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Dental AssistantsDental Assistants are important members of the dental healthcare team. They work closely with dentists to provide patient care and perform a variety of tasks, such as taking X-rays, preparing treatments, sterilizing instruments and supplies, scheduling appointments, updating patient records, and more.

The dental assistant job description has quite a wide scope and involves a variety of tasks.  A dental assistant performs many duties in the dentist’s office- which may include keeping records, scheduling appointments, ordering supplies and receiving payments from patients.  The job description for dental assistant also details interaction with patients.  When a patient visits the dental office it is part of the dental assistant job description to locate the medical record of the patient and to prepare the patient for their dental exam.

Dental assistant job description also includes working side by side with the dentist.  Assistants may be responsible for handing the dentist the proper tools and materials.  When a patient has their teeth cleaned or a cavity filled or any other service that requires the suction hose, the dental assistant job description includes this duty, as well.  The dental assistants may also operate the x-ray machine and take impressions of a patient’s teeth or mouth.  Part of their job description may be to sterilize instruments, mix compounds for filling or cleaning teeth and to develop x-rays.

Individuals who trained to become a dental assistant will have a number of places that they can work which include private offices, dental schools, hospitals, clinics, and public health departments.

Education And Training Requirements

Dental assistants are a career that the individual can receive their training on the job.  Courses that will be helpful to the dental assistant will be courses in health, chemistry, and biology.

Dental assisting programs through technical institutes, vocational schools, and colleges are also an option for training.  There are 265  assisting training programs that are accredited with the American Dental Association.  The typical length of time of the course is one to two years.  Once the dental program is complete the student can become a registered or licensed dental assistant provided they meet state requirements.

Dental Surgery Assistant Job Description

A dental surgery assistant specializes in helping with surgeries of the mouth’s tissues and teeth.  Oral surgeons’ procedures can include a number of surgeries which include replace missing teeth,  restoring the gum or dental implants, jaw surgery, tooth extractions and so on.

The job surgery dental assistant job description is to prepare the area where the surgery will be performed and prep the patients for operations.  Duties include taking vital signs and to assist with intravenous sedation and general anesthesia.  Addition surgery dental assistant job description include to prepare surgical dressings and to assist the surgeon by retracting the patient’s lip or cheek and to perform suctioning.  They also are responsible for monitoring intravenous fluids and vital signs during a surgery, sterilizing instruments and to assist the oral surgeon.  Some dental surgery assistants may find that they prepare patient consent forms, write in patients’ treatment charts, maintain inventories, prepare prescriptions, develop dental radiographs.

Dental Office Job Assistant Description

The dental office assistant job description is an assistant that can vary from being strictly receptionist type duties and gathering patient charts to working side by side with the dentist.  It is typically a behind the desk job and one that includes scheduling appointments and taking payments as well as bookkeeping.

Dental Assistant Job Description For Resume

For those that are interested in working in the field as a dental assistant their resume should be extremely well written. The dental assistant job description on the resume should include specific details such as what the candidate is capable of performing, such as:

  • Build excellent relations with patients and be a nurturing spirit towards them as dental procedures are painful
  • Coordinate with the other staff of the practice
  • Keep a record of the inventory and order supplies when falling short of it
  • Make future appointments for the patient
  • Take x-rays of the teeth
  • Remove records of the patients for the dentist to read up
  • Prepare the patients before the check up
  • Educate the patients on proper dental care
  • Maintain dental records on each patient and arrange them in a proper filing system
  • Make appointments for patients
  • Receptionist duties
  • Sterilize dental equipment before and after every procedure to maintain hygiene
  • Assist the dentist in all the dental procedures


  • High School Diploma
  • Eagerness to learn on the job
  • Good communication skills
  • Basic knowledge of computers
  • Training, if applicable

The dental assistant job description features a job that features many different areas of the office.  For those that enjoy working with others and long term relations it is a wonderful career, especially for the caring, compassionate heart.  It is a career that anyone who has completed high school can enter, which leaves it open to many individuals.  The career is a career that many individuals enter to later train up into another position within the office.

