Herpes On Tongue

Ever heard of herpes on tongue infection?

Perhaps you’re only familiar with genital herpes. The two infections share a similarity in that they’re caused by the same virus- The Herpes Simples Virus. The only big difference between them is that genital herpes occurs around the genital parts while herpes on the tongue affects the tongue.

Usually, the infection affects your mouth as a whole, resulting in painful sores on the gums, lips, inside the cheeks, and at the roof of the mouth, hence the name oral herpes or cold sores.

When the virus affects your tongue, the resulting infection is referred to as herpes on the tongue (this is the most painful and uncomfortable form of oral herpes).

Like any other form of herpes, this herpes only lasts for around ten days.

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Did you know: The average weight of the human tongue from adult males is 70g and for adult females 60g

What Are The Causes Of Herpes On Tongue?

Though we have shed some light on the cause of herpes on tongue infection in the primary area, it’s necessary to go into deeper details about this topic.

Like any other types of herpes recognized by humans, this infection is caused by the herpes simplex virus. But there are two types of this virus, right?

So, which one is responsible for the infection?

Well, HSV-1 is the primary cause. HSV-2 is sometimes held responsible. The virus is DNA in nature and usually affects humans. It’s characterized by painful sores or formation of watery blisters on the skin and mucous membrane of your oral cavity.

Now, when you’re infected with the virus, it undergoes the following three primary stages:

1. Primary Infection: In this phase, the virus enters your body through the skin/mucous membranes and starts reproducing. Here, you might not develop any symptoms or cold sores making it hard to know if you have the infection.

It is known as an asymptomatic infection.

Note that asymptomatic infection has a high likelihood of occurring twice as the herpes disease (this time showing the symptoms).

2. Latency: The stage is characterized by the movement of the virus from the infected site to the dorsal root ganglion (a mass of nervous tissue found in your spine). Here, it reproduces again and then becomes inactive.

3. Recurrence: though the virus has become inactive, certain physical and emotional triggers might reactivate it, leading to the development of new sores around your tongue as well as the emergence of symptoms associated with the disease.

What are those emotional and physical triggers responsible for reactivating the virus?

Let’s look at herpes on tongue outbreak triggers next…

1. Food: Yes, consuming some foods is one possible way of bringing the inactive virus back to action. Examples of such foods include chocolate, coffee, nuts, popcorn, alcohol, and so much more.

Extreme environmental conditions: such conditions often affect your emotional or physical state. It leads to the triggering of a nerve response that in turn increases the risk of reactivation of the herpes infection.

2. Menstrual cycle: Menstruation is also responsible for triggering herpes on tongue infection recurrence due to the release of hormones. Many women have reported this.

When undergoing your cycle, it’s always advisable to lower your stress levels to reduce the chances of the infection recurring.

3. Friction: Herpes on tongue reactivation chances can be increased by the excess friction produced during intercourse. Good news, however, is that you can employ lubricants to avert this risk.

4. Involvement in an active sex life: similar to the previous factor, active sexual activities result to rubbing of genital areas, causing irritations. Eventually, herpes on the tongue will settle in.

5. Lifestyle: some personal/lifestyle factors such as stress, diet, lack of sleep, illnesses, and fatigue can reactivate herpes simplex virus.

Over time, you’ll identify the personal factor responsible for the trigger and then learn to avoid it.

Symptoms Of Herpes On Tongue

And now to the infection of this scaring infection

Do note that after contacting the virus, it takes 2-12 days before you start seeing the actual symptoms (this is known as the incubation period). For most people, the symptoms appear after only four days.

The infection lasts for 2-3 weeks

Here are its symptoms:

1. Fever: Similar to other infection you might have encountered, herpes on tongue infection causes your body to raise its temperatures above the normal. It helps maintain your normal body functions and signal you of an infection in the body.

2. Muscle Pain: The symptom is more common to herpes on tongue victims with a high level of cholesterol, osteoporosis, depression, and multiple sclerosis. People taking drugs such as aspirin, Baycol, Zocor, Crestor, and Lipitor will also experience the sign.

3. General feeling of uneasiness and discomfort: This is the first and the most common sign you’ll experience when suffering from herpes on the tongue.

4. Itching and burning sensation around your tongue: This sensation occurs long before the sores appear on the tongue. It is preceded by blisters which ultimately erupt and can be observed as shallow, grey ulcerations on red bases. With time, the ulcerations dry up and turn yellowish.

5. Cold sores: The sores can appear on your lips, tongue, roof, throat, gums, and inside the cheeks. They’re very painful and make eating and drinking difficult for the victims.

6. Swelling of the neck lymph nodes. They become painful as well.

7. Bleeding and red swollen gums are also a possible sign.

8. A dry mouth is a primary sign of your body being dehydrated due to herpes on tongue infection.

9. The decrease in urination might also occur as your body tries to conserve as much water as possible to counter the dehydration.

