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ExpertClean 7300 Sonic Electric Toothbrush is the perfect brush to make sure that your teeth remain pearly white while keeping you entertained at the same time! With its powerful sonic technology, it’s capable of cleaning up to 30,000 strokes per minute. That means your mouth will be squeaky clean and bacteria-free before you can say “ahhh.” And with a built-in timer and quadpacer, you’ll know just how long and well you’ve brushed. Plus, its sleek design is sure to turn heads when you smile confidently in public. So why wait? Get yourself an ExpertClean 7300 Sonic Electric Toothbrush today and show off those sparkling whites!

philips sonicare expertclean 7300 test

The direct predecessor, the Sonicare Flexcare Platinum, is one of the most popular electric sonic toothbrushes thanks to its thorough brushing performance.

  • The Sonicare ExpertClean aims to do everything just a little bit better, and brings some interesting new features.
  • In addition, the toothbrush is now built a little handier, making it the ideal companion for travel.

In this review, I take a close look at all the features and describe my experiences from everyday brushing.

An all-around successful toothbrush – even if you have little to do with the app gimmicks, the excellent cleaning convinces.

Here goes’s on with the detailed test report.

These variants are available

Currently, the ExpertClean is available in several versions:

  • The standard ExpertClean 7300* variant includes the toothbrush, 2 attachment heads and a travel case. It is available in black or white (both colors cost about the same).
  • For couples, there is also a toothbrush set with 2 handpieces* in white. Compared to buying them individually, you save some money.

The toothbrushes themselves are always identical in construction – so you can safely grab the variant that is just to have the cheapest.

philips sonicare expertclean test

There are differences in the brush heads included, depending on the model number (some sets come with a few extra brushes to try).

If you haven’t had any experience with the various Sonicare attachable brushes, then I recommend such a package.

Of course, you can also simply buy the replacement brushes (more on this below). Before that, however, I would like to tell you my impressions from everyday cleaning.

Cleaning performance & Cleaning modes

The most important thing: The ExpertClean cleans the teeth extremely thoroughly.

After brushing, I no longer notice any plaque – everything feels smooth & clean. That’s exactly how it should be!

  • So, compared to brushing teeth by hand, the result is clearly better (and much more convenient to achieve).
  • Even some time after cleaning, the mouth remains fresh and new plaque accumulates only very slowly on the teeth.

But of course, don’t expect miracles: while the ExpertClean beats any manual toothbrush hands down, other electric toothbrushes clean almost as thoroughly (you may just need to allow a little more time).

sonicare expertclean cleaning mode

But it’s significantly quieter

In terms of volume, however, the ExpertClean is clearly ahead.

The fast-oscillating vibrations (62,000 vibrations per minute) can always be heard, but compared to the noisy competition, it’s a clear advantage.

All in all, however, convinces the ExpertClean in this area fully & completely – it is currently one of the best sonic toothbrushes ever.

3 cleaning modes for every occasion

You can regulate the strength of the brush in 3 stages. The first 2 are pleasantly gentle (but sufficiently thorough).

On the highest setting, the ExpertClean then vibrates almost too powerfully – personally, I almost never used this setting.

In the modes themselves, you can choose from 3 different settings:

  1. Clean: The standard 2 minute program for daily tooth brushing
  2. Deep Clean: a 3 minute thorough cleaning
  3. Gum Health: a type of gum massage designed to prevent periodontitis & gum recession

In everyday life is with me mostly the Deep Clean program to use. I like to clean a little longer anyway, so such a mode comes to me as called.

Admittedly, I do not use the other settings every day – nevertheless, they represent a great addition to oral hygiene.

The Sonicare ExpertClean 7300 also comes with another new feature:

Pressure Control

Unfortunately, many overlook this protective feature – but for me, it represents one of the most important reasons to buy the ExpertClean.


The pressure control warns against incorrect brushing technique – this protection represents an indispensable feature for electric toothbrushes

Because it happens very quickly that you press too hard on your gums while brushing.

  1. Especially beginners often clean their teeth incorrectly, because they are still used to the brushing technique of manual toothbrushes.
  2. But even professionals often brush with too much pressure – especially early in the morning after a short night.

In both cases, the toothbrush will help you out.

How does the ExpertClean warn?

As soon as you press too hard against your teeth, the Philips brush reduces the vibrations – so you’re clearly alerted if you’re brushing with the wrong technique (and can take corrective action).

In addition, there are also warnings on the smartphone display – at least if you use another innovation:

What is the benefit of cleaning with the app?

Similar to other premium toothbrushes (such as the Oral-B Genius X), the ExpertClean relies on technology bells and whistles

sonicare app

This is where opinions diverge, in my experience.

  • While some can do nothing at all with all the apps, other users find the many little hints & cleaning tips quite helpful.
  • I personally sit there between the chairs and recommend to give the whole technology at least once a chance.

It can be really helpful to see your own cleaning behavior in a clear statistic. Maybe you brush a little too short in the morning – or you sometimes forget to reach for the floss or replace the brush heads in time?

No problem. A look at the app can help identify such weak spots in your dental hygiene.