The dental assistant salary varies from state to state, but, the median expected salary for a typical dental assistant in the US is right around $33K.  Alternative titles for the dental assistant are dental assistant and dentist assistant.

Dental assistant job description features many different hats and individuals that enjoy a variety in the office place will definitely love being a dental assistant.  Dental assistant job description may vary from employer to employer and it is best that when you seek employment that you ask for the specific dental assistant job description duties that the employer expects you to perform.  Not only do you need to be aware of what is expected of you, you may have some negotiating power if the duties are quite detailed.

In conclusion, dental assistant job description is a job that offers an array of excitement and different duties throughout the office, next to the dentist and with patients.  It is a job that anyone with a high school diploma or equivalent can qualify for.  The salary is quite high in comparison with other careers.  Hours are typically 9 am to 5 pm, sometimes with a longer than average lunch.  The career is definitely something that is there for those that enjoy caring and nurturing, have good organizational skills, and like a variety of duties, and do not have a great deal of education.

Dental Assistant Resume

One of the most important things, if you are looking to excel in dental assistant profession, is to have a top-class dental assistant resume. A dental assistant is a career that requires specific knowledge.  While often there is no more than a high school diploma to apply, there are certain areas that you will have to have knowledge in order to apply for the position.  It is the one career that many dentists will hire an employee and train them on the job.

Dental assistants are a professional career that receives a lot of respect.  The career involved many specific duties that range from prepping patients to gathering files and filing, to recording on patient records, to helping the dentist by handing him instruments and tools, receptionist duties and so on.  A dental assistant performs a variety of tasks and it is a career that is enjoyable for many individuals.

For those that have completed training or are in search of a new dental office to work for, their dental assistant resume is of utmost importance and is something that will require a great deal of research and thought.

A dental assistant resume is important and will be the first impression that a dentist receives from a candidate.

How To Write A Dental Assistant Resume

When you begin to write your dental assistant resume you will want to put some time into it.  You need to consider what you have accomplished so far and record it so that it is interesting and attractive to the employer or hiring agent.

The first thing to do is to research the dental offices that you might like to work.  You also want to get in touch with dental assistant and even offices and ask them point-blank, what qualities make a good dental assistant and what do not.  You can do this via telephone or email and it will be very helpful on your resume as you can emphasize on the qualities that attract and are compatible in a dental office.

Put together your information.  Know your education program names, courses that you took in high school that will be helpful on the job, pertinent dates, job titles and so on.  You want to be sure that you are very specific and that the information is right.

When you begin to create your dental assistant resume, you will want to expand on your experience.  Don’t just list the places that you have worked or training you have received, elaborate on it a bit.  Make bullet points that highlight or showcase specific details that add to your training and qualities.  Include everything that will help to present you in the best light on your dental assistant resume.

Show the employer that you are the candidate that they want.  If you have researched the dental office then you will know what they seek.  This will be a great benefit to you.  Highlight your qualities and make your dental assistant resume look as attractive as possible.

Dental Assistant Sample Resume

A dental assistant sample resume may look something as follows:

Contact Information:

  1.  Full name
  2.  Permanent address
  3. Telephone numbers
  4. Email address

Education:  Here you will want to list your highest degree first.  Include the:

  • Name of the institution in which you received training, the city and state.
  • Degree, major and year awarded
  • GPA

Experience:  List the most recent experience first.

Activities:  Memberships in professional organizations and campus and community activities.

Personal:  Citizenship, special awards, patents, security clearances, certifications, etc.

When making your dental assistant resume, you will want to consider making some of the following points:

  • Any work in surgery, clerical duties, and administrative duties
  • Sterilizing equipment, prepping surgical area, prepping patient,
  • Helping patients to feel relaxed and at ease.
  • Locating and filing patient records
  • Dentist assistance during dental procedures
  • Receptionist duties
  • Sending out appointment reminders to patients

If you access online, you will find many sample dental assistant resume choices to choose from.  This can help you to create a well-rounded resume that is sure to be effective.

