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Low Cost Dental Implants: How And Where To Find

Tired of spending a fortune on dental implants? If you’re looking for low-cost alternatives to make your smile shine, you’ve come to the right place. Dental implants are an incredibly popular way to replace missing teeth and restore functionality, but they often come with a hefty price tag. But don’t worry – there are ways to get the same results at significantly lower costs. Here’s how!

Dental implantology has the solid reputation of offering by far the most money-consuming dental care treatment. To make matters worse, dental implants are commonly treated as cosmetic appliances. This actually means that they become even less affordable, since insurance companies rarely offset the cost of cosmetic services.

This means that many patients with low income and multiple missing teeth postpone their replacement for many months or even years. This problem is related not only to the purely aesthetic concerns: the prolonged missing of even a single tooth is enough to cause misalignment of its neighboring teeth.

Also, the problem of multiple missing teeth commonly leads to incomplete chewing and consequent gastrointestinal tract disorders, not to mention the loss of neighboring teeth and even supportive jaw bone.

Being aware of these possible complications associated with missing teeth, increasing numbers of patients opt for low-cost dental implants. However, this choice features peculiar pitfalls of its own.

You need to do some research to find low-cost dental implants. As different dentists charge different rates, you need to do your comparison shopping by collecting quotes from various dentists. Don’t just collect quotes; ask them to give a breakdown of their costs.

They will then give you a quote listing their fees, the estimated costs of the many consultations you have to make, images like x-rays and CT scans you need to take, anesthesia costs, cost of materials (which includes the post, abutment and crown), the surgery process and all other additional procedures which may be required, like sinus lifts and bone grafts.

Don’t collect quotes only from dentists, as there are other dental professionals who can perform implant procedures, like periodontists and oral surgeons. It may be possible to get low-cost dental implants from a dentist who has just started practice as they will be looking to build a clientele and need to gain experience.

Moreover, be aware that the costs of dental implants vary based on geographic location. It is rather difficult to get low-cost dental implants in urban centers, as the cost of living is higher in such places, and the overhead costs are much higher than smaller towns. This means that it’s better getting your implants done by a reputed and experienced dentist in smaller towns than big cities.

What Should I Know about Low-cost Dental Implants?

First of all, it is important to know that, even though a very small number of insurance companies still offer partial coverage for dental implantology in emergency, life-important services, this is relevant only for full cost implants: you should not expect to get even the minimum offset for low-cost implants.

Thus, it is absolutely pointless to search for information about suitable insurance plans for low-cost dental implants, and it would be much more effective for you to opt for one of the three following alternatives.

When Should I Consider the Dental Schools Option?

A huge number of patients with missing teeth may actually take advantage of a dental school for the low-cost dental implant bonding procedure. Such an institution is usually a clinic which offers the services of the dental school’s senior students and young dentists services for a really low cost.

You should not get concerned about the modest practical experience of these dental care providers: they are thoroughly supervised by their more experienced colleagues, who are always ready to back up the student.

However, dental school services, including low-cost dental implants, are actually available for certain categories of people only. Usually, the authorities of such a clinic ask you to present documents which display your yearly income to evaluate whether you are a good candidate for such an affordable treatment.

Secondly, dental schools’ waiting lists are obviously long, so you should be prepared to wait for your low-cost dental implants to be bonded. To make things worse, many dental schools give preference to patients from their local communities when scheduling treatment.

Further limitations include lack of options for choosing the surgery day. What is more, this is unlikely to be a weekend or evening time.

When Are Discount Plans the Best Choice?

Fortunately, many clinics offer highly beneficial discounts for various dental care services.

As the list of low-cost treatments is constantly changing, it would be wise to occasionally check if your local dental clinics offer such benefits for low-cost dental implants. These direct payment discounts are usually offered directly in your dental care provider’s office and require no previous paperwork.

Similar discount plans with no waiting lists are offered by the AmeriPlan Company. What is more, the latter provider feels ready to cut the price even for cosmetic dental care services, which is the category that low-cost dental implants commonly belong to. However, AmeriPlan still features restrictions on the dental care professionals that their clients may choose from.

Many dental clinics offer low-cost dental implant bonding surgery with flexible payment schemes, including instalments.

How to Combine Sightseeing and Low-cost Dental Implants?

Dental tourism is by far the freshest solution for low-cost dental implant surgical treatment. It is obvious that even the most money-consuming dental services seem to be offered almost for free in developing countries.

By far the most brilliant and affordable low-cost dental implant providers live in India, and you surely should not underestimate their expertise and skill.

For instance, according to consumer reviews, it takes just a few hours for the majority of them to insert a mini dental implant into a patient’s jaw bone. What is more, there is evidence of low-cost dental implants being placed during flight transfers to save the patient’s time and money.

Other countries with active dental tourism aimed at low-cost dental implant placement procedures include South American, Asian, and also Eastern European dental clinics.

While you will be able to save a considerable amount of money by getting your implants done in developing countries, you need to get your low-cost dental implants with caution.

Check the licensing standards and regulations of the country you plan to head to for the implants: don’t forget to check the dentist’s credentials and reputation by going through a few reviews. If possible, try to meet some of the dentist’s past patients to get an idea of their capacity and credibility.

And finally, remember there are at least three affordable ways of gaining the benefits of low-cost dental implants and, thus, avoiding the possible complications associated with missing teeth.