6 Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance no waiting period is a program that provides a customer with the ability to use their insurance plan as soon as it’s purchased. This allows people to purchase this type of dental coverage if they want to have protection from major emergencies and accidents, but don’t currently need any treatment. A lot of states will allow you to buy before you need, so this makes it easier for everyone. You’ll know exactly what has been covered, how much it costs and everything else without having to worry about finding out later on down the road. People who have health issues should always look into buying these types of plans so they can stay healthy at all times. They’re very beneficial and can give you the type of protection that you need when accidents happen.

There’s denying the fact that funding a dental procedure can take a big toll on your finances. A relatively minor procedure can set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars, while the treatment of major and complex dental problem can cost tens of thousands of dollars. One way to make treatment affordable, or get low cost dental care, is through purchasing dental coverage for you and your family.

Dental Insurance No Waiting Period Offers Both Peace of Mind and Big Savings

Like many people, you may not feel and need and pressure to purchase dental insurance as of this moment since you don’t have any oral health problems. Even though you can afford it right now, you may be tempted to hold off on buying this important form of health insurance – mistakenly believing that you can buy a dental policy and benefit from it the moment you start experiencing dental problems. If you’re currently playing the waiting game with dental insurance, you need to understand that dental insurance policies come with “waiting periods” – a set time that must pass before you’re covered for some procedures. For most dental health insurance policies, a waiting period is typically imposed on both basic and major procedures. There’s usually no waiting period for preventative dental care procedures.

Major, complex dental procedures often have the longest waiting period, the delay between enrollment for coverage and the actual onset of coverage for the procedure. This is designed to prevent people from buying coverage when they need to undergo one of those expensive procedures (like a series of implants or root canals) – and then opting out of the plan, which means halting premium payments, as soon as the treatment is complete.

Remember insurance companies are not charities. Their business is to make profit for their shareholders, and to do that, they must take in more in premiums than they pay out – and they can’t accomplish this if the coverage for expensive procedures were to start immediately or at the beginning of the next month after signing up for a policy (as is the case with regular health insurance policies).

For most dental plans, the policy-holder or subscriber has to wait for at least 6-12 months to undergo a major procedure; and anywhere from 3 to 6 months for minor procedures. During this waiting period, the insurance company won’t pay a dime for these types of procedures. The policy-holder must pay the full price for the treatment out-of-pocket. And they won’t be reimbursed when the coverage for the procedures commences – after the waiting period is over. Basically, during this waiting period the subscriber is on his/her own.

So if you’ve been delaying buying dental insurance thinking that you’ll do so and enjoy the policy benefits once you start experiencing significant problems, you’re in for a nasty surprise. Chances are your policy won’t be able to help you pay for the cost of your procedure. Instead of lowering the cost of dental care, you’ll end up with a bigger dent in your wallet – since you’ll pay for the procedure 100% out-of-pocket and still continue paying for the insurance that won’t help you until the waiting period is over.

Aside from the waiting period, there may also be restrictions in regards to how often the policy-holder can get specific dental treatments. For example, a policy-holder may be restricted to having their fillings replaced once every 6 years, or dentures replaced every 5 years – regardless of any need for replacement that may arise before then.

In addition, there may be restriction with regards to pre-existing dental illnesses and conditions. Actually, most dental plans won’t cover these.

That’s where dental insurance no waiting period comes in.

The best course of action to take when you think you’re going to need a major or basic procedure in the near future, or don’t want to be restricted when it comes to getting specific procedures or treatment for pre-existing conditions, is to take advantage of dental insurance no waiting period.

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But what is dental insurance no waiting period?

As you might have guessed, this type of insurance doesn’t impose a waiting period when it comes providing coverage for various dental procedures. With this form of dental insurance, ‘immediate’ coverage is not restricted to preventative procedures. You receive the care you need, when you need it (now when coverage commences) – regardless of the type of procedure!

Dental plans tend to categorize treatments into three groups:

  • Preventative procedures: Includes things like routine cleanings, x-rays, checkup and so on.
  • Basic procedures: Includes simple tooth extractions, deep cleanings, periodontal treatment, fillings and other uncomplicated treatments.
  • Major procedures: These includes all those complex, restorative procedures like dentures, implants, oral surgery, bridges, inlays, root canals, crowns, and more – which may require multiple steps to complete.

Most plans operate under a ‘100-80-50’ insurance coverage model. This simply means that preventative procedures are covered in full or 100%, basic procedures are covered 80%, and major dental treatments are covered at a 50 percent rate.

Preventative dental procedures often do not have a waiting period, while various basic procedures come with a minimum 3-month waiting period, and you may have to wait anywhere from 6-12 months before you get coverage for any of the major procedures.

With a dental insurance no waiting period policy, there are no waiting periods, restrictions on the frequency of specific treatments or exclusions for pre-existing conditions. Any treatment you receive – be it a basic, preventative or major procedure – right away is insured.

If you think you’ll need a basic or major dental procedure in the near future, you should consider dental insurance no waiting period plans. Many insurance companies waive the requirement for a waiting period even for major, complex treatments, particularly to families, professionals and groups of 10 and over. These dental plans allow you to get the treatment you need right there and then. They also allow you to save money by reducing your out-of-pocket expenses and ensuring you receive treatment for smaller problems that could potentially get worse over time and develop into more expensive problems.

Types of Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

The dental insurance plans that may waive the waiting period include:

  • Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DMHO): With this plan, you have access to a network of participating dentists or dental offices from where you can receive treatment. There’s no waiting period for preventative and basic, non-surgical procedure, but you may have to wait to receive major procedures. You must stay within the network or else lose on coverage.
  • Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO): This is more like a DMHO but with some flexibility in that you can roam outside the provider’s network and still receive coverage.
  • Dental Discount Plans: These non-traditional dental plans require you to pay a monthly fee to enjoy huge discounts on various services. The monthly fee is like paying premium that allows you to get low-cost dental treatment.

How to Find Dental Insurance No Waiting Period

You can easily find dental insurance no waiting period online. Online insurance agents have access to these types of plans and many would be happy to help you. These professionals should be able to help you fully understand your options for dental insurance no waiting period.