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Say goodbye to off-kilter, uneven brushing with a battery-powered toothbrush. This smart device is designed to help you get that winning smile without any of the hassles.

The ergonomically designed handle helps you clean your teeth in a fraction of the time and its soft bristles make sure none of your enamel or gums will be harmed while keeping it squeaky clean.

Plus, with quick charging technology, you can be sure that it’ll last through even the longest brushing session. Get ready to brush like never before – say hello to the battery powered toothbrush!

People might have different tastes when it comes to manual and Rechargeable toothbrushes. Yet, there are some who’ve grown weary about the latter and are seeking alternatives.

Recharging the electric kind every half hour is a pain in the bum. Plus, people tend to forget about small things we call, “Chargers.” You can’t even replace them with a new one.

If you want to ditch the costly version but not the performance, go for battery-powered toothbrush.

Don’t just settle for “Any” model. Pick the best battery operated toothbrush there is.

Best Choice
Oral-B Pro-Health Precision Clean Battery Toothbrush, 2 Count
Panasonic EW-DS90-S Compact Battery-Powered Toothbrush, Silver
Oral-B Pulsar 3D White Pulsar Battery Toothbrush, Soft, 2 Count (Colors May Vary)
Oral B Pro Health
Panasonic Compact
Oral B Pulsar 3d White
Battery Type: 2 AA
Battery Type: 1 AAA
Battery Type: 1 AAA
Precision Clean
Triple Edged Brush Head
Vibrating brush head
Best Choice
Oral-B Pro-Health Precision Clean Battery Toothbrush, 2 Count
Oral B Pro Health
Battery Type: 2 AA
Precision Clean
Panasonic EW-DS90-S Compact Battery-Powered Toothbrush, Silver
Panasonic Compact
Battery Type: 1 AAA
Triple Edged Brush Head
Oral-B Pulsar 3D White Pulsar Battery Toothbrush, Soft, 2 Count (Colors May Vary)
Oral B Pulsar 3d White
Battery Type: 1 AAA
Vibrating brush head

Ever since battery powered toothbrushes first became available, they have offered a great alternative to traditional manual brushes. Nowadays there are multiple options that make the decision more difficult than ever before. What is best for you? We hope to answer your questions and help you find the perfect toothbrush with our buyer’s guide!

Best Battery Powered Toothbrush Models 2023

Take my advice, “If you want a certain amount of comfort in your life every time you wake up or go to bed (or even in between), get a battery-powered tooth polisher (AKA toothbrush). Before you go on a rant about “Where to find one,” let me point you to the top 10 models that fit the bill and help you chill.

Precision Clean

With the Oral-B Pro-Health Precision Clean Battery Toothbrush, you are almost bound to mistake it as a conventional electric toothbrush from Oral-B. The looks of the toothbrush definitely reminds you of the look of a general electronic toothbrush.

The battery performance of the toothbrush is far more consistent than most of its competitors. The rubberized and ergonomic handle also reminds us of the higher range in battery powered toothbrushes.

While the Oral-B Pro-Health Precision Clean Battery might appear to be a definitive break away from the manual-styled battery toothbrushes, it actually matches electric toothbrushes features for feature. You may choose something between deep sweep, floss action, precision clean, dual clean, gum care and pro-white.

The bristles are really soft on the gums and leave a pleasant, fresh impression on both gums and teeth. The standout feature continues to be the number of modes and additional features that have been added to the brush.

  • Complementary batteries included.
  • Two brush heads come with the package – the Interchangeable head with dual-clean-and-floss action and the precision-cleaning brush.
  • Efficiently removes leftover debris, cavity, and promotes gum health.
  • Moderately affordable.
  • The brushes are identical, and I doubt anyone will use them both simultaneously.

