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Beconfident Teeth Whitening

Beconfident – is the perfect solution for anyone looking to achieve a sparkling white smile in just minutes. Our advanced teeth whitening system is designed with safety and convenience in mind, so you can easily use it at home or on-the-go. We have developed a professional grade formula that is gentle yet effective, delivering exceptional results without causing any damage to your tooth enamel. With Beconfident – Teeth Whitening Experience, you can get an instantly brighter smile with minimal effort and no mess. Our product combines powerful ingredients that work together to remove surface stains while preventing new ones from forming, leaving your teeth whiter and brighter than ever before! And because our system is quick and easy to use, you won’t need to worry about spending hours in the dentist’s chair – you can get the same results without all of the hassle. Plus, our whitening system is gentle enough to use on a regular basis, so there’s no need to worry about developing any sensitivity or pain. So take control of your smile and start seeing results with Beconfident – Teeth Whitening Experience! Get ready to show off your brilliant white teeth as soon as you finish treatment!

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  • 100% peroxide free
  • White teeth from the comfort of your home
  • Other suitable products for healthy teeth

Using the table of contents, you can quickly and directly access the subject area that interests you.

Before I go into more detail about the individual sets, I would first like to give a brief overview of the manufacturer Beconfident:

About the brand Beconfident

Beconfident is a Swedish company that develops products for dental care, skin care and wellness.

All products are developed together with researchers in the USA and manufactured in North America. So they combine European and American know-how.

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In addition, in the United States, teeth whitening has had a much more important role than in Europe for many years.

All Beconfident brand dental care products have been tested and approved by dentists. Beconfident products are also available in many Scandinavian pharmacies.

In addition to the teeth whitening products covered in this testimonial, Beconfident also offers special creams and skincare kits for clear skin, as well as other dental care products such as grinding trays, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Tooth whitening products from Beconfident

For teeth whitening, Beconfident relies on two different products.

I tested the Start Whitening Set X1 with mouth tray for you.

The Start Whitening Set X1 in the test

Beconfident’s starter whitening set is the most affordable way to get started with teeth whitening

beconfident teeth whitening stater set

Beconfident’s starter kit is great if you’re trying out one of the brand’s products for the first time

The kit consists of three dental trays, a tube of whitening gel, a color chart and instructions on how to use the kit.

Within ten days, this starter kit is said to make it possible to whiten your own teeth by up to four shades.


The use of the set is very simple. Before you begin, use the shade guide to determine the current shade of your teeth. For me, I noted a shade between levels 6 and 7.

beconfident test report

After that, you need to fit the dental trays to your teeth. For this, you need to put them in hot water and then put them in your mouth and bite.

There is one splint for the upper jaw and one for the lower jaw. The third splint is intended as a replacement.

Through the heat, the silicone of the splints becomes soft and can then be adapted exactly to your own tooth/jaw shape. This guarantees that the gel lies evenly on all tooth surfaces.


For application, you then need to put whitening gel into the dental trays, insert them and leave the product on for about 15 minutes.

After the application, you should rinse once with clean water and then refrain from eating or drinking for four hours. I therefore made the application in the evening, just before going to bed.

Tip: Go sparingly with the contents of the tube, so that you actually reach the specified treatment time of ten days. In my case, there was not much bleaching gel left at the end.


After the application over ten days, I checked the success using the color chart. For me, I could see an improvement of one to two levels.

Before using the Beconfident Start Set, I was between 6 and 7 on the color scale, then 5.

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  • 100% peroxide free
  • White teeth from the comfort of your home
  • Other suitable products for healthy teeth

How does Beconfident teeth whitening work

The Start Kit whitening gel contains active sodium carbonate and other gentle and mainly natural cleansing agents. This mixture removes external plaque and can also whiten the dentin inside the teeth.

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Because Beconfident whitening gel does not contain peroxide, it is painless and risk-free to use. The ingredients of the bleaching gel are 85% natural.

What other whitening kits does Beconfident offer?

In addition to the Start Set, there are two other teeth whitening sets from Beconfident. These contain more products and promise a better effect.