10. Drowsiness or feeling sleepy during the day can result from active herpes on tongue disease.

How to Treat Herpes on Tongue

If you’ve been diagnosed with herpes on the tongue, there is no need to panic. Why? Because there exist some effective methods of countering this disease, making you feel well again.

Find the list of available treatment options for herpes on tongue below:

1. Herpes medications: opening our list of herpes on tongue treatment options is the herpes medications. These medications have been tested and proved to be the most efficient options for people suffering from this infection. Some good examples o such medications are Valtrex for Herpes and Acyclovir.

2. Lysine supplements: Lysine is an amino acid present in certain types of foods. The amino acid appears on our list of treat options for its effectiveness in suppressing the herpes simplex virus. There are many lysine supplements in the market today and taking one will help you treat the disease.

3. Laser treatment: Laser therapy is another effective treatment for oral herpes. It goes a long way in reducing the pain as well as the number of occurrences of the disease. Note that this option is highly recommended for elderly people only as it does not cause many side effects to them.

4. Use of specific mouthwashes: There exist some mouthwashes, e.g., benzydamine and Chlorhexidine, that you can use to rinse your mouth. They work as analgesics.


-Given that our bodies are completely different, some of the above treatment methods may not work for you. It is therefore recommended that you try a variety of them and identify the one that works best for you.

-Herpes virus cannot be cured. It hides deep in your spine and has the habit of returning periodically as an outbreak. All the above treatment methods, therefore, are meant to treat and suppress the disease outbreaks.

In addition to the above treatments, other effective treatments for herpes on tongue include:

Products That Cures Herpes on Tongue

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Home Remedies For Herpes On The Tongue

If you feel that your case of herpes on the tongue is not that bad, or you simply don’t feel like spending on the doctor, we have some good news for you.

There are proven home remedies for treating herpes on the tongue that we’re going to share with you.

These remedies are:

  1. Increase the intake of fluids. As we did say earlier, herpes on tongue leads to total dehydration of your mouth. This is very dangerous as it might expose you to other dangerous dental diseases by giving bacteria and virus a great room for replication. Luckily, you can prevent this by increasing your fluids intake.
    However, not all fluids are useful. Alcohol is known to be a drying agent and taking alcoholic drinks will, therefore, worsen the condition. Water on another hand is a great way to replenish your body water requirements. Take at least 8 glasses of water every day for the best results.
  2. Over-the-counter pain relievers. If the cold sores are causing you a lot of pain, you can easily alleviate it by taking some painkillers from your local drug store. Painkillers containing iBuprofen usually work best.
    While still at it, if the person suffering from herpes on the tongue is a young child, avoid administering Tylenol painkillers to them as this might lead to the development of asthma.
  3. Avoid disturbing the lesions. It’s also important to avoid contacting the lesions. Rather, let them resolve on their own. This is simply because contacting them might make the infection spread to other uninfected areas, causing you more pain.
  4. Observe proper hygiene. Similar to other infections out there, observing the right hygiene when facing herpes on tongue infection will subject you to less severity.
  5. Use of Acetaminophen and iBuprofen. Remember our list of symptoms for herpes on the tongue? Fever and muscle aches make up the list. Finding a good medication for these two is, therefore, a great way of taking care of your body health. Acetaminophen and iBuprofen medications will be of great help to you.
  6. Avoid use of SLS toothpaste. These kinds of toothpaste contain sodium lauryl sulfate, a compound that’s highly irritating and might increase the level of pain in your mouth.

Is Herpes On Tongue Contagious?

Must you be eagerly waiting for the answer to this question right?

Apparently, the answer is a big YES; Herpes on the tongue is a highly contagious infection.

But again, this should not make you feel worried about contacting the disease. There are a couple of good preventive measures that you can take to avoid contacting the deadly oral infection.

Preventive measures to take to avoid contacting herpes on tongue:

  • Avoiding direct contact with the cold sores and other herpes lesions from infected people
  • Avoid sharing of utensils with infected persons. This should especially be avoided when the lesions are very active as the contagious chances are higher.
  • Avoid oral sex with infected partners
  • Avoid getting into contact with saliva, skin, or mucous membrane of the infected person as this could expose you to the risk of getting the virus into your body.

Canker Sores and Herpes: Same thing?

Are canker sores similar to cold sores?

Before making a conclusion that you have herpes on the tongue, you MUST read this!

Unlike what most people think, there’s a big difference between canker and cold sores.

Lest get a better explanation for this.