Certified Dental Assistant Resume

A certified dental assistant resume is a very attractive resume that highlights your career profile, your professional strengths, your professional experience, your educational training and personal details, as well as references.

You definitely want to highlight your dental assistant job description for resume so that it is attractive and that it intrigues the employer or hiring agent.

When you create a well-constructed dental assistant resume that is well researched and well thought out, you will have a much greater opportunity at securing the position.  Your dental assistant resume is not something that should be done quickly; it is something that will take time and something which will require research.  If you do have trouble with your resume then definitely get online and research the various sites that have sample resumes.  Many of these resumes are free, and they will lead you to a number of ideas.

Another option you have for your dental assistant resume is a professional resume service.  If you do choose this option, you definitely should seek a service that specializes in dental resumes.  The services typically charge anywhere from right around $50 into the hundreds, depending on the extent and quality of the resume.

In conclusion, dental assistant resume is a very important factor if you are aiming to excel in this profession. Being  dental assistant is an exciting career.  Dental assistants perform  a number of duties and  the job is a rewarding job, especially for those that enjoy caring for people.  It is a career that is in demand and one that offers an annual salary right around $37K.  Those entering the profession and those that are changing from one job to another will have a great many choices in employment.  Your dental assistant resume will be something that needs to be constructed with a great deal of detail, accuracy and created in a manner that is attractive and interesting.  Your resume will be the first impression the employer or hiring agent has, and you definitely want your resume to make a statement about you and one that keeps the readers interest from the very first lines.

Dental Assistant Salary

The world of dental assistants can be quite lucrative and it is quite possible to make a good dental assistant salary. Indeed, it is not unknown for dental assistants to make around $50k; however it is more common to hit $30k. The world of dental assistants can also be extremely rewarding, and for many the demands of this diverse and interesting job and working amongst a team of staff and the public, does not need a high dental assistant salary to compensate it.

The key to making a good dental assistant salary is to be a good dental assistant. In the information below we take a look at what it is to be a good dental assistant and the steps in which you need to further your abilities and earn a good dental assistant salary.

A good dental assistant also needs a number of qualifications to become a certified dental assistant. These are available from a number of institutions or accredited online programs available.

The information below provides a summary of what needs to happen in order to be closer to becoming part of the dental assistants’ elite and to make a good dental assistant salary.

How To Become A Dental Assistant And Earn An Average Dental Assistant Salary

A dental assistant must either start their career working as a trainee in a dental practice or take a course from a provider of accredited dental assistant programs. There are a number of high quality dental assistant programs available online or from a number of institutions around the country. A certified dental assistant salary is on average three times the salary of a trainee dental assistant salary.

In order to have experience commensurate a dental assistant needs to have worked as a trainee in a dental practice for two years whereas those who take an accredited dental assistant program can be in receipt of a certified dental assistant salary within four months easily.

The choice of whether to take an accredited dental assistant program or to take two years training in a dental practice really depends on where you are with your career at the moment; though it is worth bearing in mind that there are a lot of skills required in becoming a top dental assistant and any training program is likely to be very intensive.

Those who chose to become a dental assistant must also pass an exam. It is possible to enroll for this enrollment for this exam at a number of institutions or online companies across the U.S. Different institutes and online companies will be able to offer a different level of support should you take the appropriate dental assistant exam.

It is only with these qualifications that one can earn a good dental assistant salary; and becoming a good dental assistant and earning more than the average salary for dental assistant jobs.

How To Make A Great Dental Assistant Salary?

It is worth noting at this stage that some dental assistants earn no more than $20,000 per year and in order to earn a good salary for dental assistant jobs it is important to ensure that you are able to offer the full range of services required. It is also important to note that the salary for dental assistants may be as much as $50k. It is therefore possible to make a great dental assistant salary.

