We all know that maintaining good oral hygiene is important, but it can be difficult to do so if you are having trouble flossing your teeth or brushing them properly. Luckily, there are some products out there to help make these tasks easier for people who have difficulties in this area. One such product is the dental floss holder – a small device that holds dental floss of different sizes which can then be easily used by just slipping it between two fingers and pulling it up over the teeth like normal dental floss.

The dental floss holder is a type of product that was invented for people who have difficulty using normal dental floss, making it easier to reach all the teeth in your mouth without having to struggle with wrapping and unwrapping threads of string around each tooth. It can also be helpful if you are suffering from arthritis or other hand problems which make manipulating long strings difficult – as this will require some sort of manual dexterity (such as pinching) but not much force (as opposed to pulling). This article discusses what these products are, how they work, why they were designed, and more!

In order to keep up with good oral hygiene practices like brushing twice daily at least once after meals, many people use this small device called dental floss holders. This article discusses what these products are, how they work, why they were designed, and more!

There are two main types of dental floss: the waxed string and unwaxed string. The first is a bit easier to use because it can be pulled taut without breaking as easily when compared with its unwrapped counterpart due to having something called “slippery” on one side that helps slide through teeth easier.

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The GUM Flossmate floss handle is designed to make between-teeth cleaning simple, fast and effective. Fast simple Flossing for the whole family. 3 Floss Holders of assorted colors and each containing 50 yards of floss are shipped direct to you. Floss can be advanced in seconds and refilled with your favorite floss. Floss Holder Reusable is environmentally and dishwasher friendly. They last a lifetime and don’t clog landfills. Stop pinching your fingers or putting them into your mouth to floss. This Floss Holder otivate flossing and make it Ouch-Free!

This evolutionary flosser features extra-strength floss which prevents stretching, shredding and breaking. An ergonomic handle design is included to provide comfort while cleaning, with a patented mechanism to easily attach/remove the floss head. Angled at an optimal 135 degrees, the floss reaches every crevice between your teeth. Frequent flossing removes plaque from teeth in areas that can’t be reached by brushing and is an important step in your oral care routine. This flosser comes with 1 handle and 100 (extra strength floss) refillable heads. T. Smile 3G Flosser also comes with soft silky ribbon floss (slides easily in tight spaces) and extra strength floss (does not stretch, shred or break). Experience the revolutionary cleaning of your teeth. Make flossing easier and more comfortable today!

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When you get tired of trying to floss those hard-to-reach areas in your mouth, use this Dental Floss Holder. This product has a unique design with a long handle to help you reach all corners of your mouth. It can make the dreaded task of flossing more enjoyable by making it easier to get between all your teeth with its angled head. This dental floss with handle can reach all the teeth as well as easily slide between them. This Dental Floss Holder is a unique dental hygiene tool. Keeping your children’s teeth clean and healthy can be a difficult task, but this product can help make flossing your toddler’s teeth simpler with its design and ease of use.

What is a dental floss holder

Dental Floss HolderA dental floss holder is a device which aids in the removal of plaque and food particles from around teeth. A common form of dental floss, it is an effective tool for removing bacteria and other harmful substances that can lead to tooth decay or gum disease. It also assists with preventing bad breath. The most widely used type are those designed as retractable devices which contain pre-cut lengths of waxed string; these types use much less string than standard models, reducing wastefulness and cost over time when compared to bulkier packs. Some varieties mimic traditional designs like spools while others come in more eccentric shapes such as rings or animals!

Why should I get one

  • It’s easy to find things like dental floss in stores and even on the internet. But most people just put them under their sink or forget about it until they need a new one, which can be months later!
  • If you use your own holder with pre-cut lengths of string then you know how much is left when you get low on supply without wasting money by buying an entire pack unnecessarily. Plus, these holders keep the spools neat so that nasty bacteria don’t spread from open packages onto other items in our bathroom cabinets. They also make great gifts for friends and family who are as particular as we are about oral hygiene!