The Beconfident Dual Bleaching Set X2

The next largest set in Beconfident’s teeth whitening series contains the same items as the X1 set. However, in addition, there is a tube of tooth shine cream that enhances the effect of the whitening.

beconfident teeth whitening gloss cream

The Beconfident Teeth Whitening Set X2 Dual Boost Kit comes with tooth shine cream included.

After using the whitening gel, you will need to brush your teeth again with the tooth shine cream. According to the manufacturer, the combination of the products makes it possible to whiten your teeth up to five levels.

The Beconfident Bleaching Set X4 Pro

This set is the best teeth whitening option currently offered by Beconfident. Whitening of up to 7 shades is said to be possible

beconfident bleaching set

A very intense teeth whitening is said to be achieved with the Beconfident Bleaching Set X4 Pro.

In addition to the contents of the Start Set, the Pro Set includes a Protect & Repair finishing gel and a special gel applicator.

Tip: Add an LED booster, which you can purchase separately from Beconfident, to further enhance the X4 Set’s cleaning action.

The Whitening Strips from Beconfident

In addition to the whitening gel, Beconfident also offers whitening strips that you apply directly to the rows of teeth. There are 20 whitening strips in the set, which are enough to treat both the upper and lower jaws for ten days.

beconfident erfahrungen whitening strips

You can also use Beconfident Whitening Strips to whiten your teeth.

You need to detach the strips from the package and then carefully stick them on the upper and lower rows of teeth. Special cleaning products in the strips will remove deposits and discoloration on your teeth.

The strips should be removed before you start using them.

The strips should be left on for at least 15 minutes, after which you remove any product residue from your teeth with a toothbrush and rinse your mouth out with water.

Beconfident states that whitening of up to 3 levels is possible with the whitening strips.

Additional products from Beconfident

In addition to the featured products for teeth whitening, you will find many other oral care products in Beconfident’s range.

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To keep your teeth white for as long as possible after teeth whitening, you can use Beconfident’s dental care products.

Very interesting are the refill items for the whitening sets and separately available whitening strips.

Also available are Beconfident teeth whitening pens, a special foam for brushing teeth, a night serum and various toothpastes. There are even sonic toothbrushes from Beconfident.

What does Beconfident teeth whitening cost?

Simple starter kits with whitening gel or whitening strips are available starting at around $30.

beconfident test

The more products you order and the more comprehensive the effect, the higher the retail price. But even the comprehensive X4 Pro set is available from the manufacturer for under $100

Tip:Compared to professional teeth whitening applications, Beconfident’s products offer good value for money.

Internet reviews for Beconfident

In my research, I found mixed testimonials about Beconfident’s whitening products. But the majority, well over 50%, were positive.

Having reported on whitening products several times before, I know that expectations play a big role in evaluating such products.

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There are very different types of tooth discoloration, and not all of them can be removed by at-home whitening products.

  • Most of the time, those people who do not expect miracles and also take into account the price of the product when evaluating it are positively surprised.
  • A professional teeth whitening costs several hundred euros, after all, and no whitening product can compete in terms of results.

The predominantly positive results show that the Beconfident products work. Perhaps not always and with everyone with the same efficiency, but hardly any evaluation speaks of the fact that no result was visible at all.

Conclusion: Beconfident for a good & risk-free teeth whitening

In my personal test with the Start Set of Beconfident, I could see a whitening of my teeth. Although it was not directly 3 or 4 shades, but I am in principle with each whitening first satisfied.

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In addition to the use of whitening products, daily dental hygiene and diet are important for white teeth.

If you follow all of this, teeth whitening products, like those from Beconfident, can mean more steps in the right direction.

The more intensively you deal with the subject, the more attentively you take care of your teeth. And this will then show up in healthier and brighter teeth.

Beconfident products order

You can order all Beconfident products in the Beconfident online store. All shipping and handling costs are waived for orders over $50.

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  • 100% peroxide free
  • White teeth from the comfort of your home
  • Other suitable products for healthy teeth