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DrSmile - Invisible Braces ExperienceDrSmile invisible braces are inexpensive. But are braces suitable for you? These DrSmile experiences will help you decide.

Invisible braces – also known as aligners, are a comparatively convenient but also costly way to treat misaligned teeth. Since 2017, modern start-up companies like DrSmile have been offering affordable versions over the Internet.

Many customers wonder how safe and promising these alternatives to the traditional orthodontist really are.

The idea of saving between $1000 and $2000 definitely sounds very attractive at first. But what are the experiences with DrSmile?

I have done extensive research for you to answer the most important questions about DrSmile invisible braces:

  • How do they work?
  • How does the treatment proceed?
  • What does the treatment cost?
  • How effective are the braces?
  • What DrSmile experiences are there?

In the following article you will find many answers to these questions and surely this will help you to make up your own mind about the aligners from DrSmile. This table of contents will take you directly to the individual topics.

At the outset, I would like to emphasize that DrSmile has a very effective Internet marketing strategy.

Many of the links and DrSmile experiences that I have found on the subject are marked in small print as “editorial advertisement”, “cooperation contribution” or even quite directly as “advertising”. Thus, an objective reporting is unfortunately often missing.

In contrast, this article about DrSmile experiences is based solely on our own research and is in no way sponsored or endorsed by DrSmile.

Information about DrSmile

After the patent for invisible dental trays expired in 2017, several new companies have subsequently taken up the product

drsmile braces experience

DrSmile braces can be an affordable solution for mild misalignment of the teeth.

While aligners were previously only available from dentists or orthodontists, new providers created modern ways to offer these braces.

DrSmile relies on the Internet as a sales channel and cleverly combines this with a number of affiliated dental offices.

Online sales significantly reduce operating costs. At the more than 100 DrSmile partner practices nationwide, you can get a free consultation and initial examination from a professional.

  • Many competitors, who also offer braces on the Internet, also let customers make denture impressions.
  • A visit to a professional seems much more serious and effective.

The management of the company DrSmile is located in Berlin, online there is a free hotline phone number and an e-mail address as contact information. The business address can be found via the imprint.

How do the braces work?

The principle of invisible braces is actually quickly explained. Starting with your current set of teeth, clear plastic braces that you slip over your teeth provide a continuous slow straightening of crooked teeth.

drsmile invisible braces

DrSmile invisible braces must be worn daily to straighten teeth.

This is only and exclusively about aesthetic aspects. Chewing or the interaction of the upper and lower jaws cannot be influenced by braces from the Internet.

As with fixed braces, the constant pressure on the teeth ensures a change in the position of the teeth.

  • This process takes months and is only effective if you wear the braces almost around the clock.
  • You will also need to change braces every two weeks to accommodate the changes you have achieved.

You can find a detailed report on so-called harmony splints and their application in the article Harmony splint for straight teeth – Comprehensive guide.

DrSmile: Procedure of treatment

With DrSmile, there is a fixed course of treatment. First, you make an appointment at one of DrSmile’s partner practices, which will create a 3D scan of your dentition

drsmile procedure

First, you need to make an appointment with a dentist who is one of DrSmile’s partners.

On the basis of this scan, you will get a classification and an overview of what changes are possible in your case. Only if this overview convinces you, you have to order the product and pay for it.

In the following DrSmile produces your invisible braces and after a waiting period you will receive a package with all braces and detailed instructions for use.

  • Using an app for your cell phone, you will need to document the course of your treatment on a weekly basis.
  • After completion of the treatment phase with the braces, you will receive an assessment of whether further treatment steps are necessary.

On the Internet there are countless testimonials about DrSmile braces. However, many of them are the product of the cooperation of the company’s marketing department with “social media influencers”, who can even apply directly online for cooperation. Accordingly, most of the reports are positive.

Tip:The best idea about the exact procedure of DrSmile treatment is provided by the company’s website.

