Best Doctor Kits for KidsMost kids love playing doctor. They pretend to be the adult in charge of a medical facility, diagnosing and treating patients with various ailments. This can teach them about empathy, caregiving, and responsibility. The right kit will help your child’s imagination grow as they explore their budding interest in medicine. We’ve compiled a list below that covers everything from toy stethoscopes to fake blood for those injuries!

Best Toy Medical Kits for Toddlers and Children 2021

You can encourage your child to play creatively with a doctor kit. These toy medical kits contain everything your child needs to examine their favorite toys and provide care. Doctor kits for kids can also be a great resource for group play. The kids can take turns role-playing the doctor and patients. As your child plays both roles, they can develop empathy, practice using medical vocabulary, and brush up on their communication skills. There are so many developmental benefits to playing with toys like this. To help you find the best doctor kit for your kids, here are our reviews of our favorites.

Best Overall

Durable Kids Doctor Kit with Electronic Stethoscope and 12...
  • 12 PIECE DOCTOR KIT: Help children learn about the human body and...
  • REALISTIC SOUND EFFECTS: Bring playtime to life with entertaining...
  • CARRYING CASE INCLUDED: Time to pack away? We've got you covered with...
  • STURDY, CHILD-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Unlike the typical shoddy toys being...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We guarantee your complete satisfaction...

Your child will love pretending to be a doctor with this realistic set. Every tool is an exact replica, and every sound that they make recreates the sounds you’d hear in an exam room. Not only is it fun for your child, but it offers so many educational opportunities as well.

These toys are sturdy and strong. They can withstand a lot of wear and tear, thanks to their durable plastic body. All the pieces fit into the included carrying case which has a snap-lock to prevent it from opening up during transit (or when your child wants to play with all his new goodies). The handle makes it easy for kids

This is a great doctor kit for kids. The stethoscope lights up and beeps when you put it to your ear, which makes this toy especially exciting! It’s also good quality as the pieces are durable enough that they wont break easily-a must for younger children who tend to play rough with their toys. There are other fun pieces in the kit, too-after all this is a toy for kids!

Kidzlane Doctor Kit with Electronic Stethoscope is a great toy for imaginative play. It’s not as durable or realistic as some other kits, but it is very affordable. The toy stethoscope is fun and interactive with a light up function that will keep your child engaged for hours!


  • Includes everything kids need to play doctor including carrying case, otoscope (speaker), reflex hammer, tongue depressor, syringe, and etc.
  • Some of the tools make realistic sounds, which add to the fun
  • The case is easy for kids to snap open on their own so you won’t have to spend all your time opening it and shutting it
  • Sturdy design so they last for more than one play session
  • Batteries required


  • The case doesn’t close completely, so you may want to supervise your child if they are younger.

Best Pink Theme

Anpro 46Pcs Medical Toy Kids Doctor Pretend Play Kit,...
  • Toy doctor kid for role play: The doctor set has an assortment of 46...
  • Sturdy, child-friendly design: Unlike the typical shoddy toys being...
  • Easy storage & carry: this Medical Doctor kit, all 46pcs can be stored...
  • Perfect gift for kids: this kids doctor kit was recommended for kids...
  • Comfortable to use: real stethoscope, soft silicone earplugs, suitable...

If you’re looking for a doctor kit with pink-handled supplies, this may be the one. On top of plenty of tools, there’s also a fun costume for playing dress-up and making the experience more enjoyable – perfect for girls!

The set includes 46 pieces that will please curious minds that are already tired from last night’s Halloween escapades. The dress-up set features a pink-handled doctor’s coat, hat and mask with surgical gloves for your child to explore their medical persona in the safety of playtime.

The tools are colorful and fun but not very realistic looking. They’re made out of plastic which is safer for younger children than metal pieces might be.

You’ll find plenty of classic supplies that are perfect for playing doctor, from IV bags and masks to stethoscopes with earplugs.