There are hundreds of dental assistants passing their dental assistant exams every year and in order to range highly amongst them it is important to further your career. The salary of a dental assistant ranges according to how good they are at their duties and roles and how much responsibility they have.

It is important to choose the right dental assistant school or online program. There is a huge variety to choose from. Consider the enrollment rates of the courses and how well the students do. Consider where the course students are now working having completed a course with that institution or accredited program.

Whilst it is essential to have qualifications and to have completed some form of training or apprenticeship in order to become a dental assistant, this does not assure you of becoming a dental assistant earning a good dental assistant salary.

It is only with hard work and determination that you can rise above the others and become one of the top dental assistants who is earning the best certified dental assistant salary in the region of $40k or more.

The best dental assistants provide a full range of services to their dentists and become a spare pair of hands to their dentists of dental operators. The best dental assistants are responsible for the health and safety of the GP Practice and any instruments as well as providing management skills to the work of the dentist or dental operator. It may also be that the dental assistant provides support to the dentist during a dental procedure; this may be limited to passing instruments or may involve applying topical anesthetics to a dental patient. It is worth bearing in mind that different states in the U.S. have different regulations regarding the level of involvement a dental assistant may have.

Dental assistants may also be required to undertake laboratory work such as preparing materials such as sealants and fluoride preparations or making casts of teeth under the guidance of the dentist. Again this level of responsibility does depend on the law of the state within which one is practicing as a dental assistant.

In order to make a good dental assistant salary in the dental assistant field, it is important to undertake as many roles as possible and to provide as much to the dental practice as you can within the regulations of the state. It may be worthwhile considering starting your dental assistant career in a state which allows the most progression within the role. The salary of a dental assistant will be parallel to the amount of responsibility assured to the dental assistant and the complexity of the tasks which they need to undertake.

Dental Assistant School

Dental assistant schools now very common across the U.S. with over three hundred courses available; these include the traditional dental assistant school as well as the online school for dental assistant and weekend dental assistant school format of teaching.

A dental assistant school offers accredited courses in being a dental assistant which are called certified or accredited dental assistant programs. These courses are only for those who have not had two years experience working as a dental assistant trainee. In order to offer a dental assistant program, the dental assistant school must be accredited by the Association of Dentists in America (ADA). In order to become an accredited dental assistant, irrespective of your previous work experience, it is necessary to pass an exam set by the Dental Assisting National Board Certificate Dental Assistant and the Accredited Dental Assisting program.

A weekend dental assistant school offers the flexibility to study the course at weekends only meaning that you can fund your dental assistant school cost through taking on a full time job. It is also a great option to study for the exam should you have nearly two years of experience as a dental assistant in a dental practice. An online school for dental assistant also offers you flexibility in your studies.

How To Find A Suitable Dental Assistant School

There are two key steps to finding a suitable dental assistant program:


With some three hundred course to chose from and many options providing a great deal of flexibility, it is important to undertake thorough research to ensure that your choice is tailored to your specific needs. The Association of Dentists in America (ADA) has some excellent resources on their website to help you find dental assistant programs in America. The dental assistant school cost across America varies massively and it is therefore important to ensure that you have the budget to cover all the costs.


Contact the organizations to find out what they can offer you; the choice of a dental assisting program is very important as it will be the basis for your future career. You can enroll directly with the dental assistant school and you should discuss all your options with them.

Whilst it is possible to enter work as a dental assistant through undertaking two years of apprenticeship, this can be complimented by a placement at a weekend dental assistant school as there are benefits to attending a dental assistant school. There are many rewards and benefits in attending a program and passing the exam.

What Are The Benefits Of Attending A Dental Assistant School?

