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Best Mouthguard For Braces

Are you an avid sports enthusiast with braces? Or do you just want to protect those pearly whites from injury? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll discuss the top mouthguards for braces that will keep you safe and sound on the field or courts!

First off, let’s talk about what makes a great mouthguard for someone with braces. A good fit is key. It should be made of soft material that won’t irritate your gums while still providing enough protection against injury. Look out for models with custom designs and adjustable straps so you can make sure it fits perfectly over your teeth and braces.

Next up, think about how often you plan to use the mouthguard. If you plan to use it all the time, then look for a model that is designed to be long-lasting and durable. If you only plan to use it occasionally, then consider a more affordable option that won’t cost too much money but still offers adequate protection.

Finally, don’t forget about style! Mouthguards come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and these days. So make sure you pick one that matches your team’s colors or just shows off your personality – whatever floats your boat!

At the end of the day, when choosing the best mouthguard for braces, comfort should always be top priority. With these tips in mind, we’re sure you’ll find one that’s just right for you – and your teeth. So go out there, have some fun and stay safe! Good luck!

Best Mouthguards for Braces Wearers: Buy & Save

Benefits of wearing a mouthguard for braces

Wearing mouthguards ensures the proper oral health of your teenager. These protective devices not only help protect the teeth from impact, but also guard the mouth against lacerations that can be caused by braces. Additionally, wearing mouthguards can shield the jaw and brain from sudden impact.

Types of mouthguards for braces

There are primarily two types of mouthguards for braces, single braces mouth guards and double braces mouthguards. Both these type of mouthguards come in two varieties- one without the strap and another with quick release strap. However, while single brace mouthguards help protect only the upper teeth, the double braces mouthguards help protect both upper and lower teeth and meet NFHS wrestling requirements.

Top Mouthguard for Braces 2023

Shock Doctor Double Braces MouthguardFootball Mouthguard for Braces

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Shock Doctor Double Braces are one of the best mouthguards that are made up from medical grade silicone so that you feel comfortable while wearing it. The majority of the dentists and sports coaches advise it to their patients. It is one of the unique types of mouthguards that offers protection to both upper as well as lower teeth.

Moreover, these brace mouthguard passed the requirements of the National Federation of State High School Association.

Without any doubt, it is one of the best sports mouth guards for braces available in the market. You will have a higher level of comfort while wearing it.

 It is one of the fewer mouthguards for braces which are manufactured using this type of technology. It allows free airflow and instant fitting on the teeth. 
  • Extremely durable
  • Prevention from lacerations

Shock Doctor Double Braces Strapless – soccer mouthguard for braces


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Made of medical grade silicon, Shock Doctor Double Braces Strapless Mouthguard provides a custom fit and high level of comfort. Equipped with the ortho- channel design, this mouthguard for braces allows a comfortable fit on both upper and lower teeth in the brackets, preventing lacerations.

In addition, the ortho-channel provides a structure that allows proper breathing. Proper breathing in sports allows an athlete to perform better. The mouthguard which comes in different size options to provide a comfortable for both young and adults gets adjusted with your teeth with wear. Available in blue and pink, this mouthguard comes in both strap and strapless form and can help protect your teeth and mouth even with rough impact.

 It is an extremely durable mouthguard that uses the integrated ortho channel to fit securely over the brackets. It is one of the best mouth guards for braces that offer instant comfort and complete protection from the lacerations. 
  • Custom-fit design
  • Ventilation Channels
  • Adaptability
  • Mouthguard Technology
  • No boiling
  • Long-life
  • Bulky

Brain – Pod LoPro + Double Laminated Strap/ Strapless Combo

One of the best mouth protector for competitive sports, this mouthguard for braces helps protect your teeth and improve your performance. Wearing this mouthguard works beneficially in protecting and cushioning your jaw, forming a brain safety space at the TMJ and bottom of the skull.

In addition, while the Aero-flow clench and breathe technology of the mouthguards helps improve breathing and levels of endurance of the athlete, its brain pad design technology helps ease impact forces to the base of the brain.

Available in three different colors and sizes for the young and old, this mouthguard for braces comes with an anti- microbial hard shell storage case. What’s more, you get a free $8.000 dental warranty when buying this mouthguard.