There’s even the occasional doctor novelty like a blood pressure cuff that spins or stickers people can use to create medical charts. Everything comes in a sturdy box that makes it easy for kids


  • 46 pieces so your child will have many types of medical supplies to explore
  • Costume included so your child can dress the part
  • The pretty pink theme is adored by kids


  • It can be hard to get it all back in the kit if you aren’t careful with the packing, so your child may need some help picking it all up
  • Very little in the way of realism

Best Blue Theme

iBaseToy Doctor Kit for Kids, 27Pcs Pretend Medical Doctor...
  • Kid-safe & durable: There are no sharp edges or points on this doctor...
  • Encourage imaginative play. Being a Doctor is one of the most...
  • Realistic Doctor kit: there are over 15pcs Doctor toys plus a...
  • Easy to carry & Store: All 27pcs doctor toys can be stored into the...
  • PERFECT GIFT & EDUCATIONAL TOYS: This play doctor set can help...

Your son will love the fun lights and sounds on this set of doctor’s tools. There are no sharp edges, so playing is safe with these toys. The pieces in the set are made from durable plastic that won’t break easily when they’re used a lot. The thermometer has an ear-fitting design for added safety against sharing.

There are two different sets: a larger set with 18 pieces and a smaller one with 27. Both come in sturdy, hard cases so they won’t spill when opened.

This kit is a fun way to get your child into medicine without the commitment. This set is perfect for curious minds that want to explore their interests but don’t know where which can be tough when they’re young and have so many options – not all of them practical!

You’ll find 27 pieces in this kit that will help teach children about the field of medicine without all the seriousness that is sometimes associated with it.

Kids will have fun exploring what doctors do, and they’ll be able to use their new set for hours on end – making this an investment worth your money! It’s also durable so you won’t need to worry about pieces breaking easily which can happen when a child is rough with their toys.

The tools are safe for younger children as they’re made out of plastic and won’t break easily, but it is important to keep in mind that this set isn’t very realistic looking either.


  • Ear-style thermometer so kids won’t have to stick a toy underneath tongues to check the temperature
  • Durable material means the pieces won’t break easily
  • Two sizes are available so you can pick the one that’s the best fit for your space and budget


  • Some pieces need stickers, so you might want to get that part done before you give it to your kids so they end up in the right spots
  • Plastic pieces mean that this set isn’t very realistic looking, but the safety of younger children is more important than a perfect replica. For some pieces, you’ll need to use stickers and these can be time-consuming for your child if they’re interested in getting it all done themselves

Best Accessories

JOYIN 31Pcs Kids Doctor Playset, Pretend Doctor Kit Dentist...
  • 31 Pieces Pretend-n-Play Medical Kit Set Includes Stethoscope, Blood...
  • Superior Quality. Variety of Doctors' Tools. Super Durable. Batteries...
  • Super Value Toy Pack for Doctor Dress Up Set. Perfect for Party,...
  • Medical Doctor Kit Set in a Sturdy Gift Case Measures 8 ½” L X 6”...
  • CHILD SAFE: Non-Toxic. Meet US Toy Standard. Safety Test Approved.

This doctor kit for kids contains everything needed to set up a health or dental clinic. This includes 31 different pieces, including a doctor’s coat and ID badge, along with the typical tools found in a medical kit. In addition to this basic material, it also comes with bedpans, an oral mirror, toothbrushes.

Young imaginations are the perfect place of inspiration to create a toy clinic. When your child closes up shop for the day, you can store everything in this cute little carrier with handle!

This kit comes with a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff so your child can get into the role of a doctor. It also includes adhesive stickers to create their own medical charts, as well as an assortment of realistic-looking instruments like syringes and bandages. The whole set is designed for children who are interested in exploring what doctors do but don’t want to get too serious about it. The pieces are made from plastic, so they’re not as high quality as metal tools might be, but they also won’t break easily which is perfect for younger kids who can sometimes be rough with their toys.


  • Dental and doctor tools for added variety and fun
  • Stethoscope and blood pressure cuff make this set more realistic
  • Just the right amount of pieces to explore what doctors do without getting too serious
  • The costume helps make pretend time more realistic
  • Non-toxic toys that can be safely used by kids
  • Cost-effective set with a large variety of tools


  • The container is a bit small, so using something different to store the pieces in may be helpful
  • Plastic will break if it’s dropped or stepped on, so be careful not to lose any parts that are small and important like IV needles.

Best With Book

Litti City Doctor Kit for Kids - Complete Doctor / Vet...
  • 11-Piece Doctor Kit - Boys and girls will love dressing up like a...
  • Flexible Boo-boo-aid - Need a “boo-boo-aid” for your small little...
  • Book Included - Children will love flipping through the beautifully...
  • Great Gift Idea - Do you have an aspiring doctor at home? If you have...
  • Role-Playing Fun - Children love to play doctor and this Litti City...

