Meridol Gum Protection Mouthwash - Without Alcohol
  • promotes the natural regeneration of irritated gums and offers optimal...
  • unique combination of active ingredients (amine fluoride / stannous...
  • Alcohol free
  • Clinically proven
  • 400ml per Bottle

For gum problems, Meridol mouthwash is an excellent choice. The test tells you all about the ingredients, side effects such as tooth discoloration, and how to use Meridol properly

Meridol mouthwash is one of the best-known brands in the oral care market, and one of the most popular mouthwashes overall.

No wonder, after all, the product comes from the same company as Aronal and Elmex toothpastes.

  • Protects against gingivitis, bleeding gums and receding gums.
  • Maintains the natural balance of oral flora.
  • Without alcohol, suitable for long-term use.

While mouthwash is in my opinion already the best choice in the comparison test, following you will find a field report, which also goes into more detail on the ingredients and advantages and disadvantages.

Ingredients of Meridol mouthwash

At first glance, the composition of the mouthwash does not include any questionable or unusual substances.

At its core, it is a blend of surfactants (which allow dirt and germs to dissolve in the mouthwash), fluoride, and breath freshening agents.

Meridol is alcohol-free

Unlike many other mouthwashes, Meridol comes without alcohol. This makes the rinse a lot “milder” than many other varieties.

  • The mouthwash of Listerine, for example, is known precisely because it triggers a very intense “burning” in the mouth, due to the high alcohol content.
  • Alcohol provides a disinfecting (germ-killing) effect. However, due to the often high content – up to 30% – these rinses are not suitable for children or for dry alcoholics.

Even without alcohol, the mouthwash of Meridol provides a fresh and clean feeling in the mouth after use.

Two-fluoride action for caries prophylaxis

Fluoride is one of the most important ingredients in oral care to prevent tooth decay and provide long-lasting protection for tooth enamel

  • Meridol mouthwash contains a blend of two fluorides designed to strengthen and revitalize tooth enamel.
  • Aminfluoride is a fluoride that is also used in many toothpastes. The additionally admixed stannous fluoride has in addition an antibacterial effect and thus fights plaque and bacteria reliably.

The mixture of amine fluoride and stannous fluoride comes in the Meridol mouthwash to a total value of 250ppm (for comparison: Elmex caries protection toothpaste has an amount of 1450ppm).

The fluoride content supports your dental care, but if you use a toothpaste without fluoride, the amount in the mouthwash alone is not sufficient to ensure a measurable, positive effect.

Is Meridol mouthwash suitable for you?

The mouthwash is recommended primarily for gum protection and is said to prevent inflammation, bleeding, and periodontitis (gum recession)

meridol mouthwash

  • Accurately, the ingredients ensure healthy oral flora, remove germs and kill bacteria. The fluorides accumulate in the tooth enamel and strengthen it.
  • Thus, the bacteria responsible for tooth decay and periodontitis lose their habitat and die off.

The Meridol mouthwash is especially recommended if you wear braces or flossing is too cumbersome for you. Of course, the mouthwash can also be used together with dental floss.

Even if you often suffer from bleeding gums, the Meridol mouthwash can gently provide improvement here due to the antibacterial effect.

Does the Meridol mouthwash help against bad breath?

If you have problems with bad breath, the mouthwash can mask it, but the effect is limited in time and does not reliably fight the cause.

meridol mouthwash

If you want to fight unloved bad breath with a mouthwash, you’d better also look for the real cause of the bad breath.

Mouth odor can be caused by stomach problems, as well as infections of the tongue, palate, throat or the teeth. Food debris in the spaces between teeth can also lead to an unpleasant odor.

  • While the Meridol mouthwash cleans the interdental spaces and removes food residues, stubborn dirt can settle in hard-to-reach places.
  • To reliably remove any dirt here, you should choose more direct means such as interdental brushes, oral irrigators or a professional dental cleaning.

To reliably get rid of bad breath (halitosis), you need to identify the cause and fight it.

Mouthwashes can alleviate the symptoms, but are less suitable for addressing the cause.

Correct use

Mouthwash lasts for about 40 applications. That’s equivalent to 20 days of use if you rinse 2 times a day.

Meridol Mouthwash

I think this is a very good value for money to add to your oral care routine for little money.

Application tips:

  • The cap doubles as a measuring cup and can be conveniently measured out to 10ml (the recommended amount per rinse)
  • Then rinse your mouth vigorously with it and spit out the liquid again.

You can also use less than 10ml without the effect noticeably diminishes. So you get even more applications for your money.

Additionally, a single application per day is often enough, which means you can already get by with one bottle for 40 days.

Mouthwashes do not replace brushing, but they are a good supplement that you can use to rinse and disinfect your interdental spaces.

Tooth discoloration and other side effects

Like other fluoride-containing products, you should not swallow Meridol Mouthwash.

Meridol Mouthwash

Otherwise, larger amounts of fluoride can quickly build up in the body and lead to fluorosis (fluoride poisoning)

Note: Therefore, the Meridol is not recommended for children who have not yet sufficiently mastered the correct rinsing.

The mixture of 2 fluorides may cause superficial yellowish discoloration, but this can be easily removed. This is purely an aesthetic problem and of no further concern.

These are also the only points I can mention here. Overall, the mouthwash turns out very positive.

Conclusion: mouthwash with good results

The mouthwash from Meridol does without unnecessary and questionable substances such as SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) or sorbitol

It also has a milder taste and does not contain alcohol, which often causes a strong burning sensation and an unpleasantly dry mouth.

Meridol Mouthwash

Meridol is excellent for any problems with the gums: gingivitis, gingival bleeding, or receding gums.

The fluoride it contains supplements the protection of tooth enamel, providing long-lasting and reliable prevention of plaque, caries and periodontal disease.

  • All in all, Meridol mouthwash is one of the best mouthwashes ever in terms of content and effect. It can do everything that a good mouthwash must be able to do and comes without unnecessary additives.
  • Due to the absence of alcohol, the mouthwash is also suitable for dry alcoholics and children. With the latter, however, you should make sure that they have mastered the proper use of the mouthwash.

Alternatively, you will find in the article on the best mouthwashes specifically suitable for children mouthwashes that minimize any health risks for the little ones.

More tips for healthy teeth

In conclusion, I would like to point out once again that a good mouthwash is only half the battle. You should primarily pay attention to good tooth brushing habits with proper brushing time – a mouthwash only complements this care.

Here I can only recommend that you use a toothbrush that is suitable for you.

diamond clean test

The Diamond Clean provides the best support for your daily dental hygiene.

Electric toothbrushes in particular, like the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean, significantly increase thoroughness compared to regular manual toothbrushes and are definitely worth your money.

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