  • Ventilation Channels
  • Protective case
  • Medical-grade silicone
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient functioning
  • Quite bulky

Mogo Performance – sport mouthguard braces

Mogo Performance Mouthguard Braces

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Mogo Performance is an amazing product that has utilized flavor technology for adding flavor to the plastic. It is the first flavor mouthguard in the world and made up from the natural ingredients. It is specially designed to keep your mouth protected and make sure you feel comfortable while wearing it.

The PolyFlav resins used in this device are approved by the FDA standards that make it safe for the mouth. In addition, this product has an exceptional design that offers complete protection and maximum comfort to the braces.

The Mogo Performance Mouthguard Braces come with lots of unique features that are extremely hard to find anywhere else. We have mentioned some of the main ones below:

If you feel problem due to complicated settings of the best mouth guards for braces, then the quick setting feature of the Mogo Performance will suit you the best. It makes sure the user can put the mouthguard in the least possible time.

The revolutionary flavor technology used in this product adds flavor to the plastic that makes it a unique mouthguard on the market.

 The thing that makes it one of the best sports mouth guards for braces is the safe and natural material used in its manufacturing. All the materials are compliant by the FDA, making it safer to use.The quick setting feature makes it easier for users to set up this mouthguard on the braces.  
  • Easy to use
  • Non-toxic material
  • Quick Setting
  • Amazing flavor technology
  • Loose brackets

Double Braces Mouthguard – youth mouthguard for braces

Double Braces Mouthguard

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It is a wonderful example of a perfect mouthguard that can immediately fit both upper as well as lower brace brackets and offer complete protection from the lacerations. This guard is designed with the ortho-channels that make it best for the athletes playing with braces.

Medical-grade silicone is used for manufacturing this mouthguard for braces and can easily adapt according to the changes in the structure of the mouth so that you can use them for a long time.
 It is an orthodontic equipment that can be easily put on braces without much effort. t is one of those sports mouth guards for braces that are designed for confirming both the upper as well as lower brace brackets to provide instant comfort. 
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient functioning
  • Quite bulky

Sisu Mouth Guards Aero 1.6 mm Custom Fit Sports

Sisu Mouth Guards Aero 1.6 mm Custom Fit Sports

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Sisu Mouthguards is a premium product that has the ability to diffuse the impact throughout the whole product. It is a conventional type of mouth guard, which is made from a soft material to offer complete protection to the teeth.

In addition, it comes with a SISU case that can protect your product from the harmful particles in the air. They also inhibited the bacteria growth while storing braces in it. This case is ideal for the Junior, Max, and Aero guards that you have to buy separately. In simple language, we can say that it is a unique product whose features is hard to match by the other mouthguards available in the market.

  • Diffusix Technology
  • Slim & custom fit
  • Ultralight design
  • Color choice
  • Wider bite Pad
  • Hard to mold

Venum Challenger Mouthguard

Venum Challenger Mouthguard

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This premium product from Venum has been reviewed as the best mouthguard for braces based on consumer reviews. Featuring a straightforward and sleek design, the Venum Challenger Mouthguard takes up very little space in the oral cavity, thus allowing greater comfort. Aside from being malleable, the high grade FDA-approved polyvinyl material is easy to trim, allowing you to customize the size of the mouthguard to fit users as young as 12 years old.

The design is relatively sleeker and more compact than others in the market. The thickened back cushion makes sure that support and protection are present where they’re most needed, so even in the event of trauma or impact, braces and teeth will remain unscathed.

Finally, this mouthguard is the cheapest of all options. Often offered in sets of two, the Venum Challenger Mouthguard is an economical, effective, and durable product perfect for everyday use.

Tapou T Adult Special Guard

Tapou T Adult Special Guard

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Primarily designed for adults, this mouthguard for braces helps your teeth aligned while playing your sport competitively. A mouthguard that can be used by athletes with or without braces, Tapou T Adult Special Guard helps protect teeth in a fierce way.

Apart from being available in 29 different colors, this mouthguard not only features a top and bottom jaw stabilization, but is also backed by a $30,000 dental warranty. Including two optional straps per package, this mouthguard features integrated channels that remain open, providing maximum breathability and speech clarity.

Moreover, since the mouthguard can be re-boiled up to eleven times, it makes it easy to readjust the mouthguard after dental corrections are done. This ensures a proper and comfortable fit.