The role of dental assistant can be very complex as dental assistant undertakes many different and complicated tasks on a daily basis.
Dental assistants provide a management function to the dentist or dental operator. A dental assistant will also provide support to the dentist during procedures and may apply treatments, such as fluoride to patients. Dental assistants ensure that the premises are clean and hygienic at all times and are responsible for the legal regulations in Health and Safety. There is work available in laboratories for dental assistants as well. A dental assisting program helps to support learning these complex skill sets.

Being a dental assistant can be highly rewarding, interesting and challenging. It is an extremely diverse role with a huge range of complex and motivating tasks. Being a dental assistant can also be very lucrative if you work hard and the environment is right. Good dental assistants can earn anything up to $50k with the average salary being around $25k to $30k. Being a dental assistant can also provide a high level of security with many options for your next career step. Being a dental assistant can also come with a number of benefits such as a high rate of paid holiday and medical care provision.

Attending a dental assistant school can provide you with the teaching and support to enable you to become a career high flyer as a dental assistant. Being a dental assistant can be a lot of hard work and a dental assistant school can equip you with the best tools to undertake that work. As an accredited dental assistant you will also open other doors on your career.
Remember that some dental assistant schools can be very expensive; whilst others provide a cost-effective and efficient means of becoming a dental school assistant. Online schools can provide a cheaper option; though it is often that students are more immersed attending classes with their tutors and peers at a dental assistant school on campus.

What Next After Finishing Dental Assistant School?

Having studied at a dental assistant school, there are opportunities to work as an accredited dental assistant in a dental practice and to put in place the skills that you have learnt. Job prospects for accredited dental assistants are excellent and this boom is on the increase with an anticipated growth of nearly 40% over the next five years. However, this boom and positive prognosis for the dental assistant career has meant that more and more people are training to become dental assistants and the competition is high.

Further training is also available for those who have chosen a career of being a dental assistant; this will keep you ahead of the game and within the top 10% of dental assistants who earn $45k per year. There is a real potential for dental school assistants to shape the way in which their dental practice is run and to provide real hands on support the dental practice and the dentist or dental operator. This is the way to be in the top 10% of dental assistants.

Dental assistant school can help you become the top 10% of dental assistant profession. It may be that being a dental assistant is a stepping stone to other careers in the dentistry and oral care field, such as oral hygienists. The high skill and qualification level to become an oral hygienist in America sees some top oral hygienists earning in around $100’000 per year.

Dental Assistant Training

The following information provides you with a succinct guide to dental assistant training. It outlines the types of dental assistant education and training as well as showing you how to enroll on these programs. Finally, the information provided below lets you know of the benefits of working as a dental assistant, of which there are many.

A dental assistant works on a dental team, including hygienist, therapist and dentist, providing a huge range of supportive functions to the Dental Practice and its team. A dental assistant assists in the welfare of the patients ensuring that they are calm for their procedure; dental assistant will also prepare the patient for their dental appointment. A dental assistant has a management role within the dental practice and ensures that health and safety requirements are met within the surgery.

The role of dental assistant is very much governed by the employer and the employee in terms of the tasks undertaken and the levels of responsibilities assumed. For many the level of responsibility given to a member of staff is often related to their level of experience. Dental assistant training is now an affordable and convenient way in which to assume greater levels of responsibility as well as more job satisfaction and potential earnings. Dental assistant training is also a good start to many other career opportunities.

You can learn a lot of skills from working in a dental practice and this is a key route in for many dental assistants. In order to become accredited as a dental assistant, although it is completely legal to practice as a dental assistant without any formal accreditation or qualifications, it is necessary to have worked in a dental position for at least two years. Formal training for dental assistant is another option available to gain accreditation and can be completed in four months.

Where Can I Find Dental Assistant Training?

Dental assistant training is available from many sources including from dental assistant training programs offered by campus universities to dental assistant on the job training. It is also now possible to take training for dental assistant as a distance learning course which can provide flexibility in your dental assistant education and training.