Triple Edged Brush Head

Panasonic EW-DS90-S Compact Battery-Powered Toothbrush,...
  • Ideal for portable usage
  • Operates on (1) AAA battery (not included) for up to 180 minutes of...
  • Measures 7.9 inch height x 2.8 inch width x 1.5 inch length, silver

Do you want to find the perfect portable toothbrush that is both efficient and feminine? Either you need to find one for yourself or you want to make a present, this is one of the best options on the market when it comes to oral care and portability. This toothbrush comes in a stylish silver case; it has a minimal design and features that will help you maintain the health of the teeth and gums.

This product has a triple-edged brush head, which means that it has three bristle types and is able to remove plaque in an efficient way. It is battery-operated and able to function for approximately three months using no more than one AAA battery. Its cap is easy to remove and put back on after washing your teeth.

  • The bristles can cause some amount of discomfort inside your mouth.
  • The small size may prove to be difficult to grip for people with larger hands.

Vibrating brush head

Oral-B Pulsar 3D White Pulsar Battery Toothbrush, Soft, 2...
  • Vibrating bristles polish and massage
  • Penetrates between teeth to sweep away stains caused by food and...
  • Adjusts to the contours of your teeth
  • Moderates the pressure applied to your teeth and gums
  • Battery-operated with battery included

Most people who value the health of their teeth have heard about Oral-B. This brand is among the leading manufacturers in the toothbrush and oral care industry, and I’m quite thrilled to present you with one of their finest combo toothbrush packages.

Firstly, these toothbrushes feature two replacement heads you can use to make the tooth-cleaning process a bit more convenient. The Interchangeable head features a dual-clean-and-floss action which combines two vital cleaning elements in one.

On the other hand, you’ll also get a precision-clean head – it should be used to clean your teeth in detail, as you’ll notice that those hard-to-reach spots aren’t so tough to find.

Personally, I liked this toothbrush a lot. It was scientifically tested for quality, and it was proven that it’s capable of removing most of the teeth cavity and plaque within weeks of usage.

These toothbrushes are very plain in nature, thus it’s easy to deduce that they’re also very easy to use. Furthermore, you’ll get a pair of toothbrushes instead of one. Actually, I consider this as a potential flaw rather than a pro – could you really find much use of a pair of identical toothbrushes?

  • These brushes last for a lifetime (one year to be exact) even you brush daily.
  • Pulsar is one of the best battery Operated Toothbrush models due to the pulsating technology used in the making.
  • The “Split Head” allows this product to clean your teeth and gum simultaneously without an itch.
  • You can’t change the brush heads with this variety of pulsating toothbrush from Oral-B.

Dual Action brush head

ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush PRO+ Extra White Battery-Operated–...
  • REMOVES 100% MORE PLAQUE: Spinbrush PRO-plus Extra White battery...
  • SPECIALTY WHITENING: Designed with specialty bristles and a whitening...
  • PATENTED DUAL ACTION TECHNOLOGY: Brush head has two moving parts,...
  • COLOR WEAR BRISTLES: Featuring color wear bristles that show you when...
  • DURACELL BATTERIES: Two AA Duracell batteries included and are easily...

Spinbrush might not be a brand with as great renown as Oral-B or Philips Sonicare, but I’ve decided to give them a shot nevertheless. This particular toothbrush appeared too plain for my taste at the beginning, but I’ve grown fond of it over time.

The brand boasts that this model will take care of nearly 100% plaque you’re struggling with, as well as with this toothbrush having teeth-whitening properties. I completely agree – most of the time, I don’t spend too much time comparing and evaluating budget toothbrushes, but this one does a major bang for the buck.

The dual-action head takes care of flossing and cleaning simultaneously – you’ll be able to clean your teeth more efficiently, saving some precious time along the way. What’s more, the bristles are medium-firm, but quite gentle. All in all, this is a phenomenal battery operated toothbrush, and I highly recommend that you try it out.

  • Medium-firm gentle bristles.
  • Superiorly effective at removing plaque.
  • Decently cheap.
  • Dual-action head.
  • Whitening cup complementary feature.
  • No major flaws.