Breathable Strapless Dual Mouth Guard

Breathable Strapless Dual Mouth Guard

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Designed especially for athletes and orthodontic brace wearers, this mouthguard features three breathing vents in the front for optimal airflow.

In addition, this mouth protector fits comfortably between bite pads and helps increase clearance for the tongue.

With no boiling required, this mouthguard can be trimmed with scissors to provide a comfortable and customized fit.

Under Armour Mouth wear Armour Fit Mouthguard

Under Armour Mouth wear Armour Fit Mouthguard

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Designed for all contact sports, this latex-free mouthguard guard for braces comes with $32,000 dental warranty.

This fitted and strapless mouthguard sits close to the skin and helps provide a tramline fit without any type of compression.

Featuring the new Armour fit technology, this mouthguard not only provides a dentist-like fit, but also allows you to breathe and talk easily and is chew resistant.


Product Name
Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard – Upper and Lower Teeth Protection – Mouthguard No Boil / Instant Fit – For Youth, Teenager, Kids and Adults. Mouth Piece OSFA. Tether Strap IncludedShock Doctor Double Braces
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Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard, Full Protection, Instant Fit, Adult & Youth SizesShock Doctor Double Braces Strapless
(Editor's Choice)
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Brain-Pad LoPro+ Double Laminated Strap/Strapless YOUTH Mouthguard (Blue/Clear)BrainPod LoPro Combo
Check Price
Mogo Performance Mouthguard Braces
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Double Braces Youth Strapless
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SISU Mouth Guards Aero 1.6mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard for Youth/Adults, Original.Sisu Mouth Guards Aero
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Venum Challenger MouthguardVenum Challenger Mouthguard
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Franklin Sports Athletic Mouthguards - Sport Mouthguards for Football, Wrestling, MMA, Boxing + More - All Sport Mouthguards - Youth Ages 6 - 11 - 2 PackTapou T Adult Special Guard
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Genuine Orthoguard™ (pk of 3) Black - Designed for Athletes with or Without Braces - Breathable Strapless Dual MouthguardBreathable Strapless Dual Mouth Guard
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Under Armour Mouthwear ArmourFit Mouthguard (Strapless)Under Armour Mouth Mouthguard
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How to Choose the Orthodontic Mouthguard for Braces

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), an athlete is 60 times more likely to suffer damage to the teeth if they are not wearing a mouthguard. Braces or not, mouth guards are one of easiest ways to prevent dental injuries.
With every new sports season, parents are shopping around for a mouthguard that will keep their athlete safe and comfortable. Throw braces into the picture, and choosing a mouthguard becomes “mission impossible”. Every braces mouthguard should have the following:

Custom Fit

Not entirely all mouthguards are created equal. Most braces mouthguards are “one size fits all” – they are often loose fitting and offer little protection. Some can damage the brackets by forcing the teeth into one uniform size. This can put a lot of pressure on the brackets, causing them to snap off. A custom fit mouthguard will provide the best protection for a player’s teeth and braces. A mouth guard that fits precisely to the shape of their teeth remains secure and protect every corner and curve of the teeth that a one-size-fits-all can’t get to…


Most mouthguards intended for braces are bulky, rubbery and gag-inducing. That being said, getting your athlete to wear one becomes a whole new challenge in itself. The sheer bulk can make talking and breathing pretty uncomfortable…The American Dental Association recommends choosing a mouthguard that allows players to speak, breathe and drink with ease while remaining in the mouth during the entire game or practice.

Room for Growth

Braces help slowly move teeth into a perfect smile. While the teeth are undergoing this treatment, they need room to move to the required position openly. With regards to mouthguards, an athlete requires a mouth guard that won’t hinder this motion. Mouthguards that fit too limited or press against the mounting brackets can impede the improvement of orthodontic treatment. To allow one’s teeth room to grow, you can opt set for some inexpensive boil and bite solutions, or look at a removable mouthguard.

Bottom Mouthguard

Nearly 80% of most traumatic dental injuries eventually the very best front teeth, which explains why most athletes only wear mouthguards on the top teeth. However, with brackets, it is critical to wear a mouthguard on underneath teeth, too. Connected sports activities, such as wrestling and MMA, mouth area guards wore on underneath tooth will protect sports athletes’ lip area and tongue from getting cut by the razor-sharp brackets.