Get your child involved in one of the most important careers out there with this doctor kit. It has all you need from an ID badge to portable band-aids perfect for any emergency.

A picture book is also included with this kit. If you read it together, your child can bring it to life through role-playing with the rest of the kit. It’s a good way to encourage screen-free fun and children’s reading times in general while they get ready for their next doctor’s appointment. The story is bright and comforting;

This kit is meant for children who are interested in exploring the world of medicine. It contains 12 pieces which include a doctor’s coat, ID badge, and medical bag with tools such as bandages scissors (which can be used to cut out paper patches). There’s also an X-ray viewer that comes with stickers so kids will be able to use their imagination and create a variety of X-rays.

This set is designed for children who are interested in the world of medicine but don’t want to get too serious about it all – just like real doctors! The pieces come with stickers so kids can play doctor without needing any adult help, or they might even be able to create their own X-rays if they get creative.


  • Comes with a book so you can encourage literacy
  • Reusable band-aids that your child will enjoy snapping in place
  • Doctor coat for dress-up fun in a variety of ways- your child can use this to be a vet, doctor, dentist, or scientist
  • Cost-effective set for the right type of kid who wants to explore things but isn’t too serious about it
  • Stickers make this a fun toy with few limitations, plus kids can create their own X-rays and medical charts (the stickers are also reusable)
  • Included carrying bag makes it easy to take the doctor kit on the go


  • This is a very simple set that doesn’t include many tools, but that also means there are fewer pieces to lose
  • The set is a bit small, so you might want to get some extra pieces if your child likes this one. There are also no instruments included here that would be too realistic for kids of all ages (plastic pieces) which can make them less fun than a more serious toy set

These Toy Doctor Kits Will Prep Your Little One For Med School

It might sound too cute to be true, but doctor toys are actually an excellent toy choice for kids because they want the same things adults do.

Toy Doctor kits can be both educational and entertaining for kids. When they play with the different pieces of the kit, it’s a great time to teach them medical basics which will help them understand how each item is supposed to work.

What to Look for When Buying a Toy Doctor Kit

For the right type of kid, this is a cost-effective and easy-to-use kit. It’s made for children who are interested in exploring things but aren’t too serious about it all – just like real doctors! The pieces come with stickers so kids can play doctor without needing any adult help, or they might even be able to create their own X-rays if they get creative.

One thing you’ll want to keep an eye out for when buying toy medical kits is portability: does your child have enough room at home? How much space will the case need? If you’re looking for something that’s designed for travel then look into sets with smaller cases that don’t take up as much space or those that provide a carrying bag.

If your child is really into medical play, they might want something with more pieces than this set offers. If you’re looking for a simple kit to just encourage curiosity in general then it’s perfect because the tools are limited and there aren’t any realistic instruments that would be too scary for younger kids – but if they like playing doctor then you might consider getting them another toy kit that has more features, such as reusable band-aids or an ID badge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are doctor kits for kids a good toy?

Yes. Playing pretend doctor can be useful in a few ways – it encourages your child to use their imagination, learn about simple equipment, and how to work as a team with other children.

The benefits of pretend doctor play include the ability for your child to use their imagination; additionally, playing with these toys can teach them more about medical equipment and how to work as a team with other children.

Kids play doctors with the best of them, and their imaginations are limitless. There’s one thing to be careful about though: Make sure that your child is old enough for the level of care they will need as a doctor when playing with these kits before you buy it!

How do you clean the pieces in a doctor’s kit?

Don’t forget to clean the toy after playtime. This is especially important if your child has shared it with a friend and you want both of them get germs from each other!

This can be done by wiping off any visible dirt or debris (if there’s some), then rinsing in water, soap, or dishwashing liquid and letting it air dry.


There are many reasons why a child might want to play pretend with fantasy doctor kits for kids. Some children dress up in costume and act out a doctor’s visit as they helped make the world better. Others immersed themselves in empathy and could act out almost any service role of a medical profession with their toy like that. And some just need to process their fear about visiting doctors or healthcare workers because of how it makes them feel.

Play doctor kits are more than just fun toys. They give our children the foundation to grow into thoughtful, caring individuals with brains ready to learn and communities in need of more active volunteers.