Sonic Technology

Waterpik Nano Sonic Toothbrush, White with Blue Accents
  • 16000 strokes per minute.16,000 gentle sonic brush strokes per minute

The next battery operated toothbrush in this review comes from Sonic. Basically, this is more of a kit, as it contains two battery powered toothbrushes and a set of four complementary brush heads. Even though it does cost a bit more than an average toothbrush, the price is a bit steeper considering that you’ll get all the goodies that come in the package.

These toothbrushes employ the use of sonic waves to eliminate plaque, debris, and leftover food – the same technology which most sonic and ultrasonic toothbrushes come with (however, this model is slightly inferior in comparison).

The brand states that these brushes are as good for kids as they are for adults, as they feature a versatile design. Essentially, this is a plain, straightforward brush pack that will allow you to improve the cleanliness of your teeth fast and easy.

  • Plain design.
  • Two brushes and four complementary brush heads.
  • Sonic technology.
  • Efficiently removes plaque and debris caused by leftover food.
  • Mediocre reliability.

Toddler Battery Toothbrush

Little Martin’s Baby Electric Toothbrush is designed to be able to use as soon as your baby’s teeth start coming in and their gums begin getting sore.

Because there’s only so much you can do to ease their discomfort and pain during teething, the toothbrush comes with a beginner head that has silicone bristles with gentle massage and clean gums. When your baby is ready to graduate up to the normal brush head, you can then replace the head with the electric toothbrush.

There are no funny sounds or music involved to keep your baby entertained and interested in the tooth brushing process. However, the Little Martin’s does have the option to have a colorful flashing light on to make it fun and also help you get a closer look at your child’s teeth and gums.

It also automatically turns off after two minutes and before that, it will pulse every 30 seconds to alert your toddler when it’s time to switch to another part of their mouth to brush, helping them along.

  • The bright flashing lights make the toothbrush fun for little ones and also help you get a better look inside their mouths.
  • Its simple design makes it easy to use for children who are just learning how to brush their own teeth.
  • The silicone teething attachment is useful for teething babies to help soothe their gums, but also help get them used to the feel of a toothbrush.
  • When it vibrates, the Little Martin’s Baby Electric Toothbrush isn’t too strong or loud, so it’s not scary for little ones.
  • If you end up needing a new bristle head, there are no replacement heads available for purchase, so you’d need to purchase an entirely new toothbrush.Although it’s meant for both babies and toddlers, your two or three-year-old may grow out of the toothbrush a little early.

Recommended brand by dental professionals

Philips Sonicare HX3631/06 Powerup Battery Toothbrush,...
  • Better check-ups Guaranteed Sonic Technology removes more plaque than...
  • Helps reduce cavities and whitens teeth
  • 2 minute timer helps ensure recommended brushing time
  • 2 AA Batteries Included
  • #1 Recommended brand by dental professionals

The first battery powered toothbrush in this review comes from Philips Sonicare, bearing the label of HX361/06. Even though these numbers might not mean much to you, they represent a series of premium-quality toothbrushes from one of the prominent leaders in the dental care industry.

Overall, this toothbrush is pretty great, given that it’s recommended by most dental professionals, my humble self included. Using it will significantly reduce cavity stuck to your teeth and gums, all the while applying a whitening effect.

Even though it looks quite plain and straightforward, this toothbrush features a high level of performance – it’s fast, and very reliable. The HX361/06 comes in two colour options – the pink, and scuba blue. Apart from that, it features two AA batteries which are included with the package.

The only problem I had with this toothbrush is its construction. Namely, it features a flimsy build, but, given proper care, it should last for a couple of years, to say the least.

All things considered, Philips Sonicare is a reputable brand, and I daresay that they’ve done everything they can to put some quality behind a budget toothbrush. In my book, this particular model holds quite a value for the cash.

  • Extremely affordable.
  • Comes in two colour options.
  • Two-minute timer reminder.
  • Two AA batteries are included in the package.
  • Significantly reduces teeth cavity.
  • Flimsy build.

Best Battery Operated Toothbrush Buyer’s Guide

Battery-operated toothbrushes are often called battery-powered toothbrush. Basically, these are regular brushes that work on batteries. Unlike manual toothbrushes, the models that run on batteries emit vibrations and pulses which are substantially more effective at removing plaque and leftover food debris.

