If budget is not an issue, you can get an even more comprehensive oral irrigator with the AquaCare 6. For normal everyday use, however, the AquaCare 4 should be absolutely sufficient.

Other manufacturers

If you’re open to other types of oral irrigators, I can recommend some stationary systems from the Waterpik and Sonicare (Philips) brands. These stations have the advantage of offering more pressure in the water stream. However, they also require space in your bathroom.

oral b aquacare 4 alternative

In the picture, you can see the Waterpik WP 660, which is a stationary oral irrigator, unlike the AquaCare 4.

In the article about the best oral irrigators in the test, you will get an overview of the currently best-rated oral irrigators. There, in addition to the Waterpik recommendations, you will also find some highly recommended stationary oral irrigators from Oral-B.

In addition, you will find a lot of information about the general use of oral irrigators in the article, as well as a checklist to check which model is best for you.

When new models come on the market, this post will also be updated accordingly.

Conclusion: the Oral-B AquaCare 4 is a good mobile oral irrigator

When it comes to an oral irrigator, it is always important to clearly know what you want and how you will use the oral irrigator. This decision will help you decide between a stationary oral irrigator or a mobile unit like the AquaCare 4.

With mobile oral irrigators, the market is manageable. If you consider the range of features, the quality and the current selling price, you get a very good mobile oral irrigator with the Oral-B AquaCare 4.

The function types are versatile and the use is conceivably simple. With the cleaning result of the AquaCare I was personally absolutely satisfied.

Tip: If you want more power and technology, I would always recommend a stationary oral irrigator. Here, models from Waterpik and Oral-B offer significantly more power. However, these also have their price.

Generally, oral irrigators are a good addition to daily oral hygiene. They can not always completely replace dental floss, but together with an electric toothbrush are a step towards a thorough cleaning of the entire oral cavity. Follow the links for lots more information.