Whilst it is not imperative in most of the U.S. to have undertaken training for dental assistant to work as a dental assistant in a dental practice, this is now a legal requirement in three states. With higher levels of regulation happening all over the U.S, it may be that other states will follow. Furthermore, an accredited qualification from a recognized organization can be helpful should you wish to progress your management role further and have responsibility for other members of staff in the practice.

Dental assistant training may take between two years and four months depending on where you are in your dental assistant career. For those dental assistants who have been working in a practice for two years or more, it is possible to graduate as an accredited dental assistant without undertaking a more expanded program, the dental assistant program. However, if you have not got a background in dental practices, you will need to take the full program to become an accredited dental assistant.

As stated, there is a huge range of choice for those students wanting to be dental assistants and there are also opportunities both online and on a campus for ongoing dental assistant training for those who see their career being a dental assistant as well as being an academic endeavor.

As a dental assistant, you should continue to undertake dental assistant training to ensure that you are up to date with new processes as well as continuing your academic learning. There are a number of good quality dental assistant training programs available which will be able to provide you with invaluable skills in the dental assistant world.

Dental assistant training consists of an accredited dental assisting program and an examination overseen by the Association of Dentists in America (ADA) and the Association of Dental Assistants in America (ADAA). These are the main recognized bodies in dentistry and therefore a national standard. The ADA and the ADAA follow a very stringent accreditation process and only award it to those who demonstrate their ability to teach their students what is necessary to work as a successful dental assistant.

What Are The Benefits Of Continuing With Dental Assistant Training?

There are many ways in which you can work as a dental assistant, but for many, their goal is to be the best dental assistant and to enjoy their job. Whilst those working without accreditation may be given opportunities to expand their role, there will be more trust in those staff that have successfully passed an accredited program.

The role of dental assistant can have a lot of perks. A large number of dental assistants are earning around $30k. This of course varies, depending on where you are in America and how much experience and how many formal qualifications you have in your field. The dental assistant arena is becoming more competitive and those who want to stay at the forefront need to consider formal qualifications which can be provided by completing dental assistant training course. There are some dentists who prefer hands on experience and if possible it is helpful to work in a dental practice whilst at college or undertaking a distance learning course.

The dental assistant training program can be a stepping stone to other challenges and does not preclude a career in other areas of work. It may be that your role as a dental assistant furthers your interest in other fields in dentistry such as a dental hygienist of dental therapist. For some students, the dental assistant training may open up other avenues in the medical field such as sales or marketing.
These are wide range of options available to those who have successfully completed a dental assistant training course. The role of dental assistant can be a secure one as long as you are dedicated to the role and with the field of dentistry expanding every year it looks as though it will stay that way for a while.

Advancements and opportunities for career growth in dental assisting

Dental assisting is an ever-evolving profession that offers an array of opportunities for career advancement and personal growth. Advancements in dental technology have played a significant role in the growth and development of this profession. With the advent of new technology such as laser dentistry, digital radiography, and computer-assisted design (CAD)/computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM), dental assistants are presented with new and exciting opportunities for career growth.

One of the most significant advancements in dental technology is the use of CAD/CAM. The technology has enabled dentists to create high-quality restorations such as crowns, bridges, and implants in-house. This creates a perfect opportunity for dental assistants with an interest in digital technology to grow their career by learning how to use CAD/CAM software. This career path could lead to a position as a dental CAD/CAM specialist or even in the dental laboratory.

Another advancement that presents significant opportunities for career growth in dental assisting is laser technology. The use of lasers has changed the way some dental procedures are performed. Dental assistants who have an interest in laser dentistry can pursue further education and training to become laser certified. After obtaining certification, a dental assistant can take up a position as a dental laser assistant or even move into research.

To conclude, advancements in dental technology have created a world of opportunities for career growth in dental assisting. With the right education and training, dental assistants can unlock their full potential and become specialists in various fields, from CAD/CAM to laser technology. By staying abreast of new technology and pursuing further education, dental assistants are positioning themselves to become key players in the dental profession.