All the necessary steps of the treatment are described in detail and you can also search for a partner practice near you there.

What does DrSmile braces cost?

Principally, DrSmile braces come in three different styles: Light, Medium and Complex. The partner practice will determine which brace is right for you during the preliminary examination.

drsmile costs and prices

The prices and costs of DrSmile braces depend on the treatment time and the severity of the misaligned teeth.

Depending on which brace you need, the wearing time is longer or shorter.

However, according to the company, it averages eight months. Since you will need to replace the splints every 2 weeks during the course of treatment, a longer-lasting treatment will be correspondingly more expensive.

  • Both the manufacture of the splint and the wearing time depend on your dentition and the malocclusions that you want to have straightened.
  • For mild cases, fewer braces are needed, but for complex malocclusions, the treatment will take longer and you will need more braces.

Simple braces are available at DrSmile for $1790, medium ones for $2490, and complex models for $2990.

Monthly installment payment is also possible for all three variants. The installment payment is designed for six years and the monthly installments are thereby $33, $46 or $55.

Tip: If you want to compare the costs with other braces alternatives, then you are welcome to inform yourself in the guide to the various costs of braces.

Involvement of health insurance

Unfortunately, the statutory health insurance companies do not subsidize orthodontic treatment of adults.

Therefore, there is no co-payment for invisible braces from DrSmile.

How effective are the braces?

To assess how effective DrSmile invisible braces are, let me briefly explain the alternative treatment by a dentist

drsmile braces experience

Especially for mild misaligned teeth, DrSmile can be an affordable alternative to other braces.

When teeth are misaligned, the dentist or orthodontist has always been the first point of contact.

Depending on the diagnosis, different types of treatment were possible.

  • So there are the fixed braces made of metal, which you certainly know, but also modern variants such as loose braces, Invisalign or ceramic brackets.
  • Some treatment methods are thereby due to your type rather for adults, others are also suitable for children.

The almost invisible braces from the orthodontist, such as Invisalign or even ceramic brackets, are significantly more expensive than conventional fixed braces. A complete treatment can cost between 4000 and 6000 euros, depending on the case.

Companies such as DrSmile are trying to make this modern form of dental treatment available to a wider range of consumers at more affordable prices.

Test reports and experiences

On the Internet, you can find a relatively large number of reviews and experiences about DrSmile braces. This is, as already mentioned, at least partly due to the good marketing work of the company.

To actually be able to form your own opinion, you should definitely take care to distinguish advertising or paid posts from independent reports of experiences.

Experiences from the field

One of the main differences between seeking treatment from a specialist and buying a product online is the care and advice you receive.

drsmile experiences invisible braces

While you will have ongoing treatment with your dentist, when you purchase DrSmile braces you will only have an online consultation after your initial exam.

  • Experience reviews of DrSmile braces rate initial consultations at partner practices as consistently positive.
  • As with any other dental visit, there is a thorough examination.

In addition, modern scanners and graphics programs are used to show the patient the individual course of treatment.

Info: The cooperation with dental practices throughout Germany is considered a real market advantage of DrSmile.


Many DrSmile testimonials emphasize the importance of cleaning braces properly and regularly

drsmile clean braces

Since you should be wearing invisible braces 22 hours a day, the only time you can really take them off is when you eat or drink.

Before putting them back in, you need to clean both your teeth and braces thoroughly. You can use a toothbrush and normal toothpaste to clean the braces. The water should be cold or at most lukewarm.

Additionally, you must be careful when inserting and removing braces so that you do not damage the braces and they fit correctly.


Most DrSmile testimonials state that there is a slight pressure on the teeth especially with new braces

drsmile pain

This one is a little uncomfortable at first, but almost all users have had no pain or problems after a short period of getting used to it.

Since you ultimately want your teeth to shift to the correct position, you can count the pressure as a positive experience toward a more beautiful set of teeth.

Info: In the article Braces: All about the pain, you can learn more details and tips on this topic.