Truth be told, there’s a lot of people who are skeptical about battery toothbrush – some people consider them dangerous, others a bit too complex, but that can’t be farther from the actual truth. Namely, electric (battery operated) toothbrushes are perfectly safe to use, each model passed a plethora of rigorous tests, and frankly, they’re quite easy to use.

What is the best battery-powered brush?

There are many different brands and models to choose from, so we’ve written reviews on our favorites. We highly recommend the Oral B electric toothbrushes because they have a more convenient design and come with tons of features!

Are battery operated toothbrushes better than manual ones?

Yes, in our opinion. They are more convenient and effective than regular toothbrushes, depending on what you’re looking for. Studies have shown that electric brushes remove plaque from the teeth better than manual brushes do!

What’s a good price range to aim for with battery operated toothbrush reviews?

It really just depends on which features you want because some models come with higher priced attachments while others don’t. Usually anything over $100 is going to be high-end and offer lots of additional benefits like Bluetooth connectivity or different modes for kids or adults. For an average brush, we would recommend staying between $20-$60 based on your needs but keep in mind not all products work well together so make sure it ‘s compatible with your current toothbrush.

What are the main benefits of battery operated toothbrushes?

There are many great reasons to use a powered brush! The most obvious benefit is that it saves you time in the morning and speeds up the process, but there are other advantages as well. They’re more effective at removing plaque than manual brushes so they can help improve gum health over time. Plus, electric brushes come with handy features like timers or sensors that will tell you when to stop brushing for maximum results and safety.

Can I get one from my local store?

It all depends on which brand and model you want because some stores might not carry them while others could have an entire section devoted just to these products. If a store has a good return policy, we would suggest buying them there because you can always exchange it for something else if you want.

What are the main disadvantages of these products?

The only downside is that they’re more expensive than manual brushes and might not be worth the investment unless your teeth need maximum protection or they drive you crazy in the morning before work.

Battery operated toothbrush vs electric toothbrush

It really depends on what you’re looking for. They both have their pros and cons so it’s up to you!

How long do batteries last in these types of brushes?

Premium quality batteries can typically provide power for about two weeks per charge. They will eventually need to be replaced which means that this type of toothbrush needs more care than traditional ones. Some people prefer not to deal with changing out their batteries frequently but it’s worth it if you want an electric toothbrush!

Should I use it with or without toothpaste?

You can brush your teeth without any toothpaste, but the bristles will rub against them so hard that you may cause damage over time. It’s always best to use a small amount of paste on the brush head and then start brushing!

How do people feel about battery operated toothbrushes?

People love these types of brushes because they are more convenient than traditional ones. They’re also great for traveling which is perfect if you want to bring one when visiting relatives in another city. You don’t have to worry about forgetting an electric charger as long as you pack some extra batteries with your trip!

What to Consider before Buying a Battery Operated Toothbrush

It is not secret that there are too many types of smart toothbrushes available in the market today and while they all work in a slightly different way, choosing one can be very difficult even if you know what you need. But if you already like a battery powered toothbrush from the five we have reviewed, you can simply get one. Given the extensive experience we have on browsing and finding the best toothbrushes, we will help you decide on how to choose the best toothbrush. The following are some of the factors to be considered when shopping for one:


It isn’t always smart to get a brand product, because it is a huge brand. But consider things such as which brand is recommended by doctors or experts for the best results, etc. It is best to choose an expert recommended product. So, choose a brand which is reputed for high performance rather than its style and glamour for the best results.


When choosing the battery-powered toothbrush consider the specialty of the particular brush. For example, you may have many conditions needing special care such as tooth sensitivity, teeth whitening, plaque removal, gum care, etc. So, consider picking a toothbrush which is specially designed to counter tartar buildup, plaque removal, gum bleeding, removing surface stains, etc. This will ensure that you get your desired result sooner rather than later.


