The best toothpastes for protection

Best toothpaste is not just for brushing but also for preventing decay, tartar build up and plaque. Toothpastes provide many benefits to maintain oral health. The kind of toothpaste one should use depends on the purpose of using the toothpaste. We have reviewed best toothpastes based on their recommendations, reviews and ratings from users.

One of the most popular questions that I got like hundreds of likes was what is the best toothpaste to use?

What is it, you know, what’s the best toothpaste, what’s the best mouthwash? Important question. And I am going to answer that question for you. But to answer that question, I want you to understand what a tooth cavity is and I am going to explain it to you in extreme detail. One thing I take a lot of satisfaction in is that my explanations are super, super simple to understand. I mean, when I have patients come in, I want to make sure that they understand everything, whether it’s a five-year-old kid or a 95-year-old person. There’s nothing more important than understanding what is being said. And I use very simple analogies. I use everyday words, no scientific Mumbo jumbo. I make it make sense. Okay? And I promise you that by the end of this post you will understand two cavities so well that you’ll be able to explain it to your friends, to your families, and whoever else you want to explain it too.

Every tooth in the mouth is made up of three layers. You have the outside white layer, which is what we see all the time. And then underneath the white layer does the second layer, which is kind of brownish and yellowish. And then you have the third and final layer of the tooth, which is called the pole. That’s like you have a pope of our fruit. We have the pulp of a tooth. And what’s so important about the pulp is that that’s where all the nerves live. That’s where all the blood vessels, the veins, and the arteries live. That’s what keeps the tooth alive and gives it its nutrition from the body. And the reason it’s so important is this pump is connected through the bloodstream, and it goes throughout your entire body.

Best Toothpastes For Protection, Whitening, Sensitivity And Gum HealthThat’s why we always say that dental health affects your entire body health, whether it’s your heart, whether it’s your brain, whether it’s any other organ in the body, and that will be for a future article. But just know that the pope is what connects every single tooth in the, in the mouth to the rest of your body. So those are the three layers. Now, what you have to understand is my mouth in your mouth and every human being, nothing. The universe is filled with millions and millions of bacteria. These little tiny bugs that live in our mouth and some these bugs love to hang out on the teeth. Think of the tooth as their vacation spot. They love to go and sit on a tooth and lounge and have a great time. And you always hear these terms like plaque harder calculus. All that means is that it’s a collection of a lot of these bacteria are living together.

Think of them as mansions or homes for the bacteria. So bacteria might hang out one of your teeth on one of your teeth and say, Hey, I really love this tooth. So then he invites his family members and his in his friends, and they go, hey guys, let’s start building homes on these teeth. And those are homes that they built on your teeth is what plaque is, is what tartar is. It is what calculus is. So they’re just collections of teeth. So you have all these bacteria that are living in, attached on your teeth. Now to bacteria, love to eat. And their number one food that they love to eat is sugar. Just we love sugar. Bacteria love sugar. So when you eat the sugar, what happens is those bacteria living on the teeth, they eat that same exact sugar. And when we eat, we eventually have to go to the bathroom.

And so do bacteria, right? Think of it that way. But what comes out of bacteria when they go to the bathroom is pure acid. Literally, it’s acid that comes out of the bacteria after they get that sugar. So think about it, they’re lounging in your teeth, they’re enjoying all this sugar, having a good time on your teeth, they have to go. If they go right where they are on your teeth, and pure acid comes out and that acid makes holes inside your tooth. And that hole is what a cavity is. So a cavity is simply a hole in the tooth that’s caused by the acid coming from the bacteria. Cavity equals hole. So if you look here in this next drawing, okay, this is what a cavity looks like. So you know, and the cavity always starts in the white layer. It has started the white layer, and it’s making its way down, down, down, and it wants to get to the pulp.

The bacteria have a goal in life, and their goal is to get to the Paul is to get to the middle of that tooth. They are digging for gold, and their gold is inside this pulp. We absolutely do not want them to get there, but that is their goal in life. That’s their goal. So a cavity always starts here. So what happens is he’s lounging up there, lounging over here, they eat this sugar, the acid comes out, acid makes a hole in the tooth, in the bacteria, go deeper in the hole, they start lounging over here, they get more sugar, more acid comes out to make the hole deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and they want to get here. Now if you go to a dentist, right, and and the cavity is still within the first or second layer, it’s no big deal.

Best Toothpastes For Protection, Whitening, Sensitivity And Gum HealthIt’s a very easy fix. All the dentist has to do is drill the drill, drill it out, drill the cavity out, clean out the bacteria, and they put a filling in the tooth. They just plug it up with an affiliate. You have white fillings, you have silver fillings, and if you get to that later, but just know the concept of it, they just drill out the bacteria, clean out the hole and plug it in with a feeling. It’s a; it’s an easy treatment. It’s, it’s not painful, and it’s not that expensive, okay. Versus other dental treatments, and I know there’s a lot of stigmas out there about dentistry being very, very expensive and that’s a totally another episode. We’ll get to that, but just know that a simple feeling is not that costly. Now what happens is if the bacteria Gad to the pope, if you get there too late and it actually gets to the pub, it’s pretty much game over because what happens is the bacteria now have access down the entire tooth into your bone and into your bloodstream.

And it’s bad news because it could cause abscesses. Inside your jaw and in your body. And that’s again a different episode, but that just, just to know and that’s, that’s where treatment gets really expensive. That’s where root canals come into place. And again, we’ll discuss that later. All I want you to understand right now is that bacteria live on your teeth and they want to get into the pole. And they do that by eating sugar and having acid come out of them that makes holes in the teeth. So now, back to the original question, right? What is the best toothpaste? Is it Colgate? Is it crest? Is it aqua fresh? Is it and hammer. Now that you know what a cavity is and how a cavity begins, okay, I want you to know what the number one cavity prevention is and that is the actual physical, mechanical act of brushing.

