InvisalignWe all know the saying “Beauty is only skin deep.” But what about dental beauty? Can you improve your smile with clear braces that are nearly invisible to the naked eye? The short answer is yes. You read that right, Invisalign Express has finally come to America after years of success in other countries! This innovative technology uses advanced 3D imaging and state-of-the-art computer software to create an incredibly precise treatment plan tailored specifically to your teeth. Truly customizable, this system even allows for quick corrections if you happen to change your mind on how crooked or straight you want them!

Invisalign Express is one of the variations of the invisalign dental treatment program from Align Technology. The company offers two major variations of its standard invisalign program: Teen systems and Express. These two alternatives allow for more flexibility when it comes to addressing the unique treatment needs of specific dental patient groups. Invisalign Teen program is designed to help treat younger patients or those who are “dentally immature“, such as teenagers. The Express program, on the other hand, may be used both in younger patients and adults. This article offers more about invisalign express, including its effectiveness.

Invisalign Express: What Is It And Does It Work?

Invisalign Express is essentially a scaled-down version of the standard Invisalign treatment program. It is meant to provide a quicker and more cost effective option for treating minor orthodontic problems. This type of invisalign was, in fact, developed for patients with less complex teeth alignment issues, such as mild crowding, small spaces or gaps between teeth, slight misalignments and slightly crooked teeth.

Unlike the standard invisalign treatment that involves the use of a series of 20-30 invisible aligners, the Express program uses 10 or fewer sets of clear braces. In many cases, a series of five sets may be enough to produce results. This makes it more affordable than the traditional invisalign; and it also means it takes less time to complete treatment. The invisalign express cost 2017 is roughly $900-$1100, and this is much less than the cost of standard invisalign treatment – which can be anywhere from $2500-$4500. But it’s worth noting that the exact cost will vary depending on the complexity of the condition, the area of the country, and the specific dentist undertaking the procedure.

But does it work?

Invisalign express can be very effective when it comes to treating relatively simple orthodontic cases. Patients with cases involving minor misalignments, crowding, gaps and crooked teeth often report success with teeth alignment using the express program. The treatment takes about 6 months to complete, but many patients are able to achieve effective results in as little as 3 months.

For patients with minor alignment issues, invisalign express offers a quick, effective, affordable and convenient way to straighten teeth and improve smile.

This treatment is also used to make minor alignment changes, specifically in preparation for other procedures like veneers. It works great for this purpose. The express program allows patients to minimize the cost of preparing for such procedures while putting them on the path to a perfect smile.

How It Works

The Express treatment starts with an orthodontic consultation. The goal of the first consultation appointment is for the dentist to listen to the patient’s concerns about their smile and get to know them better. By focusing on what the patient wants to achieve for their teeth and smile, the orthodontist will create a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan to meet the patient’s needs. To create this plan, the dentist will take an impression or scan of the patient’s teeth and bite record. 3D technology is often utilized to map the patient’s dentition. This data is then used to design the patient’s individual tooth movements, and produce custom-made aligners unique to their treatment.

A series of 5 clear, removable plastic aligners are created for the patient receiving treatment. These aligners look essentially the same as those of the standard invisalign treatment. The only difference is that fewer sets of clear braces are used in the express treatment program. Each set is switched out approximately every 2 weeks. During this time, each of the aligner brace applies gentle pressure onto the teeth and slowly guides them into the correct position as prescribed by the orthodontist. Eventually, the patient is able to achieve their desired outcome.

As is the case with regular invisalign, patients undertaking the express treatment program are required to visit their orthodontist for a treatment progress check. During this visit, the dentist will check the progress of the teeth alignment, make the necessary adjustments and provide the patient with new sets of aligner braces to continue the treatment.

Because invisalign express is only meant to treat minor alignment problems, the invisalign aligners will show results faster than the standard invisalign devices. It’s not possible to determine the exact time period of treatment, but it’s definitely much less than that of regular invisalign treatment.

The clear aligner braces are removable (unlike metal braces) during activities like eating and brushing. However, these aligners must be worn at least 22 hours every day. Failure to wear the braces for this duration each day could see the treatment become slowed or even ineffective. That means that patients looking to take advantage of the express program to straighten their teeth must be significantly motivated and self-disciplined.

Undisciplined, uncooperative or unmotivated patients may fail to wear aligners as directed by the dentists. For these patients, any treatment advances they’ve made will relapse and they may be forced to incur added expense of a “mid-course correction” and delay in treatment. This can be frustrating; and it’s these types of patients who often give express aligners and other invisalign systems a bad rap.

Qualified patients who use this variation of invisalign correctly often find it very effective. It allows them to enjoy a low cost, simpler option to straighten their teeth and enhance their smile.

Dentists also find the express braces extremely useful as it provides them with improved features, flexibility and more streamlined options for dealing with teeth alignment problems in their patients. With the express program, they are able to provide a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing treatment that is not too costly.

Nonetheless, invisalign express has some shortcomings in terms of effectiveness. Its effectiveness is actually limited to mild or minor malocclusions. That means patients with moderate to severe malocclusions or problems like overcrowding, large gaps and extensively crooked teeth cannot rely on this program. It cannot effectively treat major teeth issues like large tooth spacings, severely rotated or tipped teeth, and other complex problems. Patients with moderate cases of misalignment don’t have a choice but to try regular invisalign, which is more expensive; while those with severe problems must choose conventional braces (or wire and brackets).

What’s more, some tooth issues may interfere with its effectiveness and the length of time that treatment lasts. For example, short teeth or those that are severely tipped, round or pegged may pose problems when it comes to placing the clear braces. Existing dental work or the need for some restorations could also interfere with treatment. These are some of the issues that must be considered before embarking on treatment. Fortunately, a good dentist should be able to evaluate and address such complications and find a way around any potential problem so they can administer effective express program.