How To Use Dental Floss Holder

  • If you use your own holder with pre-cut lengths of string then you know how much is left when you get low on supply without wasting money by buying an entire pack unnecessarily. Plus, these holders keep the spools neat so that nasty bacteria don’t spread from open packages onto other items in our bathroom cabinets. They also make great gifts for friends and family who are as particular as we are about oral hygiene!
  • To use a dental floss container: Simply place it near where you brush and fill up any empty spots under the sink or next to your toothbrush if they belong to someone else in the household. Next time you’re brushing try filling up one of those spare containers with fresh rolls so there’s always some good dental floss on hand.

A dental floss dispenser is one of the best hygiene products you can buy for yourself or a loved one, especially if they’re prone to picking at their teeth and gums to get any food caught between them. We hope this article has helped answer some questions about choosing your own Dental Floss Dispenser, as well as giving you some tips on how to make it easier-breezier!

Types of dental holders available

One of the most popular types is a dental floss holder that looks like an animal. These are usually made out of plastic or PVC and use a rubber band to hold the spool in place until you want to thread it through your teeth. You can buy them at any drugstore, but I recommend checking online for better pricing-I got mine on Amazon for under $12!

Another type is called a Dental Floss Dispenser – this device makes snaking dental floss between all your teeth easier by allowing it wraps around two small prongs so there’s less chance of ripping up sensitive gums or breaking off bits of hardened food from inside crevices. The downside is these cost about three times as much as the regular flosser.

Dental Floss Holder vs dental floss pick

Dental floss is a thin thread made of waxed nylon that comes in rolls.

It works by getting up under the gum line to remove food particles and plaque that can’t be reached with regular brushing or your toothbrush.

The best tools for dental flossing are something called a Dental Floss Holder, which secures one end of the floss while you pull it gently through teeth, then another called a Pick which is like an over-sized needle used for picking out bits stuck between teeth.

A popular alternative to these two options is standard household string – just make sure not to use anything too abrasive because you could wear down your enamel!

Features to look for when buying the right type of holder for you and your family

Check to see if the floss is too thin or thick. Thin dental floss can be hard to use for people with large gaps between teeth, while thicker ones are great for those who have tight spaces and who tend to snap off bits of food when they eat crunchy foods like carrots or celery. Ideally, you want a thinner string that coils smoothly and won’t break easily, but it also needs to fit in your mouth comfortably.

A lot of them come in different lengths so make sure you pick one that’s right for you by checking out the specifications before buying! Some even offer flavors such as mint or cinnamon which might help motivate some kids -or adults to brush more often.

Where to buy them and how much they cost

If you’re looking to buy a floss holder, stores like Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid often have them in stock. You can also find some on Amazon or other online retailers for as low as $0.69/unit!

Price: $0.00 -$20.00+

Dental Floss Vs Water Flosser

If you want to improve your oral hygiene, there are several different options available.

One option is dental floss which has been used for generations and will remove more food particles than a toothbrush alone does!

But it’s not the only choice – if you’re looking for something new or just after some alternate tips check out our post on water flossers too.

Beware that these units may take getting used to because they have no stringy attachment like traditional dental floss so people can find them difficult at first due to lack of control when tipping their head back during use. They also require additional time each day to get set up.

But if you want to spend less time on your dental care routine and make a more significant difference in the way that you feel – these are worth considering!

The key is finding what works for YOU, and we hope this has helped with some of those decisions.

How would I go about creating homemade dental floss?

Simply use knitting wool. In many ways it is better than floss, cheaper, more gentle, doesn’t cut so much, furry. And comes in many colours.


I’m terrible at flossing with my fingers and had been using the single-use picks for a while, but wanted a less wasteful alternative. I initially had trouble getting Dental Floss Holder to hold the floss taut enough but this video was great and helped me out! I’m very happy with it and it saves a lot of floss in the long run. If you have impaired fine motor skills, it may be hard to thread and set up but for me it was fine.