Cost vs. Investment

Brackets, which cost up to $2,000, are a hefty investment and, therefore, warrant the best safety. When you yourself have a mouthguard to safeguard your investment, players have the ability to play without fretting about breaking off a bracket or chipping a teeth.

Best Mouthguard For Braces

If you are looking for a perfect mouthguard, then it must have the following features that are mentioned below:

Tips to Choose the Right Mouthguard for Braces

  • Avoid bulky mouthguards: When buying a mouthguard for braces, avoid choosing the one that is bulky. Bulky mouthguards often take up all the space in the mouth, making it difficult for you to, eat, breathe or communicate.
  • Mouthguards should allow room for movement: When choosing a mouthguard for braces, opt for the one that has an extra room for braces. This is important as it allows the braces to align the dentals properly, improving their appearance.
  • Do you require lower or upper guard or both: When shopping for mouthguard for braces, always consult your coach or sports trainer to know which type of guard would be best suitable for your needs and requirements.
  • Type of mouthguard Required: Basically, there are three types of mouthguards available in the market- custom-fitted, boil and bite and stock. Always choose the right type of guard that will help provide maximum protection to your brace and help you stay comfortable.
  • Seek the advice of your Dentist: Since buying a mouthguard can sometimes be tricky, consulting your dentist will not only help you get the right type of mouthguard but will also help you learn about specific products that help you protect your braces.

How to care for your mouthguard

It’s important to protect your mouthguard from damage and keep it clean since it spends a lot of time in your mouth.

To get the most out of your mouthguard, follow these steps:

  • Brush and floss your teeth before putting in your mouthguard.
  • Rinse your mouthguard with cool water or mouthwash before putting it in and after taking it out. Avoid using hot water, which can warp its shape.
  • Use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean it after each use.
  • Regularly check for holes or other signs of damage, which mean it needs to be replaced.
  • Bring your mouthguard to any dentist appointments you have. They can make sure it still fits properly and works.
  • Store your mouthguard in a hard container with some ventilation to protect it and allow it to dry out between uses.
  • Keep your mouthguard out of reach of any pets, even if the guard is in a container.

Keep in mind that mouthguards don’t last forever. Replace your mouthguard as soon as you start to notice any holes or signs of wear, or every two to three years. You may need to replace stock and boil-and-bite mouthguards more frequently.

How to Clean Mouth Guard – Complete Instruction Guide

It is quite important to take care of your mouthguard properly in order to prevent many dental diseases. Namely, the mouth guard is also known as the teeth grinding, and therefore, it helps people not to damage their teeth while they are sleeping at night.

Anyhow, let’s see exactly how to clean mouth guard in the best possible way. Let’s start.

7 Methods of Cleaning the Mouth Guard Properly

First of all, there are many ways on how to clean mouth guard, but we are going to discuss only 7 of them since they are possibly the best ones.

Let’s start from the top.

Use toothbrush and toothpaste in order to clean your mouth guard.

Use devices for dental sanitizing.

Natural methods.

Cleaning tablets and powders for a mouth guard.

Use soap and water.

Professional mouth guard cleaning method.

Cleaning with a mouth rinse.

Use toothbrush and toothpaste

As we all know, the mouth guard goes into your mouth and protects your teeth from grinding or any other damage. Now, if you clean your teeth with toothpaste and toothbrush, which is only normal, it is also recommendable to clean mouth guard with these items as well.

Anyhow, the process is nearly the same as cleaning your teeth. However, cleaning a mouth guard is even easier since you can hold it in your hands in front of you. Therefore, you will be able to see every corner and part of mouth guard that needs deeper cleaning.

Furthermore, the mouth guard cleaning needs to be done properly and without the use of too much toothpaste. Since toothpaste is made mainly for teeth, the mouth guard may be damaged a little bit if you use too much toothpaste.

In the end, wash the mouth guard a couple of times just to make sure that everything is pretty and shiny.

Use devices for dental sanitizing

By using dental sanitizing devices, you will ensure that your mouthguard will get the best cleaning treatment. Simply put, there are lots of different dental sanitizing devices on the market and they are mostly all valuable and worth the money.

With a good dental sanitizing device, you will be able to clean your mouthguard without any complications. Therefore, this method is strongly recommendable for those who are not sure how to clean their mouth guard properly.