You should pay attention to the design of the toothbrush not just for the appeal factor but also for comfort such as the handle design, the material used on the grip, etc. Also, whether or not the brush head is too large for your mouth, is the brush head appropriate for use on the tongue and your gums, etc. These kinds of design issues will help you select a brush that you love to use rather than one that may cause you significant distress.

Battery Replacement

It is critical that the electric battery backup, replacement unit and all the electric battery related aspects receive special attention. Some electric battery managed toothbrushes may offer great electrical battery life while some may disappoint. It mainly will depend on the kind of electric battery used. However in some instances, additionally it is true that whatever the power of the electric battery, the brush itself is an unhealthy performer.

Therefore the more power a brush provides, the higher battery it’ll consume. Given the toothbrushes we’ve reviewed, most include batteries included although some include trial batteries. It’s important to consider the price of changing batteries as you’ll be using the brush multiple times during the day. It’ll get very annoying needing to replace batteries frequently and not to forget the expense of replacing batteries. It is not recommended to use cheap batteries as it may hurt your brushing technique. It is highly recommended to use rechargeable batteries as they tend to last a very long time and can be reused after recharging — a one-time cost which is recovered over long term use.

Brush Heads

Brush heads are another essential aspect of best battery-operated toothbrushes. Most do not come with replacement brush heads requiring you to buy replacements after three months of using one or with deteriorating performance of it. It makes more sense to get a toothbrush which has replaceable brush head as it is better to replace brush heads than the entire toothbrush.

You must consider the price of replacement brush heads as they will require changing and the quality of the brush heads as this directly affects the performance you get from cleaning. Benefits of utilizing a battery managed toothbrush with replaceable brush mind:

  • No need to buy a new brush.
  • The environment is friendly.
  • Good one-time investment on a pricey toothbrush.
  • Cost minimizes during the period of long-term use.

The American Oral Association recommends everyone to invest at least two minutes during brushing to guarantee the best teeth’s health. Brushing significantly less than this timeframe results in plaque and more than that may irritate your gums or harm your teeth. Which means this advice from a specialist association of dental care should not be ignored.

To keep an eye on these valuable two minutes, many electric batteries powered toothbrushes implement a timer or pacer. While this might not be THE deciding factor, it sure is an essential feature. A number of the battery operated toothbrushes perform a timer for helping users, as do many of the ones we have reviewed today. So, look out for a timer when shopping for battery-operated toothbrushes.

Price & cost of ownership/Maintenance

Battery-operated toothbrushes are a lot more expensive compared to a traditional manual toothbrush. This is not surprising, given the technology, the quality and features available on smart brushes. But there are additional costs involved which must also be taken into consideration. As we spoke earlier, brush heads & batteries are few accessories which require repeat expenditure to maintain using such toothbrushes. In addition to this, the in advance cost is an enormous investment and you ought to consider guarantees and guarantees to save lots of your investment.

Interestingly, some quantity crunching has exposed that while manual brushes are great to deal cheaper, electric battery managed toothbrushes are less expensive as time passes. They require hardly any to no real maintenance. If the electric battery dies, you replace it. If the brush mind wears down, you replace it. That’s all! You might buy up to 4-6 standard brushes in a season or higher considering the low quality, but at the same period, you won’t require more than two quality brush mind replacements and some batteries. During five years, a battery operated toothbrush can prove to be more cost efficient.


Picking a product for home use is somewhat of a challenge these days. Somehow, people have ended up making it even more challenging in recent days. There are so many “Expert Buying Guides” that introduce you to “Filler” facts than relying on personal experience.

I intend to change that when it comes to the best battery-operated toothbrush for yourselves, your kids, and the elderly in the house. They deserve better. So do you. As my readers might have guessed, these recommendations represent some of the giants in the dental industry.

Brands like Oral-B, Panasonic, and Phillips are among the top three. Little Martin’s takes the cake as far as one for your child is concerned. The models might not be as savvy as their electric cousins. But they are adept at what they do.

I’m not being baseless. My buying guide goes into detail about “Why” I made such choices. Have a look while you are at it.