Price and quality

Only when you have completed the purchase and you have received your braces for treatment, the differences of the online product will become more apparent.

drsmile smartphone app

The DrSmile value for money must fit your personal needs.

With DrSmile braces, you are on your own.

While there is a mobile app that allows you to check your successes and contact company staff, none of this can replace regular checkups and examinations with a professional.

You can certainly benefit from the price advantage of DrSmile braces, but you need to be clear about where those savings are occurring.

If you are confident that technical advice via an app is sufficient in treating your misaligned teeth, you can certainly achieve positive results with DrSmile products for mild misaligned teeth.

drsmile worth it?

As with all investments, however, you should clearly weigh the costs against the benefits up front:

  • After all, even DrSmile’s invisible braces have their price.
  • Is it really worth it to save money and do without essential components of a professional treatment for it?

Even the advantage of the free preliminary examination at a dentist was recently revised by a press report. According to a court ruling, a DrSmile preliminary examination does not meet the general standard of orthodontic treatment.


As with many Internet products, once problems actually occur with invisible braces, it becomes apparent what you have purchased.

drsmile customer advice

In their DrSmile experiences, users report problems contacting customer service or long wait times to get concrete help for their own problems.

Then it is already much more reassuring to be able to visit your dentist and have him or her quickly fix the existing problems.


On DrSmile’s website, you will find a warranty notice that is designed to ensure customer satisfaction.

drsmile warranty

To benefit from the DrSmile warranty, you must follow the warranty terms very carefully.

If, despite correct application, you do not achieve the specified goal, DrSmile will cover all subsequent costs until the agreed result is achieved.

  • With some real experiences about DrSmile, it becomes clear that the guarantee is linked to relatively many conditions and actions of the users.
  • For example, they have to send photos to the app every week and strictly follow the treatment procedure.

If you do not observe these conditions from the first day of treatment, the guarantee promise is void.

Summary: DrSmile braces can correct slight misalignments

Most testimonials about DrSmile braces are positive and confirm satisfactory results

drsmile braces experience

The simpler the misalignment, the better the result.

If you have complicated malocclusions of the teeth, I would always advise you to consult an expert.

Since DrSmile’s online marketing department is very active, you will have to assess for yourself which testimonials are probably from actual users and which are from “friendly testers.”

In particular, customer support after payment is often criticized (see also

Alternatives to DrSmile and useful reading tips

DrSmile braces may be a solution to your misaligned teeth

drsmile alternative

Now I would like to provide you with more information so that you can find out the optimal solution or even alternative to DrSmile for you.

A professional consultation with your dentist or orthodontist will also give you information about the best treatment method.

Before-and-after photos of DrSmile’s Invisible Braces customers

Have you ever heard about DrSmile’s Invisible Braces? If you are considering getting your teeth straightened, you might want to check out their before-and-after photos. These pictures showcase the impressive results of their orthodontic treatment, and they can give you a good idea of what to expect from the procedure.

One of the things that stand out about DrSmile’s Invisible Braces is that they use customized, clear aligners instead of traditional metal braces. These aligners are virtually invisible and removable, which makes them an appealing option for adults and teenagers who don’t want to deal with the discomfort and inconvenience of braces. Additionally, DrSmile’s treatment is designed to be faster and more efficient than other methods, so you can achieve your desired results in as little as 6 months.

When you look at the before-and-after photos of DrSmile’s Invisible Braces customers, you will notice that the changes in their teeth are dramatic. Crooked, crowded teeth are transformed into a straight, beautiful smile, and gaps are closed for a more uniform appearance. The results are not only cosmetic; they can also improve oral health and function, reducing the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and jaw problems.

If you are interested in DrSmile’s Invisible Braces, it’s important to note that every case is unique, and results may vary. However, these photos can give you a realistic idea of what is possible with this innovative orthodontic solution. So, take a look at the gallery and imagine the possibilities of a perfect smile.