Because when you brush your teeth, what you are literally doing is just pushing the bacteria off the teeth. They’re lounging your teeth, they’re trying to make Holmes on your teeth, and all you’re doing with the brushing is like physically pushing them off. So then you don’t give them enough time to eat that sugar and make that acid into your tooth. Right? Cause if they’re not on the tooth, they can’t harm your teeth. So that’s what brushing does. And honestly, if you take a toothbrush and put no toothpaste on it and just run it under the water and brush your teeth, you’re doing exactly what you need to do to prevent cavities. I tell some people, just take your, if you don’t have a toothbrush, just take your finger from an underwater and just rub your teeth with your finger just to push the bacteria off your teeth because that’s what the number one kv prevention is pushing the bacteria off.

So the best toothpaste is a toothpaste that gets you to brush. That’s really it. Because it’s not really the toothpaste that’s doing it, it’s the physical act of rushing that’s doing it. And so pick the favorite flavor you like, pick the favorite brand new, like whatever gets you to brush is what it’s all about. You know, now don’t get me wrong, these toothpaste have great ingredients in them that strengthen the teeth. And the main ingredient in all toothpaste is fluoride. And what fluoride does for the teeth, it gives them like a, think of it like a force field, like a force field shield. That goes outside of the white layer. So what makes it harder for the bacteria to make holes in your teeth? Now again, any force fuel or shield will get broken down over time, right? So if you brush once or twice, it’s not going to be enough because the bacteria have eventually get through that shield.

But when you brush every day, you’re reinforcing that forcefield and that shield to make it harder to make the holes in your teeth. Toothpaste is great, and you definitely should be using them, but it’s not the toothpaste itself that’s preventing you from getting cavities and other really bad infections and abscesses in your mouth. And that’s exactly what flossing does as well. What does floss do? Plus literally pushes the bacteria off the teeth. It pushes the bacteria that are hiding in between your teeth of your teeth. So when you brush, you’re getting the outer surfaces, but sometimes the brushing can get in between, and some bacteria are so sneaky that they want to live and hide in between the gaps of the teeth. That’s where floss comes in. You put that floss in there and it like literally pushes it into ICU hiding, and it just pushes them out that way.

Flossing, brushing, all the same function, the same purpose, pushing the bacteria off, fatigued not to give them enough time to make those holes in your teeth. And how about mouthwashes? Mouthwashes are great because especially the antibacterial one, you have to be careful. There are some mouth watchers out there that are just for bad breasts that do nothing against bacteria. There are some mouthwashes out there that just have fluoride in them. You know, they help reinforce that force field around the teeth, but they really do not go against the bacteria themselves. Then you have the antibacterial, not washes, which actually having gradients that kill the bacteria like literally kills them. So when you rinse with your mouth, it just nuts them away and kills them so that they can’t make that acid. So all of these dental hygiene, materials, brushing, flossing, and mouthwashes, same purpose, get the bacteria off the teeth so that they can harm your teeth.

Best Toothpastes For Protection, Whitening, Sensitivity And Gum HealthNow we all know the common recommendation that we hear all the time. Brush twice a day, right? Brush once in the morning and once a night. And that is the best recommendation because if you brush twice a day, the bacteria are not going to have enough time to sit down and do damage to your teeth. Now I have a lot of friends and family go, man, you know what? It’s hard for me to brush twice a day. You know, sometimes I get lazy, sometimes I forget. So I tell them if you can only brush once a day, the best time to brush is right before you go to bed. Okay, right before you go to bed. And why is that? Because in the daytime, when you’re awake, you’re talking a lot. You’re eating, your tongue is moving in your mouth, and even the tongue movement itself pushes bacteria off the teeth.

So it’s not that damaging. But when you go to sleep, you know you’re just, you’re sleeping, you’re not moving your tongue, you’re not talking, you’re not eating. So that’s like three times for the bacteria. They go, gay guys, you know, no one’s looking, let’s, let’s do our damage. And they have time to actually eat the sugar and make the acid. So if there’s one time you could brush, make sure it’s right before you go to bed to not give them that free time while you’re sleeping. And it makes sense now. Now it makes sense, right? So the worst thing you could do if you if you want to get cavities, is you eat candy right before you go to bed at night without a lot of sugar in it and just go to bed without brushing. If you do that, you’re pretty much asking a for cavities to happen.

Cause you’re not only giving the bacteria the sugar that is needed to make the acid, but you’re not even pushing it off the teeth. And you’re pretty much saying, hey, bacteria, have the, have the, has the best party of your life on my teeth and make your acid. So, of course, I’m not advocating that, I’m just saying that to reinforce all that we’ve learned in this review. Okay, so just to rehash everything and to close up the post. one, what are cavities? Cavities are holes that are, that are in our teeth that are created by that acid that the bacteria make after they eat sugar. Bacteria love to live on our teeth and attached to our teeth and build homes on our teeth. And we have to prevent that by literally physically pushing them off the teeth by brushing and flossing and using the antibacterial mouthwashes that actually kill the bacteria so that they don’t harm our teeth.

And I, you know, I, I promise that if you, even if you don’t use the toothpaste or if you just brush with water and a brush twice a day, the chances that you’re going to get cavities goes down significantly. But when you don’t brush, and you don’t floss, and you just let them learn it on your teeth, that’s when bad things happen. That’s when things get painful, and that’s when things can get really costly. And that’s for another time. And another post. Again, thank you so much for reading. If you learned anything today, please make sure to give us a thumbs up. And if you know, and if you know anybody that would benefit from this channel and the way that I explain things, make sure to tell them to subscribe. And until next time, stay healthy and stay strong.