Canker sores refer to painful ulcers or open sores that usually develop on your tongue, inside the cheeks, on the lip and even along the throat lining. Though the main cause of canker sores remains a mystery, it’s suggested that orthodontic works, biting of tongue and cheek, and aggressively brushing your teeth might be the culprits.

Canker sores aren’t contagious and are not caused by a virus.

Cold sores, on the other hand, are contagious. They occur inside the mouth: on your tongue, along the linings of cheeks, throat and even on the lips. They usually appear as red blisters and are attributed to the type 1 herpes simplex virus (HSV1).

Now that you know the differences between the two types of sores, what type of sores do you have?

After all, you might not be suffering form the oral herpes disease- smile!

Are white spots on the tongue a symptom of herpes?

Herpes on the tongue is a highly contagious disease. It can spread in a number of and different ways, such as, through the reuse of a used spoon or toothbrush by an infected individual. In addition, a person could acquire it if, using the same towel or handkerchief as the infected individual.

There are four stages in developing herpes, the first being oral transmission. This usually happens when an individual has close and physical contact with an individual who is positively infected. At this stage, blisters may not develop. However, they are extremely painful and they look like small bumps. In some cases, the blisters may be filled with fluid and they are located far apart from each other.

The second stage of herpes is called the vesicular lesions, these are not painful but, they are still painful due to their location near the mouth. The vesicles can produce a pus-filled blister that is about half an inch across, which is the same size as the pinkie of a human fingernail. After that, the herpes simplex virus could enter into the second phase of its life cycle, called the lymphatic glands.

What does herpes on the tongue look like

Lymph glands are surrounded by the oral cavity and the anus. They produce a fluid that helps with passing stools. When the herpes blisters appear on the tongue, they have already formed the openings for the herpes simplex virus to enter into the lymph nodes. The presence of the virus in these areas means that you are highly susceptible to contracting oral herpes.

In the third stage of oral herpes, the sores develop in the gums. When this happens, they will be far smaller than the first two stages. If left untreated, the blisters on the tongue can turn into ulcers. They may burst open and be filled with pus or blood. This is why it is advisable for anyone to seek medical advice when they see these sores appear.

While you may think that the incubation period for the sores on the tongue is three weeks, this is not necessarily true. The incubation period only takes three weeks if the person did not experience any pain during the first two weeks after exposure. If the person developed severe blisters, then the incubation period can take longer. The herpes virus is always contagious, even when the incubation period has passed, so everyone should abstain from sex until the sores on the tongue symptoms have completely healed.

It is important to note that there is no current cure for oral herpes. However, there are a few medications that have been developed that can reduce the symptoms of the infection. These medications cannot prevent the herpes infection from developing, but they can ease the pain of an already existing outbreak. There is currently no known cure for genital herpes. However, medical treatment can at least help to reduce the intensity of the symptoms experienced by those who have it.

It is possible to have herpes oral or genital. But the chances of passing the infection to your partner is low, as the outbreaks tend to happen in the mouth. If you are sexually active with multiple partners, you have increased your chances of spreading the infection to them. Therefore, it is extremely important that you abstain from sexual activity until the Herpes On Tongue symptoms have completely disappeared. If you are in doubt about whether or not you have been infected, consult your doctor. He can then check for traces of the herpes simplex virus type II in your mouth fluid.

Why it is herpes on the tongue

Genital herpes usually manifests with one or two symptoms, whereas oral Herpes tends to cause several painful sores in and around the mouth. If your symptoms do not disappear on their own, or if the sores start to bleed when touched, it may be time to see your doctor. The doctor can then identify whether or not you have been infected with Herpes. If your doctor confirms the infection, you may be prescribed with an antiviral medication, or you may be asked to undergo an oral sex healing process.

Genital herpes is often associated with painful blisters. These sores appear on the genitals and on the tongue and then quickly spread to the surrounding tissues. In some cases, the infection is asymptomatic. However, there are cases where the sores develop into painful lesions or aphthous ulcers. In the case of sores on the tongue, the infection can lead to painful ulcers that cover the tongue, palate and the inside of the cheeks.

While the herpes virus goes through a series of phases before becoming active, once activated, the virus causes immediate outbreaks of lesions. A single outbreak of herpes can last for days or even months, although the contagiousness of the virus remains high up to the time of death. There is also a chance that secondary infections can occur from genital to oral contact. This is why it is important to stick close to your medical practitioner when you have any of these sores, especially while you are still at risk. Your doctor will help you with any treatments that you need to deal with the discomfort, pain and disruption that herpes brings.

Final Verdict

Herpes on the tongue is a dangerous disease that affects everyone, from very young kids to old people. If you haven’t contacted the disease yet, taking the preventive measures provided in this post will keep you safe.

If you already have the disease, you’ve not reached the end of the road either. Using the top solutions we have offered you in this post is all you need to lead a happy life.