For me, a nice addition

So every once in a while, I like to reach for the app and brush for a few weeks with this “coach” looking over my shoulder.

expertclean 7300 with smartphone

  • But in the long run, it would be too annoying for me personally to start the app every time I want to brush my teeth
  • Then it offers me but a little too little Mehrwehrt (in the competition such as the Oral-B Genius there is at least a position control in addition).

A revolution in tooth brushing represents the connection with the smartphone so – contrary to the advertising promises – not.

There I find the built-in functions such as timers or brush settings much more thoughtful (and they still represent the main reason for purchase for me).

It is best to consider the free app from the outset only as a supplement, which is a useful help for one or the other user.

Smart attachment brushes assist with dental care

The smart brush heads are a nice extra – they automatically switch to the appropriate brushing mode depending on the variant.

  • If you brush with the attachment brushes for gums, for example, then the ExpertClean selects the massage mode.
  • Of course, you can also select another mode, but the convenient detection saves annoying pressing around.

This provides a little help, even if this innovation seems more useful to me in the big sister Diamond Clean Smart.

expert clean smart brush heads

This one, in fact, has significantly more cleaning modes (like a tongue cleaning or teeth whitening). The ExpertClean has to make do with 3 modes, as I said, and the right selection is also done quickly without smart brush heads.

The already mentioned reminder for timely replacement of the brush heads, on the other hand, I think is very useful. From experience, most people use the heads for far too long – which is why smelly germs accumulate in the bristles.

A friendly reminder to change them certainly wouldn’t go amiss.

Battery life & durability

The modern lithium-ion battery provides enough power at all times.

  • The ExpertClean easily lasts the promised 2 weeks – at least if you clean 2x daily in normal cleaning mode.
  • In the 3-minute Deep Clean mode, the toothbrush lasts me about a week and a half through, which is still great.

All in all, the ExpertClean 7300 is in the top field here- on short vacations you can leave the included charger at home without hesitation.

Tips for life & durability

I have had good experiences with Sonicare toothbrushes for years – but a few users complain about problems on the Internet.

Often this has to do with mishandling, so here are a few basic tips on how to optimize the ExpertClean’s durability:

  1. Never charge the battery from completely empty to completely full – this was necessary with older toothbrushes, but with modern lithium-ion batteries, it reduces the lifespan.
  2. Charge the toothbrush best a few days in advance (or leave it right on the charging station regularly if there is enough space in the bathroom).
  3. Most important tip: Dry the brush after each use with a towel to prevent limescale & other deposits.

While the handpiece is water resistant (and you can easily clean it under running water), in the long run the minerals in the water can damage the seals. Then water gets inside and damages the electronics.

By the way, this is not a quality defect, but happens with almost all electronic devices that regularly come into contact with water (washing machine seals or “waterproof” cell phones).

With proper care, you minimize the risk and the toothbrush will last for many years.

Follow-up costs due to replacement brush heads

When buying an electric toothbrush, you should not only pay attention to the purchase price, but also consider the follow-up costs due to brush heads.

Most manufacturers are here again properly and let their brand quality pay dearly. Sonicare replacement brushes are of all manufacturers usually the most expensive.

Plan per year about 20-30€ in follow-up costs – depending on the model used.

This is not really cheap, but still a bargain compared to expensive treatments at the dentist.

Comparison to Diamond Clean

So you’re not really doing anything wrong with the ExpertClean 7300.

diamondclean vs expert clean

That still leaves the question of whether it’s worth spending a little more money, and going for the big sister model Diamond Clean Smart.

The most important thing: In my opinion, both toothbrushes clean equally well.

Differences exist only in the accessories & the cleaning modes. Both I like a little better with the Diamond Clean.

  • The design is more refined (instead of a normal charging station, for example, there is a fancy charging glass, which you can use not only for rinsing, but also for wireless charging).
  • The additional cleaning modes such as the tongue cleaning or the polishing mode I also use regularly – they are the icing on the cake, so to speak.

While doing without such settings would also not be a disaster – but if I had the choice, then I would personally add a bit of money and also take these additional functions.

Taken on its own, however, the ExpertClean is more than adequate for healthy teeth. And in terms of size, it has a much more compact design – if I were to travel a lot, my choice would be the smaller ExpertClean.

I recommend listening to your individual needs.

If the mentioned features of Diamond Clean Smart sound interesting and price is not an issue, you can choose this toothbrush.

If you don’t need an additional chime, then you can stick with the ExpertClean with a clear conscience and do everything right.

Summary on the Sonicare ExpertClean 7300

This sonic toothbrush provides wonderfully clean teeth and, for me, is one of the best toothbrushes tested anywhere.

  • Many functions such as the timer or the Deep Clean mode I no longer want to miss – and also the strong battery offers noticeably more power than many other brushes.
  • The apps themselves represents (depending on usage behavior) quite a nice addition, but would not be a sole reason for purchase for me. For this, the benefit is then too limited.

Real weaknesses does not afford the Expert Clean 7300, however, which is why I recommend it to all who are looking for an all-round successful sonic toothbrush.

It offers a few bells and whistles AND a lot of really useful features for all-around great dental care.