You definitely can’t go wrong with dental sanitizing devices since they are made to provide deep cleaning of the mouth guard. Also, it is not that hard to use them as well, just read the instructions on how to clean your mouth guard and you will be fine.

Natural methods

There are plenty of ways to clean your mouth guard with the use of natural methods. Simply put, most of the natural methods are based on the use of vinegar and lemon acids.

As we all know, vinegar and lemon are one of the best ways of killing the bacteria that live in our mouth and that can be transferred onto mouth guard.

Therefore, just use the vinegar and lemon and you will be fine.

Cleaning tablets and powders for a mouth guard

No products found.

Possibly the most popular method on how to clean your mouth guard is to use the cleaning tablets and powders. You will definitely find many of these products in any drug store right next to dental products.

They are not only good for cleaning mouth guard, but also to sanitize and protect the mouth guard. Since these products are made only for cleaning of the mouth guard, you can’t go wrong if you use them.

The only downside is that they cost money, but they are totally affordable and valuable on the other hand.

Use soap and water

Now, this method is basically the easiest one. Simply, clean the mouth guard with soap and water the same way like you would wash your hands.

One thing you need to keep in mind here, that’s the washing process. You can’t let any of the soap remain on the mouth guard because that can hurt your mouth hygiene.

However, with an everyday cleaning of the mouth guard with this method, you will make sure that your mouth guard is perfectly cleaned and ready to use.

Professional mouth guard cleaning method

The best and possibly the safest way of cleaning your mouth guard is to let someone who is professional to clean it. These professionals are usually dentist with a lot of experience in this field.

They will know exactly which method to use and they will recommend you what to do in order to keep it clean and safe to use. Also, dentist’s opinion and advice is definitely the best way of knowing how to clean a mouth guard properly.

 Cleaning with a mouth rinse

You clean your mouth with mouth rinse products and that way you ensure the perfect dental hygiene. The same goes with the mouth guard. Namely, by using the mouth rinse to clean your mouth guard, you will basically ensure the best cleaning and the best protection.

Never the less, mouth rinse is also a good option since it can sever you both ways. One is to clean your mouth, and other one is to clean your mouth guard. This way, you won’t have to spend money on other cleaning products.

In the light of everything we said above, it is only logical to conclude that cleaning your mouth guard isn’t a hard thing to do. With the use of the right method, you will ensure that your mouth guard is perfectly cleaned and ready to use again.

 All of these methods are strongly recommendable for many people and they do not cost a lot of money to do. 

Now, it is only up to you to decide which method to use since every method is easy to do and provide great dental hygiene.

The Bottom Line

Playing sports helps improve overall health, but at the same time can be brutal to your body and face. If you are one of those people who have braces and are actively involved in sports and recreational activities, wearing a mouthguard for braces is a must. So what are you waiting for, get the best mouthguard for braces and protect your mouth and smile from injuries all life.

Alternatives to mouthguards for braces

Braces are a necessary method of straightening teeth and enhancing dental hygiene in numerous patients. However, the use of braces brings with it some complexity when it comes to finding the right mouthguard. This is because traditional mouthguards do not fit over the wire and brackets of braces. Fortunately, there are alternatives to mouthguards that can still offer the necessary protection from dental trauma.

One alternative to mouthguards is the use of an orthodontic silicone wax. The wax is molded around the braces, creating a protective barrier. Silicone wax serves as a cushioning mechanism between the teeth and the braces, reducing the risk of tooth injuries during athletic activity. The wax is easily removed after use and can be replaced if necessary.

An additional option is the use of a helmet which provides overall head coverage. This type of protection is commonly used in sports such as hockey, football, and lacrosse. The helmet covers the head and includes a faceguard much like a mask. This type of protection ensures optimum safety to the patient while playing sports and provides ample protection to their braces.

Lastly, there are mouthguards designed specifically for braces. They may include additional features such as a larger front area to accommodate the braces, or an adjustable strap to secure the mouthguard in place. These types of mouthguards are typically provided by orthodontists and can be customized to fit the patient’s specific dental needs.

In conclusion, when it comes to selecting the best alternative to mouthguards for braces, a silicone wax, helmet, or a mouthguard designed specifically for braces should be considered. It is essential to select the right option that best suits one’s needs to prevent tooth damage and injuries during sports and other activities.